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  1. Make sure you log your DNF (Did Not Find). You'll start to notice some of the easier caches are generally hidden in the same spots like guard rails, lamp post skirts, and trees. Like everyone else has stated, start with easy ones so you get an idea of what kind of containers people use for caches in various locations and how they hide them. Earthcaches are fairly simple to get and most COs give you a couple days to answer the questions and send them in. You can also expand your search on just certain caches if you want like Mystery Caches and search difficulty for 1.0-1.5 with a 2.0 terrain. You'll find a lot of easy Mystery Caches that way that are solvable without taking all day. Also, if you have any long walking trails or bike trails there's a good chance there will be someone who laid down a "series" of caches and those are always a good bet that they will be very simple to find and a lot of them. Like 30-50 caches in a series. Those really help boost your numbers. Happy caching!
  2. Pretty decent request, I might add. Although, I've only placed five caches, only once did I have to wait on someone to see if their cache was going to get accepted or not. It's best to just find places and not try to cram a bunch of caches into an area.
  3. What about any nearby Mystery Caches or Multicaches? It could be one of those.
  4. If you buy a big enough magnet you might try using a small enough drill bit and drilling through to attach a small bolt with nut. That'll probably do best to survive the elements.
  5. Tips for beginners: don't get frustrated when you aren't finding caches. Just email someone for a hint.
  6. People invest time and money in them. They watch them have adventures that many people can only dream about. And then poof.... Hear no more from it. Was it dropped never to be found again? Did someone like it so much they attached it to their keys? Is it now done kids toy? Is a cacher simply not logging it's travels properly? Some people buy lots of "these things" and watch their hard earned money go down the drain as the logs dry up. Sounds like a risky investment. I'm sure people have a reasonable expectation that at some point one of their TB's mind end up lost or stolen. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is honest and fair. Lucky for these TB owners who own the TBs I have in my possession- I am honest and fair. I have no ill intentions to steal or ruin their TBs. I'm just in no hurry to drop the TBs somewhere-which I don't see anything wrong with that. I actually went back and made sure I logged the visits of the caches I went to. I have actually spoken with the TB owners and they are neither upset or suggesting that I hurry up and drop the TBs like some of you on here would like me to do. So all is good! We can move on with our lives now.
  7. Who's losing sleep? You asked, I told you. I don't recall asking you anything.
  8. It would be courteous on your part to contact the owners of the Trackables and let them know of your intentions. I don't think that you should assume that because they haven't contacted you that they don't care at all. Many trackable owners don't contact the long-time holders because they (we) are afraid of making them angry that they just chuck the TBs. So, when you went to Europe, did you at least visit them at a few caches? Thanks for your kind words, Nancy. Europe was great, and yes I did visit them to some caches. Unfortunately, I did not log that because I was unaware I could do such a thing until I read your response. I just assumed either drop them or nothing at all. Thanks for being helpful.
  9. No, absolutely wrong. You've had them for months and months. That's Really Bad. It is in no way made less bad because the owner's politely waiting instead of expressing their discontent. Come on, stop trying to be funny. Maybe a month, tops. You really can't hold them a year with a clear conscious. Drop them now, even if it means going out of your way to find a large enough cache. I hadn't realized that people actually lose sleep over these things. You're right. How selfish of me. I will drop them immediately. I have already received a message from the CO- I will promptly respond and head out to make the drop. Cheers!
  10. Not really your call, is it? I see you logged on both of those TBs (TB 1) (TB 2) that you were taking them to Europe in June, and clearly the TB owners didn't say anything when you failed to do so. But neither of those has a mission to go to Europe -- that's something you decided to do with them. Now for some reason you have arbitrarily decided that it's OK for you to hang onto them for another year. Yes, in your safe hands, neither TB has gone missing, but neither of those TBs has a mission to sit in your sock drawer for 15 months, do they? As a proactive TB owner, I go through my TBs periodically and ask sticky fingered cachers like yourself to please move them along. As a TB mover, I could be quicker about moving them around, but when I fail to get a TB back in the wild within a couple of weeks, I let TB owners know that, first, I still have their TB, second, I am sorry I kept it so long, and then third, if I have any specific plans, I'll ask if they want me to, say, take it to Iceland in October 2017, or if they'd prefer I drop it off here in Virginia next week. Perhaps as a proactive forum user, I should contact the TB owners myself to let them know they should drop you a line and prod you to release your hostages. But I'll give you a chance to do the right thing first. edit to add: I skimmed your post and assumed that your plans fell through, but you actually went to Europe and found caches. What's wrong with visiting those TBs to a cache you found and then setting them loose back in Washington? Thank you for giving me a chance to do the "right thing", and as soon as you got done writing out your long, dramatic response you went and contacted the TB owner- which is fine. If you think you have that right to be a serious gamer and poke and prod people, and rule the game board with an iron fist, that's your prerogative; no one is going to stand in your way. Without people like you, geocaching as we know it would fall apart and probably cease to exist. I'm a not-so-serious gamer, I tend to take my time (obviously) and I don't get upset over much. If I had a TB out there and someone held on to it for six months or a year, that would be totally fine with me, and I certainly wouldn't be that guy to run to the TB owner and send a message saying someone has had your TB for a year. I understand the infatuation with TBs and with Geocaching as well (some days I can't get enough). You've found plenty, and you own a lot of caches, I see- more than I'd ever invest in this game, to be quite honest. But you are you and I am me. I understand what you're saying, and quite honestly you don't have to come at me like such a savage, upset ninny who thinks you're going to get me to do what you want me to do. And please stay out of my sock drawer.
  11. I have two TB's that I've had for many, many months. My intention were to take them to Europe with me but I couldn't find the time to place them in a decent enough cache. So I still have them. No one has contacted me about them so it's whatever, I suppose. Sooner or later I will drop them. But until now I'm holding on to them because I'm planning another trip to Europe next year. Some TB's go missing because people just want to keep them. It's how it goes some time.
  12. All these stories of people being questioned by police. I have never once been stopped by them. In fact, I really can't recall being stopped or questioned by anyone.
  13. I like this forum. Opinions are given straight. I don't understand how anything text related could be taken as unfriendly.
  14. Two hours should be plenty of time to get to an Earthcache one terminal away. DIA isn't that big. Good luck and keep us posted!
  15. Earth caches are my favorite because they take me to locations I've never seen before. To combat a lot of the blue question marks, I just turn my settings down to difficulty: 1.5 and terrain up to 5 and get all the easy ones. For those that don't like Challenge Caches, try that and it'll help you ease into them and understand some of them. Then you can move onto the harder ones. They're actually quite fun. The map is saturated with them, though. So maybe there should be a limit on how many can be placed by one person? Like many have said before. We are all very unclear of why the ban was placed to begin with. So on April 21st, we shall see!
  16. Just go find caches. Who cares who finds it first.
  17. Would not care one bit to collect or move along any off this sort of stuff.
  18. Aren't Mystery Caches out of play until next year?
  19. The fact that it takes me eight hours to find 20 caches drives me nuts. I wish I could formulate a better game plan before leaving the house where I can maximize my time and find the caches I set out to find. I always end up detouring to find other caches and end up not staying on task.
  20. I only chase the Challenge Caches with a difficulty of one.
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