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  1. Christmas eve on a wednesday is awful!!! That means no mail for 5 days!!


    24 is like saturday-no mail, 25 and 26 is like sunday- no mail, and then is the "normal" weekend -no mail.


    Sure hope there is a bunch of letters and funny things monday and tuesday because wednesday is new years eve- no mail. :rolleyes: and 1jan is like sunday- no mail.


    Lucky I got a bunch of nice christmasgifts under the tree. :unsure:


    Happy Holiday!!

    grodan Karin


    *goes to join Karin in 'mail withdrawals!'* Danged Swedish red days!

  2. Our "old school" Christmas traditions are all in the closet right now until we retire in a few years. Here's why. We live and work in California and all of our family is either in Canada or in the mid-west (closest relative 1300 miles) so to make a long story short we now choose different people at work who have close family or children and offer to work for them during the Christmas and New Years holidays so they can enjoy the time to visit with their loved ones instead of being stuck at work on the holidays. So, I suppose this is our "newest" holiday tradition to take the place of family gatherings and dinner parties on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.


    Gawd, I just adore this man!!


    Jim, you and Gayle are just special, special people! I'm blessed to be able to call you friend!


    Naomi :laughing:

  3. Cheyenne's special mission from Hanna with a whole host of goodies which had her jumping with excitement. She took the Swedish Moose to cuddle in bed last night, has shared her chocolate coins, a Swedish pen, a make-your-own bead necklace set, a fab hand made card, a picture, a cute wooden dolly. There were 3 stunning sparkly coins: A Cache Agent, A Geo Jellie and a Nerd - they are all so cute. r.


    I'm so glad it got there in time, I was worried it wouldn't quite make it. It appears that a certain husband thought that mail would get delivered without problem if he left it in the backseat of his car! :shocked: Go figure, huh!


    I hope she likes the coins and the other goodies! It was a pleasure to send them to her!


    Naomi and Hanna :shocked:

  4. Hang in there, Puzzlefam! The economy is rough all over and bad things happen to good people, sadly enough!


    A lot of us never even got our missions or anyone saying that they were responsible for not sending them or why, at least you're trying to do the right thing!


    Things will get better soon!


    Merry Christmas,


  5. This American in Sweden with Mexican grandparents just wanted to pop in and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year and great caching throughout the new year!


    Merry Christmas!

    God Jul!

    Feliz Navidad!


    And most importantly...


    Peace to all!




    Naomi <_<

  6. Hmm, just had another thought.


    Would you rather see on the Travel Case coins


    A) Cities

    B ) States

    C) Countries





    I wonder if it would be possible for the mint to grind out the countries that are already there and let people custom order them with screenprinted country/city/etc names of what they want....


    Naomi :)

  7. You can cross me off the list. Our second mission arrived today - a BIG green envelope from Sweden! With funny carrot and pug stamps! I will open it and take some photos soon. :)


    Fantastic on the quick mail delivery on this one....

    It bounced back to the sender at one stage.


    Small mail miracles do happen!


    Tis the season, Butterflylady!!


    I'm so glad it got there and in time, too!! I hope I don't let ya down with the contents and that you enjoy them!


    Naomi :)

  8. For many years now I have been making a Christmas village. I used to have a railroad track going through it but with all the new housing there was not enough place anymore. It takes a few hours to build, my husband is in charge of the electricity and always give me the look when I begin talking about starting the construction :D The fun part is putting all the trees and the people all around the place. When it's done, I just drop new sparkling fresh snow over the village, sit down and enjoy looking at it. I named it Snowman's Village because there are 23 of them spread all over the place :(


    An overall view of Snowman's Village



    West side of the Village



    East side of the Village



    Well, I couldn't resist :rolleyes:



    Happy Holidays from Snowman's Village!!! :P


    You need to get together with Castleman, he does a killer victorian village, too, it's HUGE!!


    I wish I could say that I had the Christmas spirit, but alas, it's sorely missing. Tonight we tried to get the tree up, the kids were underfoot, everything spread over the living and dining room, my mood just kept getting worse and worse and in the end we sent the kids downstairs while I sat upstairs and tried to chill out and then made them a quick dinner and put them to bed.


    I just can't get in to it this year. Every year seems worse and worse and harder and harder.


    I'm ready to cancel Christmas :)




    Edited to add, we did take these today. Santa is wearing a full jacket made of wolf skin that was made in 1937, first time I had seen an "old world" Santa, he was pretty cool :rolleyes:









  9. Well, beings that we're a multi-cultural family, we do a mix of US and Swedish traditions.


    It starts around noon, the stables that is next door to us always has a Christmas Eve party of sorts where they offer sleigh rides, pony rides, warm drinks and such, and most of the village shows up. The kids ride the ponies and we drink some mulled wine and eat gingerbread and then we head over to the grandparents' place :(.


    There we eat the Strange Swedish Holiday food, which consists of lots of fish, meatballs, little mini hot dogs, omelettes that are done in the oven and a couple of American dishes like green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole tossed in for good measure! We eat dinner there and sometimes, if there is time or if we're done in time, the kids will watch the Disney special that is shown here every Christmas Eve at 3:00 and has been shown for umpteen gazillion years here. After that we open gifts, eat a snack and dessert, and then head home, stuffed to the gills and with excited kids.


