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  1. Hi, One of my colleagues who knows I do things with 'that GPS stuff' sent me the following email: <quote> I run a lot. I need something that tracks distance covered by gps, and ideally allows you to upload to t’internet to track runs etc. i don’t need anything else fancy. (I’ve got a nikeplus chip in my trainers which wirelessly connects to my ipod, but it’s hopelessly inaccurate.) Know anything good? </quote> I have no idea - can anyone suggest anything suitable (preferably available in the UK) Thank you. TheWife HoweFamily
  2. Complete GeoBlasphemy, but I McLove it Been studying hard all (well some of the) day and I needed a laugh. TheWife HoweFamily
  3. Did you flag up that it had changed so much? TheWife HoweFamily
  4. What puzzles me (not having attended an event yet) is that it seems as though logging attendance at an event counts as a find? That seems mad - you could just be there to say hi and have a pint?!?! Surely if you do caches whilst at the event you'd log those on the individual cache page and leave it at that. I don't think I'd want attendance there to count as a find - it doesn't make sense. Am I barking up totally the wrong tree here? TheWife HoweFamily
  5. Agreed. Don't know you at all but I think you're doing a really nice thing.
  6. Why not ask for payment in advance next year? You've done this for a couple of years so people know you won't swizz them. That way too you won't have to shell out in advance for materials either... Di
  7. Us too - we live in the New Forest but I work in Southampton so if it turns out to be Winchester it's pretty near for us. TheWife HoweFamly
  8. Not sure I'd log a DNF as they obviously did find it. I wouldn't log a find either though. I reckon I'd probably add a note to say I'd been there and would return to log the find with better implements. TheWife HoweFamily
  9. You can't cover emergencies there though - it's the nature of the beast. So there has to be some tolerance of the unexpected. In the main though, I agree with the point that if you hide it, you should maintain it in a reasonable time frame (or ask somone else to) - or disable until you can. TheWife HoweFamily
  10. I'm surprised that 5'4 is average in America. I'm 5'3 and that's considered petite in clothing sizes (most petite collections are 5'3 or under). I too must confess to the 'tall husband' solution - he's a foot taller than me, though I'd like to make it clear I did *not* just marry him for his cache fetching activities! TheWife HoweFamily
  11. It's a set of measurements that were brought in over 30 years ago to replace archaic terms such as mile, yard, foot, inch, furlong, rod, league, perch, chain, and link - that apparently the majority of stone circle builders and archers who also cache are having a hard time accepting....... Don't forget those who cook! Admittedly that's more pounds and ounces than feet and inches but I love imperial measurements just because of their outward randomness! If I could I'd be using knuts, sickles and galleons!!! (Im in my early thirties if anyone's keeping score...) TheWife HoweFamily
  12. Surely no-one asks you what you're doing?! We're British, please, and that's just not cricket!! TheWife HoweFamily
  13. Cheater? Pumpkin Eater? That's what I was thinking.... Okay...so you guys are much more polite then I am...I was searching my mind for far ruder things!
  14. <quote> It's not a nice word and it rhymes with Peter. </quote> It's killing me! What's the word???? Cannot think of anything rude that rhymes with Peter!
  15. Actually, I think that's a really cool idea!! TheWife HoweFamily
  16. If we don't find the cache I would log either DNF, or if sure we were in the right place a Needs Attention/Maintenance. We have once found the cache (micro) where the paper was too damp and fragile to sign. So we took a pic of the cache container and log and claimed the find, stating this in the log - we then have photographic evidence of the find if anyone wants to challenge. If we hadn't been able to take the photo as proof I would not have claimed and would have posted Needs Maintenance instead. (Would have posted one of those too except someone already had). TheWife HoweFamily
  17. I like lots of other people will log a DNF when we haven't found a cache after a decent hunt, and so far there's only one cache we haven't found after going back a second time. For this one I haven't yet posted a second DNF but when we eventually find it (and we will!!!) I will mention in my found logs our number of attempts and why I think it was so hard for us). We came to a couple of caches recently where there were so many muggles it would be really risky to try and get the cache, so I posted a note instead as a record of my visit for us and the cache owner. I think I'd always want to log some kind of record to show where we've been - the owners can then see the interest shown in their cache and and our logs will reflect what we've done. TheWife HoweFamily
  18. I agree with lots of what's been said on this and mostly have tried to put some detail in my logs. We did a series of 10 micros today and I did put pretty much the same not on all, though thinking it through we could have put a sentence or two on each to differentiate the experience. However, I will send a separate email to the placer to say how much we appreciated the pretty drive through the Forest and all the picnic spots we didn't know about! Another dimension to think about is that it's not just the cache owner that likes to read logs - once I've found a cache I like to go at least some way back in the logs and read other people's experiences. Also, if we really can't find a cache, we'll read the logs before we look at the hint (we don't read them before we make the first attempt). Some details there about difficulty etc can be good pointers to us as to whether we're on the right track. As to doing a lot in a day and not having time to write long caches/not being able to remember I think I'll heed the methods of someone else who wrote on this thread, taking a notebook with me to jot down interesting details and maybe taking a few days to log all the finds - or DNF's which I think are just as important to log. Happy caching everyone, TheWife HoweFamily
  19. I considered getting an N95 but didn't in the end as I heard the GPS not so fab. I have the 6110 Navigator which we're using fairly successfully. However I assume the GPS bit is fairly similar and although it gives you N and E by default you can toggle the E to W using the * or # keys. And although it does use decimal degrees rather than degrees minutes.mm you can set up a simple spreadsheet that will do conversions. Although it's not going to be as accurate as a dedicated GPS unit (I can only do 4dp on my conversions) part of the fun is hunting in the identified search area so no major problems there. TheWife HoweFamily
  20. What a really lovely idea! Pity we weren't doing this when we got married. We had three weeks off with no particular place to go - it would have been storming! Congratulations to you both, if we're ever in the area we'll be looking for this one. TheWife HoweFamily
  21. We found a cache at the weekend which had a separate little plastic bag for calling cards which I thought was a nice idea. TheWife HoweFamily
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