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  1. OMGosh, OMGosh, OMGosh!


    Perfect timing and oh-so-needed!! Huge thanks to the mystery sender! I've been on long term sick leave and not able to buy coins for a long, long time, but I'm still alive and kicking and around! Things have been a little tough around here with me on sick leave and now hubby is, too, due to a herniated disc in his back, and we have had the winter from hell with stomach bugs and the flu, so this brightened our entire day like you wouldn't believe! I received it last week, but have had it sitting next to me on my desk by my laptop since I received it! I love it!


    Thank you so much for remembering us, it means the world! Much love from Sweden!

  2. My 14 year old daughter has decided to clean her room after us being unable to see the floor for more than a year.... and lo and behold, what did she fine, but my fricken geocoins for sale box, hallelujah.... however, what the heck it was doing in her room is beyond me....


    Anyway, there was someone trying to compile a complete set of them, and I have three remaining ones of the four we made and wanted to let them know. I lost all the emails from them, though, soooo.... if anyone knows who it was, send me an email to the gee mail joint.... hannaomikael is the name to send it to!

  3. Ok.... I want to do a remint of some of my old coins. Unfortunately, the dies have been destroyed, but I still have all the blueprints for them - the Dala Horse, Thor's Hammer, Viking Axe, Viking Shield, Viking Sword, and my personal favorite, the Viking Runestone.


    Problem is, I'm still poor as the proverbial churchmouse, so I'd need someone to be willing to mint and sell them for me. They were originally done by Castle Coins, but Jim has left caching and coining, and the designs are still owned by me.


    Any coin manufacturers interested? I would retain ownership of the design and would ask for a number of coins as 'payment' for it and you would keep all profit otherwise.


    Naomi, aka Mousekakat

  4. Vuurvos, here in Sweden almost all electrical wiring is outside the walls, there are no wires leading in or out to this cache, and it is pretty obvious once you realize it's a cache. I do understand what you're saying, though, especially coming from the US, but it is a little different with how things are done here with wiring and plumbing....


    I like specials like this one a lot, however I'm very surprised you're not axed by the crowd on this forum.

    Maybe there is no holy guideline that forbids this, however I find it may inspire kids (or even adults) to go pulling other (real) sockets wherever they think there is a geocache.

    For that reason I never use electrical stuff for custom containers.

    I've even found one where you had to put your hand blindly into an old electrical distribution cabinet.

    Apparently this passes every review without a problem.


    But if you dare dig a small hole on the contrary, to put a small pipe into the ground... say no more...




    Can you spot it?

    Up on the wall to the right, next to the stairs. A fake wall socket that I put up with magnets.


    Sort of this kind of wall socket. But i drilled a hole into it to get some space for the cache container.



  5. geocaching1_zpsf6ec256a.jpg


    Can you spot it?

    Up on the wall to the right, next to the stairs. A fake wall socket that I put up with magnets.


    Sort of this kind of wall socket. But i drilled a hole into it to get some space for the cache container.




    That stupid cache gave us headaches! We searched for more than an hour for it, the clue got us, too! We just weren't thinking in the dimension we needed to in order to find it. Well done, Norde, well done!

  6. A new cache that I hide today.




    I don't understand. Please explain (in English).


    Poker, Vadtjärn is the name of the location, it's a little pond, and the blue square with the white P on it is the symbol for a parking place here on this side of the pond. Hope that helps ya some :)


    Norde, well, bud, you just made that one easy for me ;)! Guess I'll be visiting this one this coming weekend, if the weather allows!

  7. Well fudge ripple... typed out a thank you and the forum ate it....


    Thank you so much everyone! I think I've received all the packages mentioned here. I've thanked many of you personally on FB if I could find you!! There have been some really lovely coins minted in my absence!! SciFi, I got yours, too, thank you so much! You guys have helped this to be a great event in the making! Thank you!

  8. I'm sure I have a couple I can send your way as well.

    Good to see you posting again.


    It HAS been a while, hasn't it! I do keep checking in here, though. It's still on my personal bar :). I'm adjusting to the new job, but it's tough, I work 6:45 to 4:00 and after a few years of unemployment, my body is protesting loudly, lol! I've still got all my coins, though, kept them no matter what!! Hope to start getting back into coining some, we're still caching! Hoping to do a remint of one of my coins, the Hammer one, really soon!

  9. You guys are incredible... and remind me again and again and again why I love coiners so much!


    My addy is:


    Familjen Olofsson

    Gamla Gävlevägen 11

    820 29 Stråtjära



    Our event is the last weekend in July!


    Naomi <3

  10. Hey all, long time no talk.... I'm still around, check in on occasion, but not often. Unemployment got the best of me and took most of my coin drive with it, but by golly, I didn't sell any of my collection, I hung in there!


    Well, we're doing an event this summer, our third annual Camping, Caching and Chilling at the Croc event. Last summer I used almost all of my unactivated coins as prizes, and this summer I really don't have any to give out. I just started working this past week and won't have my first paycheck until the end of July, we're paid monthly here, so I'm in a bit of a pickle! I've got a few, and I mean FEW, coins I can trade with, but not many, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to send a donation or two our way for the event?


    It would be greatly appreciated.... and karma (no, not the great Dork) will repay you....



  11. Wow!


    Let me tell you if I found this I would be favouriting it.


    Couple questions


    First: Did you place this there?


    Second: If you did not repurpose an abandoned artifact in situ, where does one go to find things of this sterling character?


    Third: The child looks a bit too large for the cache to comfortably wait to be found, I have read about the leaving of hamsters which may also be frowned upon same as leaving children, though maybe not as confining.



    Child not included









    Dang I wish there was a like button here!!

  12. I made this one this morning after one of mine recently got muggled:





    Nice cache...


    Anyone want to take bets on when the cache police are going to come out and b*tch that it was... *gasp* somehow or another placed under the surface of the ground? :laughing:

    When they do, just point out that it is "buried" in pine needles.


    Based on the discussion in another thread, this definitely does not fit the guidelines. As much as I think this is a great hide, and have no problem with it personally, there is no way the pine needles extend a foot below the surface of the ground. As cool as it is, by the guidelines, it isn't allowed.

    it could have been placed in an existing hole which is ok and thatch and needles moved around it.


    hot d*mn, 5 days short of a month! New record? :sad:

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