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  1. I vote for dardvel, because he is way too funny. I mean who wants to sit out in the cold and fish... When you could fish in style like this !
  2. Congrats recent finders, glad to hear the Geo_Leprechaun is still amongst us hiding in the clover.
  3. Wish, Wish, Wish, Wish, Wishes! Well it worked for Elmo!
  4. I would spend some money on some Because Mom would never let me buy them when I was little!
  5. Congrats to all the freshly bitten. Spring is here lots of flowers and too much rain.
  6. One more thought if there were no geocoins I would pay off my car so that when their were coins I wouldn't get picked on for waiting for my car payment to clear before paying for my GeoJellies.
  7. I posted that I got my mission, well I actually got to open it. I love it! A smiley faced envelope with a beautiful card inside with 3 beautiful coins! I received an ISCGA coin, which I am part of but didnt have a coin. A Do Unto others coin, I love hedgehogs! And last but not least a Kansas Sunflower coin! I really love Sunflowers. So thank you Lori for filling my day with sunshine and sunflowers!
  8. Hmm I'd hire a cute guy to hold my umbrella, seems like it wont quit raining here, another rained out weekend!
  9. Hmm if there were no geocoins I'd become more ecofriendly and sell my car and buy one of these to ride to work:
  10. Lets see I think I would go to the Ice hotel in Copenhagen and drink some vodka!
  11. YEA! I received my sunshine today but cant open it as its in other car that just went to work. Hmmph whats another day. Thank you sunshine mission person!
  12. If there were no geocoins <gasp> I would say I'd have to go spend my money on D&D stuff, comics books, and pokemon cards. HA! I'm kidding or am I! My daughter said she'd personally like an oreo cow though. SCYoli
  13. I'm very interested in seeing how this will be conveyed. I love the whole meaning behind the Claddagh rings and the eternity knots. Would you be tying this into geocaching the love and friendship aspect or would it simply be a Claddagh coin? Either way I would definitely be buying a few, your designs are always beautiful. -SCYoli
  14. Well I've received my name and its funny I get to torcher I mean bring sunshine to the same person or persons that I did in the last mission I did! HA! This is fun! -SCYoli
  15. All right I'm in! I need a little sunshine! I have a carnival to help plan, a yearbook to finish, a 5th grade million dollar project to finish, a track meet, 2 tournament basketball games, an awards ceremony, spring pictures group and individual to hand out, and a choral trip to Washington DC all to do before March15th. I need some ray of hope or sunshine! -SCYoli
  16. Congratulations! Its neat to see the spirit still going strong into March!
  17. All of the icons are adaorable, but I'll have to go with 1 (8 is really close behind).
  18. I hope this is the correct place to post. My daughters school won the Creative ticket award given by the Kennedy Center for the Arts and part of this honor was an invitation to perform on the Millenium Stage in Washingotn DC. I was wondering if anyone had a boookmark of caches near touristy places in DC. I know alot of them are virtuals but I would love to be able to grab at least a couple while up there. Thanks so much! SCYoli
  19. QUOTE I personally do the happy dance when the mailwoman comes and boy oh boy if a truck pulls up <insult removed by moderator> Not quite sure what was said here or even if was directed towards me since the top quote is mine. But whatever. Avroair as long as I make it to GCF in one piece I will happily do a lil jig. PGH weather is looking nastier, stay warm. And if your feet are cold remember this cold feet warm heart.
  20. Well I hope that your spirits have been risen a little. I personally do the happy dance when the mailwoman comes and boy oh boy if a UPS/FedEx/DHL truck pulls up I'm like a kid on pixie stix and jolt soda! Seriously though whats that white stuff in the picture and will it be gone when I come to Geocoinfest in Oct? Oh and to keep this coin related...post some picts of your goodies.
  21. Checking in received the coins yesterday and there are some new caches in the area that are screaming for travelin coins. Thanks again this is fun!
  22. Yea! Paid for my Nerds today! Cant wait to see them, I havent seen one in person yet!
  23. If you are looking for any to journey around SC, I can help. Going to DC in 3 weeks too but not sure about dropping any coins...there's a lot of virtuals but no physicals around where I'll be.
  24. Pretty neat! Spellings are on target, can't wait to see this one in person! Great job Jen!
  25. This is exactly like Sadako and A Thousand Cranes. My daughter's school did this play last year,it was so beautiful. Planes on there way! Oh and to suuport the March of Dimes, you can go to thier page and create a virtual band in honor or in memory of a child you know who was born prematurely or for any child who is special to you. You'll be Banding Together with individuals from all across the nation in support of one goal, saving babies. Your donation will go toward life-saving research.
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