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  1. Yeah, I suppose it's quite difficult to pack mountaineering equipment, make travel reservations and get a hold of a travel guide along with rounding up a bunch of Sherpas to carry all your stuff.
  2. A lot of countries really do appreciate it when tourists at least try.
  3. Foreign languages are easily translated with the technology we have today. Back in the day, people had to walk around with a translation book (English to Czech). I cached in Romania a couple of years ago, and I didn't even bother translating anything (most everything was in English anyway). I used my "geo-senses" to snag the cache.
  4. I found one of those once. It was in between one of those containers that holds doggy bags and a wooden post at a dog park. They used duct tape to hold it all together and it seemed to work just fine.
  5. You can purchase a premium account or you can use the basic website. Both allow you to find caches. No one is forcing you to purchase a premium account and just because there's an option to do so doesn't mean things are "going down hill".
  6. How easy would it be to fix that, and what things are they always working on that encourages new members to join that current members do not get access to?
  7. I second this. Ice and Wind is awesome.
  8. I think Leprechauns has it right. I tried to streak and it quickly ended after 11 days or so. I started in December, while working in a major metropolitan city so I thought to myself, "this should be easy, Seattle is filled with caches" but those 30 minute lunch breaks soon filled up with walking all over downtown for caches and not actually getting anything to eat. I never really had a good support system, either. Family members weren't exactly into caching so on evenings when we wanted to hangout, and I needed a cache, it just didn't work out. Also, I cached locally and burned myself by already having found a lot near home. So in order to streak, I'd have to travel farther out before work or after work then I wanted to. And I soon realized this around day four or five. And then all my other obligations started to get in the way. And then I started to worry that I'd cache so much that I'd get burned out. I didn't want to ruin geocaching for myself so I just stopped. Some members are right. People go on these long streaks and then quit and are never heard from again. I've talked to two people who did streaks, and both admitted to cheating. Good luck.
  9. Someone with 3,000 Finds might have an idea of what they're looking for and geo-senses might be telling them that the cache might be missing. Keyword: might. Not confirmed. Hence the NM to the CO to come have a look.
  10. Exactly. Might as well call a friend in Italy and have them sign the logbook for you then log a Found it! on the cache even though you never really found the cache. But hey, your friend did. So all is good.
  11. If it were me I'd just cache and not worry about who owns what and who's maintaining what. If the cache needs repair, post a NM and move on. If it doesn't get repaired within a few months or so, post a NA and be done with it. The rest works itself out.
  12. Another "geocaching is on a decline" thread. Exciting.
  13. Maybe cachers are running out of room on the game board. I don't worry about these kinds of things. There are plenty of caches in the world to go find, and worrying about "declining numbers" all the time is not necessary in my opinion. I've only found a little over a thousand caches with no end in sight. Cache on.
  14. I think these are kind of cool, and when I see one I know I'm close to the geocache.
  15. And when every cache is plagued with "TFTH" and "QEF" then what? Oh wait...
  16. I agree with this. Also, look at it from the community perspective. Here they have two friends that are no longer together. I'm sure everyone around you is feeling just as awkward as you. They don't know what to do either.
  17. Oh look. Another doom and gloom post about Geocaching.
  18. There are caches out there that are extremely hard to find that rack up quite a few DNFs and people still go for it. Example: https://coord.info/GC5T5VM. From 3-19 to 7-7 on the log there are approximately 10 DNFs in a row.
  19. And if you were to take this approach, and started cutting his grass, eventually he will be seated on his porch with his feet up drinking coffee watching you push the mower around his yard. Or he may not even bother with a simple "thank you" after you're done. It promotes laziness. Simple maintenance issues can be fixed by leaving another log book when one is full or dumping water out of the container. But the problems still exist. The container has an obvious breach in the container to allow the water in and it needs to be fixed by the CO. The log books need to be collected and audited by the CO. These are the duties that need to be performed by the CO not the cachers. If the CO can't be bothered to fix simple issues like replacing a broken container that is collecting water every two weeks, then the cache needs to be archived and the CO needs to come get his/her trash and move on.
  20. I would go ahead and NA if a lid has been missing for three years. If that's the case, it's obvious the CO has no interest in maintaining the cache site.
  21. Not about my fellow geocachers, no. About people? Yes. Sometimes as people we get caught up in the moment and may or may not realize what we are doing or where we are parking our vehicles.
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