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  1. Not everyone orders enough coins to trade for a complete set...my husband already thinks that I have way too many coins! LOL - my wife, thankfully, doesn't know that I've got way too many coins... If you see a death notice for me then you know she either found em' or she found out!! Although with all the geojellies arriving in the mail box from trading she is starting to ask questions... so that death notice might be closer to appearing than I had previously thought! Say if something, say a frying pan to the head, should happen to you...can I have your coins? Just Kidding!!! (no really, let me email your wife) Seriously though my hubby actually said its nice to see you interested in something...
  2. Easy (because I only have 9 coins)...the first one I bought, the GW5 Sunburst. Its so pretty and I love the stained glass effect. edited for grammar
  3. I think that the only one guaranteed to get one of each flavor from v3 is the winner of the auction. i wish pgh would just put one of my jellies in everyone's pack, and send me one of theirs trading made simple See I thought about this too and my hubby promptly freaked out..."How many coins are you ordering?!?" So I may not get to trade with everyone...which stinks. Allthough I hear the lottery jackpot has gone up again.
  4. I believe if I am reading this correctly 49 members with 64 different flavored beans. Whole lotta beans!
  5. Well congrats! You obviously deserved it. And to keep on track I received a mail pak of wooden nickels!!! The kids in my class don't know it yet but they will be designing some wooden nickels as travel bugs.
  6. I am only interested in one coin (any finish) so if anyone has ordered an extra and are willing to sell please pm me. I would trade but I have a whole 5 coins to my name till I get my Geojellies.
  7. I love mail! Today I received a WI_Robin MWGB and a Blue Razzberry Rapture Geojelly that I won off ebay. I love em! Cant wait till I open the mailbox and get my own Geojellies!
  8. I just wanted to say I never realized how many coins there are out there. Every time someone list a coin I go looking on the net to see what the desired coin looks like. There are some very neat coins out there and some very hard ones to obviously obtain. Good luck to all! And keep listing I am receiving a nice little education on geocoins!
  9. I know that Snoogans had a penny press at GW5 and I have a few of his coins that say ex-pressyourself.com (don't think the link works though). You may try conacting him or there's always ebay.
  10. There's always the version 2 GeoJellies auction which has yet to come! Are you enabling our coin habit! (Meanwhile my husband has hidden the debit card )
  11. Only a fw more minutes...anyone have those winning Powerball numbers so I can buy a ticket.
  12. Wow! Those are gorgeous, if the colors on the web are that amazing then the colors in person must be glorious! Great job!. Bad timing for me though....payday isnt until next week, . Oh well maybe they'll be some left.
  13. This could probably fall under the "I've been bit" thread. I have been geocaching with my hubby for about 2 years and just recently decided I wanted my own account which opened the world of forums. I never knew that there was a whole world of geocoins and such. Well, I've become a little addicted, its the first thing I do when I get on the computer in the morning and that last at night. I have to see who is getting what coin and whats new. I even went and bought a coin holder for my coins....right now I have 6 coins and 3 on the way that I've ordered or won on ebay. So right now I am building up my collection. I love TSun's coins and have ordered turtles and lilypads and won a GeoJellie from her and they are all so beautiful. I definitely will be ordering my own set of Geojellies the next time around. So be on the look out because I will want to trade. I also thought the FSM coin was really neat but I bought that one for my hubby, he loves the pasta. But to bring this totally back on topic my heart's desire is to continue collecting all the beautiful coins out there and to get my own so I can trade.
  14. Maybe I missed this but could someone post a pic of their lil amigos. They sound cute. And I am sure they are.
  15. I was very excited when I received an envelope today, nobody writes me and if they do its for bills. Anyhoo I open up the envelope like a sugar induced 6 year old on Christmas because I realized it was from TSun. Yeah! I received a very beautiful Montana Madness Geojelly from her. I Love it! I showed it to everyone in the house and Monday I will be showing it to everyone at the Geo meeting. Cant wait, love the coin!!! Thank you so much! edited for grammar
  16. Those beans are absolutely stunning!!! The colors are so bright, just like KeeWee's! Great Job.
  17. The coins were all mine, mine I say...up until the last 6 seconds when I was outbid. Well as long as its going to a good cause, it's okay. Congrats to the winner. I'll get mine one day!
  18. I was really surprised how different your coin came out with nothing changed except the coin metal. It changed how the colors appeared, and in a good way. Am glad you like and got them so fast. See ya next time! All the coins look wonderful just a quick question. I want to save up for the possible next round what were the details on ordering this time around? Like how many and how much? Thanks so much.
  19. I don't know if it's work, or I just burned all the synapses out working through your puzzle, but I just can't get anywhere with this one... maybe on the weekend..
  20. <sniff><sniff> "You smell that? Do you smell that? Brain cells, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of brain cells burning in the afternoon. You know, one time we worked a puzzle for a whole weekend, for three days! When it was all over - I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' solution. The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole forum. " (Yup, that quote really goes with the wifes Avatar...) (sigh) Be right back...
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