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  1. Here is one I've been working on. This is not deployed yet. For the description, I was just going to put something like, "log book is in camo film container..."




    Don't mean to be a negative nelly, but I think I would probably skip something like this. Just my opinion.


    So, you really, really mean to tell me that if you had gone through whatever it took to find the cache, if you saw something like that you'd just turn and walk away?



    I can't remember the last time I got a coin in the mail...and Lord knows we haven't bought any in a zillion years or so, but my coin collection is still right here in the living room with me, even if we're not active on the forums any longer, and I still love them!


    I got one of the girls' GW coins and it is great! Micke and I loved the humor on it and Hanna tried to put it with her collection... like THAT is gonna happen!


    Thanks for making my day, ladies! You two are so awesome~


    Much love!

  3. We're not into the climbing stuff that needs special climbing aquipment.


    I know of two caches that DID require some climbing... some old bridge and a certain crane... I think my heart is still sitting on top of that crane wondering how to get down ;-)


    Let us know once you are in our area and we'll fire up the barbecue :blink:


    Refraining from commenting is hurting my head!


    Let me help you out...




    *grinning* yeah, I know.... trust me the cock references fly around here... now, just to clarify, a cock is not always a dirty word... it is a valid and proper name for a male poultry fowl, as is evidenced by the dictionary entry here:


    Main Entry: 1cock

    Pronunciation: \ˈkäk\

    Function: noun

    Etymology: Middle English cok, from Old English cocc, of imitative origin

    Date: before 12th century


    1 a : the adult male of the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus) b : the male of birds other than the domestic chicken c : woodcock d archaic : the crowing of a cock; also : cockcrow e : weathercock

    2 : a device (as a faucet or valve) for regulating the flow of a liquid

    3 a : a chief person : leader b : a person of spirit and often of a certain swagger or arrogance

    4 a : the hammer in the lock of a firearm b : the cocked position of the hammer

    5 usually vulgar : penis


    — cock of the walk : one that dominates a group or situation especially overbearingly



  5. YAY!!! Micke did some cache maintenance on our TB hotel and we got an EGG from the Easter Geocoin Bunny!! I didn't think it'd still be there since he went a few days after the log date, but it was!! WOOOHOOO! I got number 75!

  6. We have a multicache with a few interesting containers...

    1. A hollowed out brick

    2. A hole drilled in a tree, with the bark used to make a plug for the hole with cache inside. It is nearly invisible, even from 3 feet away, even when you know exactly what you are looking for.

    3. A huge machine bolt (5" long, 1" thick) that was screwed all of the way into a tree, above head hight. You had to get the right sized wrench, unscrew it for about 20 minutes, retrieve the micro from inside the bolt, and then put it all back, including screwing it all of the way back in. The challenging part was that there were several of these bolts in the tree (each required a different wrench), and only one had the cache in it. Naturally, cachers started with the lowest bolt because it was easiest to reach, and it just so happened that the one with the cache in it was the highest. :):D:D

    The average completion time for this multi, including all 6 stages, was about 9 hours.




    That actually rather bothered me, too, to be honest.

  7. I am overwhelmed at some of the "points" being brought up in here.


    1) ANYONE can buy a condom. There are ZERO age restrictions and it should always be that way.

    2) Condoms aren't the equivalent of porn, handguns, razorblades, etc.

    3) Negative attitudes about condoms is what actually leads people to not have one when they need one. Many people are ashamed to buy condoms and it is society and the attitudes about sex that makes them "dirty" and makes people who SHOULD have them equate buying condoms with the purchasing of porn.

    4) Nobody is qualified to be the morality cop. If you are offended by something, even if you are in the majority, there is someone who is NOT offended by it

    5) A condom is a useful item even if there are no penises to be found. It's a fact. Trade up or trade even. (arguments could be had for the usefulness of even a used condom but, I don't want to go there)

    6) This is a game/hobby/activity, folks. Keep it light or you are playing it wrong

    7) Having a condom doesn't imply a lack of virtue

    8) Condoms don't have pictures of naughty bits on the packaging. Nor do condoms promote sex.

    9) If your child sees a condom and knows what it is, the time for the "talk" has arrived or passed.

    10) If your child doesn't know what a condom is and asks "what's that?" and you don't want to have the talk, say it's something that is for older people, not a toy. You won't be lying in any way.


    That's just 10 points. Don't agree, fine. The point is that, while I would never put a condom in a cache, I can see many uses for one, not related to naughtiness. For anyone who giggles or gasps at the sight of a condom, I would ask that they attain a little more maturity.


    Bittswn, you are my hero! :rolleyes:


    I have it on good authority that Hanukah Harry has already begun putting together upgrades for those missions, starting with the kids. Z, Heather, Santa gets packages mixed up sometimes because he gets very busy this time of year. Since Hanukah Harry's job is already done for this year, he helps Santa with problems just like this. Hang in there!




