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  1. Just a short note to post that my daughter was a lucky recipient of a CCC coin. We got back to the hotel after GW7 Geocoinmadness/booting/towing/fire marshall event and she is going through all the pathtags she traded and says "Ooh what's this?" I knew immediately that it was a mystery coin! And so it was. Hubby and son got Lackeys from Shauna, daughter got a mystery coin, and me the actual coin collector...zip! Oh well they're happy I guess that's what counts!!!
  2. I didn't ignore the sign, I just didn't see it -- the lights were off. I gotta agree with HC on this one, I didn't even know there was a sign, the lot & resturant was pich dark. The employees were most likley closing up to go home. I'm sure the tow company was operating within their legal bounds, but I'm also sure there were factors operating heavily in their favor (lack of lights, predatory tactics, etc.) I'm sure if the sign<s?> were more noticable, then perhaps less people would park there. Of course this could cut into the tow companys profit . IMHO perhaps the tow truck driver could have given a break to the persons who realized they were in the wrong and returned to move their cars... But, again, I was one of the lucky ones...
  3. (NOT SCYOLI, I'm SCBrian, just to lazy to log the wife out. ) I got lucky at the event, and as I pulled in 2 KFC employees warned me and GTQ about not parking there because "They'll boot and tow you." (their words speaking about the towing company in 3rd person). My guess is the KFC is only minimally involved. I found the overflow parking for the Clarion and let the people inside know of the towing issue. It seems like within 5 minutes of me moving though the wrecker was there. I dont think the Clairon had any Idea what they'd be getting into with the owd involved. At one point appprently the fire marshal even paid a visit...
  4. Let the trading, bartering, begging. Anyone want to trade a hug for a New Zealand turtle.
  5. If I may ask what is the cute cow coin...my daughter collects them and would love to add this one to her collection. Thanks!
  6. I was kind of wondering the same...about the Earth Turtles. Does anyone have them ALL and if so could they take a pict of them and upload. I know I am missing a few and eventually would like to make it a complete bale.
  7. Hanging Tough New Kids on the Block The climb Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Song number one always gets me in a good mood and reminds me that any cache can be found or solved! Song number two is a recent one I did a hike in upper SC to a waterfall that had an earth cache at well one of us read the hike guidelines wrong and thought it said mild hike 1.9 mile. When in fact that was only straight line distance not over the 3 mountains and not the last 1500 feet that marked as strenous. I am not in shape the way I used to be and boy did that kick my hiney. But the whole time I'm grumping up and down that mountain all I can hear in my head is: I can almost see it That dream I am dreaming But there's a voice inside my head saying "You'll never reach it" Every step I'm taking Every move I make feels Lost with no direction My faith is shaking But I gotta keep trying Gotta keep my head held high There's always gonna be another mountain I'm always gonna wanna make it move Always gonna be a uphill battle Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose Ain't about how fast I get there Ain't about what's waiting on the other side It's the climb So there are my two songs with a story.
  8. They are great! I may not even give hubby his coin and keep them both. And speaking of happy people I have a happy 12 yr old because of you and your talented coinwork art. Be on the lookout for mail.
  9. Oh these are beautiful! I like the black nickel one as I tend to like the darker coins....LUV the Lump of Coal, havent gotten one yet but LUV it nevertheless.
