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  1. The trackable crystal ice coin commemorating winter caching... shipped to you in a freezer container with dry ice, ready to be placed in a cache... Naomi
  2. This is a neat one! I really like it! Naomi
  3. For a slightly reduced price, of course, because they're saving on shipping and handling. And the cost of making the actual tags. EXACTLY! Not to mention the 'instant gratification' part of it since you wouldn't have to wait for things! Naomi
  4. What I'd REALLY love to see is the ability to purchase a travel bug number without the bugs, and so it via e-mail or online form. Naomi
  5. I agree wholeheartedly! BlueMotMot has been an incredible friend to us, and so many times she has just done something and it has totally changed our day from bad to good. She has a heart of gold and is one if the neatest, most special people here! Please, Geo-bandit? Naomi
  6. I wanna see this one, but it's linked to your first one! Can you find the link and repost it?
  7. It's a good thing it's not Hanna and Cait choosing the winner! They are die-hard Hanna Montana fans.... MUCH to mamma's disgust! Naomi
  8. OMG!! These are just fricken HILARIOUS!!! Cait and I sat here tonight and watched them and she was cracking up laughing, she's only 2.5 and she saw the humor and just giggled and giggled and giggled, especially on the ones with the animals! Keep em coming, the funnier the original pics, the better! Naomi
  9. Ok, that was the first SCARY elf I've seen, lolol!
  10. There are some SERIOUSLY talented babies, dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, coins and other critters out there, hehehe! I'm so glad to see that others have enjoyed this cointest as much as I have so far! I LOVE the ones where the elves have things like glasses or other things that make them even funnier, hehehe! These are just cracking me up! Naomi
  11. MAN! I had NO idea that coins could move like that, roflmao! Naomi
  12. OMG, I think I'm going to die laughing here! These are great, keep them coming!!! More than one entry is allowed, BUT, please be sure to have at least one human in it .... I LOVE the animals, lol! They are killing me! Naomi
  13. Mine will be going out by the 25th, gotta way for payday! Naomi
  14. nooo, you don't have to pay at all! it just takes a moment to load!
  15. Ahh, Roddy, that is so cool, I'm so happy for ya, buddy! I take it you're going through that vendor program we were talking about, the same one that I went through to get mine done? He runs a great program and it's so nice to be able to get your coin done without out of pocket expenses and getting a few traders, to boot!! Go Rod! Naomi
  16. OK, so, here's the deal.... We're in the darkest time of the year hear in Sweden, dark by 3:30 pm and not light until close to 9 am. Gives ya a bit of the winter blues, ya know, so I wanna smile! So, here's the deal... Elf yourself! I'll look at all the links posted, and since there are only 4 different songs you can choose when you elf yourself, it's up to you to make them funny using funny faces on your elves! Here's an example of one I did, it's staring Grodan (little squarer glasses), Micke (full beard and glasses), me (the other female with glasses, lol), Mats from s.p.a.m., and the one with the pic that doesn't quite fit right is Hasseper. I laughed until I cried at this silly video! So, have fun doing it, make the funniest elves you can, and link them here. You don't have to buy anything, but you do have to sign up with an email addy to get the link, I did it days ago and no spam has come, it's sponsored by Office Max, so I don't anticipate any, either! Depending on the quantity I'll either do a random drawing, or I'll watch them and see which one makes me laugh the most! Winner will get a suncatcher coin, something to bring a little light into the winter darkness! I'll let this run through the weekend, I'll pick the winner on Monday morning my time! Naomi
  17. That Laird didn't get to be Laird by being dumb Naomi
  18. I really, really, REALLY don't think that Eartha did anything less than honest. If you look at the thread you see that this is a new cacher and that there is a TB number listed. The biggest possibility is that the cacher put in the actual coin number instead of the TB number. It's beginning to feel a bit like a witch hunt, ya'll. Naomi
  19. I have to say that I'm so happy to see all the folks roped in here, but I'm ESPECIALLY happy to see my fellow Swedish Coin Nerds here being roped in! We're a small group here in Sweden, but we're a tight group, managing to meet up with each other at least once a year, and in many cases, more than that, and it's just so neat to see that we've all been roped in... well, all but Grodan, but she's been out of town, so I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that she's got a cool black envelope waiting for her at home, too! Thanks, Geo-Bandit, from the bottom of my heart! Naomi... very happy for ALL her friends!
  20. Those are nice. Really bringing holiday spirit into ones mind. grodan Karin They do! I don't know which one I like best, either, lol!
  21. Received this today in trade and it really is a lovely coin! Thank you!! Naomi
  22. I don't think Joni is talking about the vendors who choose to not have their coins listed here, but rather those who do come here to advertise them. Those vendors are the ones that really do owe the community an explanation and information on their coins, especially if they are delayed, since they are using the forum as their method of advertisement. Reasons as such are also partly why a recent thread was closed down. Someone started it who wasn't the coin manufacturer, which I can understand as it was a great little coin, but the moderator felt that it could be inviting trouble to that poster if something were to happen to that coin and the vendor not carry through with it. If we're going to hold the manufacturors responsible for updates for their coins that they advertise here, then I guess it should be the manufactors who post about them...which brings us back to the problem of someone posting about a coin they didn't make. My suggestion would be this, then... A manufacturor posting about their coin needs to place (COIN AD) in the title of their thread or in the secondary title. That way, we know which threads are from the manufacturor/designer. It also enables us to know to not shoot the messenger if it's just another coiner talking about a coin they particularly like! Just a thought! Of course.... (Rothstafari, Eartha, FSM, you guys listening?) sub forums would help this matter a lot... a sub-forum where only manufacturors or designers of a coin could start a topic, just a thought!! Naomi
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