    Hanukah Harry ROCKS!!

  9. I'm sitting here, trying to write this, and I just don't know where to begin.


    You see, I didn't sign up for a mission, yet, today we received the MOST fantastic mission in the mail from the Cutter Family.


    I haven't taken pictures, aside from the Hershey's Kisses and the coins, nothing has been opened yet. It's all under the tree, waiting patiently for Christmas.


    I cried when I read the letter, not a note, a letter, that was sent. I wish I could properly thank you and your family, but I'm at a loss for words.


    Some of you know me, some of you might think I'm a newcomer, but I'm anything but that. I used to be quite active, but life these past few months just has beaten me to a pulp. Between a new baby, losing my job, finances and a few other things I've just basically drawn back from a whole lot.


    This package today meant more than you know to Micke and I. We were really worried about being able to provide the girls with much of a Christmas, but thanks to your generosity and love, a bit more from Karin of Grodan & Fiabus, a lot of love from Lois-Ann/Hollora, and a package from the Swedish Santa that came without a return address on it or anything else to say who it was from!


    I know that Christmas isn't about the gifts you get, but you still want to make it a special time for your kids, and to them, it IS about the gifts, and when you're strapped and can't give them the way you want to, it really hurts.


    So, thank you again, Cutter family, from the bottom of our hearts, for your generosity, love, and letter and for saving our Christmas for us, along with the others who have surprised us with their love and generosity.


    Oh yeah, I LOVE the Jangor's micros, thank you!!


    Thanks again,


    Naomi and Micke and the kids - Mousekakat



  10. Geocaching is a family activity and cache contents should be suitable for all ages."


    In this promiscious era of STD's I would argue that it is very appropriate. Never to early to educate the youth.


    Okayyy. In light of your OP and this follow up response, so why aren't you thanking the cache owner for the opportunity they gave you to discuss sex with your young daughter in the relaxed atmosphere of geocaching? It seems to me your words would have been more meaningful to your daughter at THAT moment while you're sharing quality time doing something you love than if you pulled her aside to give <ominous echo with fingers making quotations> THE TALK. </ominous echo with fingers making quotations> :laughing:


    I'm just sayin'..... :laughing:


    Agreed... My 10 year old not only knows what a condom is, but she knows how one is put on and has even put one on to see how it is done... granted it was on a jar of bubbles, but we felt it was important that she had some idea of what it was and how it was used and why.


    We had 'the talk' with her about 6 weeks ago and were a bit shocked to find that she already knew how babies were made... don't be surprised if yours does, too. Kids talk about it a lot younger now than we ever dreamt of talking about it...


    As for appropriate swag... why not. It does have multiple uses. I keep condoms and sanitary napkins and tampons in my first aid kit, as well as a couple of diapers. Always clean, somewhat sterile, and excellent for bandaging and absorbing blood. Would you consider those items, properly sealed, in a cache to be inappropriate, too?

  11. We cache with a 3 year old, a 10 year old, and a 4 month old and would LOVE to find a spooky cannister like that in the woods!


    Found one about a month ago that had a fake salamander glued to the bottom of the cannister. Scared the bejeesus out of our 10 year old at first, but afterwards we all had a good laugh, including her :)


    Something about seeing the 10 year old jump about 4 feet off the ground, literally screaming like a girl, and the cannister flying and then the look on her face when she realized what it was made it a rather unforgettable cache :D

  12. Sent this to the reviewer that approved the cache....




    This cache has a requirement that if you take a tb/coin you need to leave one in it's place, which is against the regulations. Bugs and coins are meant to be travellers and no trade is required to leave one.


    Can you please contact the cache owner and ask him to change this 'requirement' on his cache?



    Naomi Olofsson, Mousekakat

  13. My Halloween Mission arrived yesterday. I was thrilled to see it was from someone I have actually met. It was decorated so pretty I didn't want to open it. I held out until today and what was inside was more that I could have ever imagined.


    Degai you sent way too much!!!


    The letter is wonderful, the cards beautiful. The Spells and Potions for Dummies is precious! You are so talented! The Halloween boxes and bags are too cute. With all the candy you sent, I won't have to buy any for trick or treaters.


    The coins!! Oh my... :) there are so many!! I love them all. THANK YOU!!!






    Thank you Degai!!!



    You are very welcome Shadow's Friend. I'm glad your Halloween Mission arrived safely. Knowing you and Randy and the quality of work the two of you do, I felt bound to "step up to the plate" with something special for you. It was wonderful meeting both of you and I hope to see you again and some Geocaching Event. :)


    I have been the lucky recipient of a Degai mission before and I just gotta say, she does incredible things in her packages! My girls are still enjoying the fairy book she sent amongst other things!


    Degai rocks!

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