    Now we blend in the US traditions and the kids get out the special Santa Plate and Mug we have, and they place cookies and milk, and a carrot for the reindeer on the plate and FINALLY (thank God) go to bed. Mamma and pappa then get to chill for a while before putting out the Santa Gifts and filling the stockings and then off to bed we go!


    Here in Sweden they don't do a midnight mass as much as they do something at church called Julotta. It used to be done FIRST thing in the morning and all the farmers would race home afterwards and the first to get home would fire his gun to prove he was home. The first farmer to do so was guaranteed good luck in the following year's harvest and such. It used to be held extremely early, but not it's held at either 7 or 8 am on Christmas Morning. It's beautiful in the church, they don't use electric lights, they use only candles, and there are usually 3 or 4 brass chandeliers that are full of candles, the ends of the pews have candle holders and lit candles, the Christmas tree on the alter has candles and the wall sconces have candles. It's dim and cozy in the church, and the only light is from the nativity set, which has a light shining on it. Christmas songs are sung and the story of Christ's birth is told and it's very peaceful and beautiful.


    We get home and the kids get to open Santa presents and stockings and then we clean up a little bit :D


    The rest of Christmas day is pretty much spent relaxing!


    That is our Christmas here in Sweden!


    Naomi :P

  10. I'm so glad that this thread popped back up to the top!


    A couple of months ago Hanna received one of these, a pink one, as a gift, and I just can't say how impressed I am with them! They are bigger than I thought they'd be and they have a lot more heft and weight to them! The sparkle is just gorgeous and Hanna carried it around for two days, after first doing the Hanna Happy Dance all over the living room floor, which consists of a little girl screaming, holding it and jumping like a madwoman!


    Can't recommend these enough, especially as gifts!!


    Naomi ;)

  11. Well for some time I have read this thread and watched in wonder as coinage was dispalyed.

    I enjoy seeing the new ones that showup via USPS, but I never thought I would be posting....


    Well I get to do it today YEAHHHH!!!!


    During Geocoinfest my family and I got to meet some great cachers, and made some friends.

    I met a Cacher from MD who was looking for a small signature item she had read about in the

    logs, I just happen to have had two of these.

    I was happy to be able to help and got that warm fuzzy we all get from well BEING NICE, this is

    one reason I also read Your Hearts Desire thread, makes me feel good to know there are GOOD

    people out there.


    Well today the mail comes and there is quite a fancy Christmas card there for me from MD, and it

    is a bit heavy for just a card, well to my surpirse look what I found inside:



    The card with the note was equally touching, and expressed a sentiment that is so true, that I will scan

    it and add it in to my Planner, and many places I need to be reminded.


    Thank so much DEGAI you just made my Christmas.


    The Finding Irish 4


    OMG, I've never seen that one before, I LOVE IT!! I wonder if Degai has any left! It's wonderful! ;)


    Naomi :D

  12. My only comment would be to take as many as you can, but ONLY if you can move them along!


    Taking too many and then not being able to get them moving is almost as bad as them being stuck in vacation hell!


    Naomi ;)

  13. BIG HUGS to the following:


    *tooey who is always sending me little trinkets from Scotland just because. Thank you!


    *A Mitt who has integrity, thanks for being honest when most people would have kept them <_<


    *Lori Darlin who is always trying to help someone else, thanks a million!


    *bluemotmot the silent and behind the scenes person. If I were wealthy money wise, I would treat you to a Montana trip. You are one very special person, thanks so much for your generosity.


    *summerandnana the Fimo queen! Sent me a Tristin in a stocking clay figurine much like what others are getting. You got some talent woman! Thank you so much, that made me grin like a Grizzly with a river full of spawning salmon.


    Thanks for making the geocoin world a fun place to be :mad:


    Steph, I couldn't have said it better! Valerie and Lori are just exceptional women out there in the world!


    And thanks, also to Joni for the pathtag and Christmas card!!!



  14. OK, we gotta quit with all the cute cat pictures :blink: ...Unless you're trying to make a truck driver cry :blink: . this is really making me miss my Sarge :huh: (he got sick and had to be put down right after I started driving the Big Truck, and I couldn't even be there :o:o


    Why not get a cat to take with you in the truck? My ex and I had our cat, Tom-Tom, in the truck with us for more than 2 years with nary a problem! The only problem I had was when he would ride with his back paws on my leg and his front paw on my arm looking out the window and we'd hit a bump... then it was 20 claws digging into my arm and leg while he held on and I screamed in pain :o.


    A cat makes a great, great travelling buddy, a lot easier than a dog! We hid his box under the passenger seat and just scooped it as soon as he left a deposit :D. I really, really can't speak highly enough of having our cat with us! He really made the truck feel like home :D



  15. ]Especially the Kansas Sunshine is a Coin I have on my Wishlist since I first saw a picture of it! I just love it! Does any shop sell these coin rings in a size fitting for micro coins? I want to wear that sunflower as a necklace!


    Contact Oroborus, he does wire wrapping of coins and does just an incredibly beautiful job of it, too!

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