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  1. I know that David the Gnome was on Nickelodeon when I was little. renengade gnomes must have been on one of those blocked channels.
  2. Hubby says: "almost 100% sure, you need to use a square to decode, then take the decoded cipher text and run it through either Caesar, Vigenere, or a keyword code. Finding the right square pattern is the trouble, but I bet the square pattern will be the keyword for the 'decoded' cipher text. We went with "moscw" and "mscow" in the square, and not "Moscow" since the O's would repeat and cause problems decoding. "
  3. Nah no tar and feathering. I was just picking on my kids today about forgetting everything over the summer break and now I am giving myself a headache trying to figure this out! Now I have the husband helping me too. I have used a Polybius square with the letters "Moscw" (I didn't use "O" twice because it was a repeat), against the letters in the puzzle: MM OO CC CS OM MM CM MW OW OC OC OM CW CS OS OO MS MM MW MM CS CS MC MC OM OM SW SW CS SC SS CC OS MO OW MC MS SC WW SC CS MS CC WW CO SC CS CO OM MM SM MO MC SO WS SC OM MC CM WC CM CC OC CS. Nada, nothing.
  4. I'm, thinking drop the "O" use moscw as the keyword...
  5. There once was a cacher named Keewee, Whose birthday was yesterday, lovely He wanted a cake, But his friends could not bake, So his candles just sat in a box lonely. Famous birthdays Robert De Niro (actor) Sean Penn (actor) Maureen O'Hara (actress) Mae West (actress Happy now day after your birthday!
  6. The man walked over to the perfume counter and told the clerk he'd like a bottle of Chanel No. 5 for his wife's birthday. "A little surprise, eh?" smiled the clerk. "You bet," answered the customer. "She's expecting a cruise." ------------------------------ A man asked his wife, "What would you most like for your birthday?" She said, "I'd love to be ten again." On the morning of her birthday, he got her up bright and early and off they went to a theme park. He put her on every ride in the park, the Death Slide, The Screaming Loop, the Wall of Fear. Everything there was, she had a go. She staggered out of the theme park five hours later, her head reeling and her stomach upside down. Into McDonald's they went, where she was given a Double Big Mac with extra fries and a strawberry shake. Then off to a movie theater, more burgers, popcorn, cola and sweets. At last she staggered home with her husband and collapsed into bed. Her husband leaned over and asked, "Well, dear, what was it like being ten again?" One eye opened and she groaned, "Actually I meant dress size."
  7. I cant participate in this but I really wanted to say cool coin, great job on it!
  8. Aren't Leo's wonderful generous caring people. I think so! Happy Birthday and many more birthdays. coins, and caches to come! Happy Birthday! Bonne Fete! L‡ breithe mhaith agat! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Chronia Pola! Buon Compleanno! Feliz Cumpleanos! PS My birthday is Aug 21.
  9. SCYoli


    ARGGHH!!! Darn that 15 minute time limit. Anyways Congrats to Pengo Family & RCDispatchers. Good Game by all. BTW what was the teachers name? Have a great day!
  10. SCYoli


    Hmm me thinks they dont want the coin.... I'll take it!
  11. 334 guess # 1 Edited version: Why oh Why do I keep missing out on these cointest! I didnt notice it had ended. That's it I'm not getting up from the computer any more! Congrats to the winner!
  12. Happy BDay TSun! My bday is next week and I think I like the idea of celebrating another year at 29. Congrats to the winners and thanks TSun for holding this cointest. Its was fun! <edited because I cant spell>
  13. SCYoli Hubby told me about this, he's a keeper after all.
  14. OOOOOH! I LOVE the Shiny, Shiny. I really cant wait to receive this one and am sort of glad I missed out on the orignals.
  15. Does this also affect the shiny silver one? If possible when samples arrive could there be a post of original and revised Earth Turtle Coins. Thanks so much, the coins truly are beautiful and I'm sure the majority of us will happy either way, you've worked too hard on this.
  16. 347 after my first number was picked by someone else
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