  10. My recent 5 would be: Dark Yime Baby Loggerhead Turtle Naughty Lump of Coal Earth Turtle Delicious Cache fishes Gold or Chrome Welsh Lovespoon
  11. Absolutely! My husband and I have a Crickey coin that sits upon our Steve Irwin doll. I'm shooting for 200--so far I have about 50 interested parties. Please send coin's website link below to eveyone you know so we can raise awareness about the Crikey coin and help wildlife warriors help wildlife and wild habitat--thanks;-) http://www.geocities.com/thesolorover/crikeycoin.html CrotalulsRex
  12. Cool contest. Here's my story. I had been friends with my now sister in law since 6th grade. Well in 10th she talked me into joining the Wrestling team at school as a matgirl/sports medicine. I in all my years of knowing my sister in law had never met her brother (now hubby). Well I he had wrestled and had graduated but still came to alot of matches. During one of our tournaments he walked up and asked if I wanted lunch, I just figured that he was being nice. And politely declined, Mom always siad dont take food from strangers. Anyways he wouldnt let up and finally said fine you wont eat then let me take you out. I was shocked not only was he older but bossy! But whatever I said yea and first date was actually out with his church group Christmas caroling at an elderly home. Well 2 years later we were engaged and 2 years after that married. And its now been 12 years this year and we have 2 great kids and we havent smothered the other one in our sleep. This is us at Niagra this past October when we went up for Geocoinfest.
  13. From what I remember these are squadron coins. Not sure how they are given out though, I know that the other branches of the military have coins so maybe this is a similar token. I'm right down the road from Chas AFB and always in the flight pattern for the C17's flying over head at 3 in the morning.
  14. Ok my question is do we resend out a package or not? My mission person never got theirs and I feel horrible about it and want to send another package however I wouldnt be able to get something together that was as nice as the previous package for a couple of weeks. So what is the procedure? I havent email my person yet cause I was clinging on to hope that the package would still show up, whould I reveal myself and apologize or what?
  15. Congrats on another big coin sale. I missed out on these due many personal numerous reasons but anyone has an extra I have few traders if not oh well. Congrats all!
  16. I recieved my mission a little while back and promised to post pictures but havent had the internet to do so. So here they are....Thank you SOOOOO much for my mission gift Sparticus06. I had so much fun meeting you at GCF and after that with all the friendly bantering! I picked on you about snow and boy did you get me back!!!!! You'll be happy to know I have snow EVERYWHERE!!!! Arghhh! On my bed on the floor, in the hall, in the bathroom, on my desk at school, in my car, ARGHHH! Thank you for the snowy-turtley box!!! Here's some pictures. Again you so much your a true friend...now can I borrow someone's handvac!
  17. 1. Participating: email sent 2. Received Name: yes 3. Mission Complete: Sent out 12-1-08 4. Package Received: It has It has! But I havent opened it yet because I want my camera ready....especially since I recognize the return addy I will open tomorrow and post some picts!!!!
  18. Wow too many to name but here's a few. The Whole Geocoinfest 08 committee. (I had blast and they worked so hard Tsun Write Shop Crowesfeat30 They all give so much.
  19. Received an email to update on here so here is a quick update. 1. Participating: email sent 2. Received Name: yes 3. Mission Complete: on way out on Monday (was waiting on a coin) 4. Package Received: not yet Sorry I havent been on here life has been rough, no computer for a while (could only check email on phone), work is hectic (just glad I still have a job), will try to get my butt back on here...I miss my geocoin friends.
  20. These are quite ducky!!! Christmas ones would be cute too.
  21. Ooh Ooh Ooh! I came home today to a cool looking black bubble wrap and a brown envelope. Look at the brown one something for hubby (boring!) BUT the black one had a return addy of the Geo Bandit!!!! I am SOOO happy thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! I have been gifted a mystery coin from a friend who doesnt collect geocoins ( ) and my son found one but wont give it up ( ) and I found one in a cache but gave it another cacher who didnt have one at all. But this is my 1st out right gifted from a mystery person mystery coin!!!! Again thank you so much you have made my week, my month, and heck maybe my year ( )!!!!!
  22. The last mission I had my secret pal actually sent me a questionaire to get to know me a bit better. They of course did this through a sock puppet account but I thought it was the most thoughtful idea yet. Just a thought to pass on.
  23. Do you know you spend 4%ish of your life waiting in lines....that stinks! I hate waiting 'cause I start to think about the million an done things I am supposed to be doing besides waiting. Like I really cant wait right now until Friday, cause Im tired and didnt sleep enough over the weekend. But then again I didnt get anything accomplished this weekend either, go figure.
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