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  1. You don't just have to look south and west from Hay, into the National Park. We recently did Hergest Ridge: we picked a wet day, but saw enough to want to go back on a better day. Heading in this direction (north) opens up the possibility of enjoying some other caches in the less well known area of The Marches and the prettiest of Herefordshire villages.

    If you are interested in history/industrial archaeology, then we would suggest looking at our own Merthyr Marathon series ... but, be warned, there is at least 3-4 days worth in the nine caches in the series. Also, if you look through our Caerphilly Collection, you will be able to select several that fit your walk distance criteria.

    But, of course, once you are in Wales, all the caches are good ones! Merthyr and the closest Caerphilly caches are 30-45 minutes drive from Hay.

    Whichever caches you decide to tackle, enjoy your break. :blink::):D

  2. Hide the Tupperware.


    Blorenges prepare the oranges.


    The Phillimore Clan have arrived at PCD Camp - Pitched up 14 -18 near the BBQ!


    Welcome to Wales - All you lovely folk from across the border.


    Gordon (Write) is out checking caches are well hidden from prying eyes.


    Liz H (Mane)

  3. Way back in 2003 we set up a series of 8 caches in the Merthyr Tydfil area which require a fair bit of legwork.


    In order for the caches to be completed by people who are unable to tackle the challenge we produced a Wheelchair friendly version - we have just had out FIRST and only request for a copy of this version.


    Hopefully someone will be giving this modified version a trial in the not too distance future.

  4. Sorry to learn that Ryme-intrinseca will not make it to the South Wales Event. We had lined up some purple goodies to go into the new caches we have set for the day.


    Thanks for your good wishes, hope 'Op' goes well, you will be in our thoughts as we enjoy ourselves in the lovely Welsh countryside.


    Hope we get to meet before you head of to darkest Dorset!!!


    Stuey - We were sooooooo looking forward to meeting the Dog!!

  5. We kicked this topic off back in February, so here's an update.


    A lot of insurers just don't want to know or make it clear that their minimum rates would be too expensive because they are geared to major events, shows, etc. Even some of those that appeared hopeful initially have declined to quote because we are not a business or a charity, etc or because we are not clients of them for other insurance. An example of the latter is NFU Mutual - if you already do business with them, they will give you a quote ... but we couldn't even get a feel for the likely premium.


    The only positive source we have found is an organisation called Event Insurance Services, with whom we would be looking at a minimum premium of about £70 for the lowest level of public liability cover only. Realistically, some additional cover would be appropriate which could take the cost up to around £200. This is much more than we had anticipated or would be prepared to pay. This suggests that you could run an event charging, say, £1-2 a head to cover the cost of insurance - but we don't see the sense in this, when the biggest difference between the event and going out geocaching is the inclusion of the opportunity to meet socially. As people have said, you can go to a pub to do this without an entrance fee.


    It seems that, if we were a club or organisation that already had insurance, an endorsement for a one-off event might be quite economical - but we don't fit this category. It does raise the question: is there a mechanism whereby the geocaching community can have a general UK wide insurance, with each event needing only specific endorsement at nominal cost?


    It is disturbing that events are in danger of cancellation because of this problem. The only example of an event that was covered by insurance was where the owners of the venue were arranging it. This raises the question of whether the Council who run the park where our event is to be held can do this, with us paying the relevant premium. We are currently checking this out.


    Whatever the outcome, we still intend to go ahead, but it looks as if we will have to make it clear that the event is primarily a social meeting venue and information source. People will go off looking for caches - but on their own individual initiative, as they would normally in pursuit of the hobby. We would hope that newcomers will have a chance to give it a try with willing experienced cachers, but this would have to be a one-to-one arrangement by mutual agreement.


    Yes, we know this looks completely OTT for taking a walk in a park or the surrounding countryside and being helpful and friendly to newcomers who show an interest.


    We hope this summary of what we have done/discovered is of some help to others. At the same time, we are still open to words of wisdom from anyone else. Just to pre-empt the possible "Give up geocaching and stay in bed all day", we have thought of that but can't take the risk in case something falls off a plane and comes through our roof.

  6. Thanks to everyone for their comments. Although we hoped that someone might have gone through all this before, we also expected to be disappointed.

    There were some very serious points made, indications that this could be the tip of the iceberg but, most important, plenty of humour. Regardless of the problems, long may the fun continue.

    Rest assured that we haven't been deterred - the event will go on. We will investigate event insurance, precautionary notices and advice to be given at the time to newbies, etc.

    We will post another message (or two) here to explain what we do and any lessons learned in the process.

  7. Our first day event - South Wales First, 29th April - is being held in a local authority country park. The park ranger has asked if we are covered by insurance, which is something that we hadn't even thought about. He was not making it a condition of holding the event, but pointed out that it would be our event not the Council's.


    We explained the terms of the disclaimer on all cache listings, but he drew attention to one possible loop-hole. We expect newcomers, either curious and wanting to know more or just chance visitors. If friendly and helpful cachers (aren't we all?) take these visitors under their wings to show them geocaching in action, is there a risk, albeit a very low one, of a third party claim being made against them if there is a mishap.


    Has anyone come across this issue before - and worked out the best answer?


    Some thoughts:


    - preliminary enquiries suggest that third party insurance for a low risk one-day event is not expensive


    - put up a disclaimer notice and ensure that any visiting newcomers that want to "have a go" have their attention drawn to it


    - our own household insurance may provide the cover, although it may be necessary to advise the insurers

  8. We have a fair number of caches in South Wales.


    We respond to peoples comments in the logs and if we get a couple of DNF's we do a miantenance visit, usually within a week, if possible, although some require a fair slog to get to them!


    Our Merthyr Marathon Series had four caches which had not been visited for several months, we were considering maitenance visits to them before the lighter evenings and warmer weather encourages people to look for tupperware boxes. Thankfully local cachers have got itchy feet and been out and done them, so we only had to replace a box that was reported missing and a new log book in an other.


    If we get a couple of DNF's we try to check them before making a decision to temporarily disable. We thinkand hope people read the logs before going out to do a caches, so will have a good idea of the current state of a cache.


    Enjoy but do not despair if you get DNF's, watch to see if others find them.

  9. Oh heck <_<:o


    You really do sound glum and in need of cheering up.


    Spare a thouhgt for us poor souls who have organised an Un-kept resolution Event TONIGHT.


    Panic is beginning to set in we are now wondering if people will turn up, or if Write and Mane (me) will sit in the pub staring at each other.


    Our worst nightmare is loosing some of the TB's, or even the Event Log Book.


    We are hoping this evenings meet passes of uneventfully with no major dramatics!


    Hope you find some caches soon, will have to keep an eye on your exploits in the future!


    Liz H (Mane)

  10. Campsite Bookings


    As we have no idea of the definite number of people camping, it is not possible to make a Block Booking, bearing in mind that this is a Bank Holiday Weekend.


    However the Warden is very helpful and if people making a booking mention 'The Geocaching Event' he will try to arrange for them to be together.

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