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  1. Ooh heck this could open up a whole load of ideas:-


    Can O' Worms


    Gecko's - they get out of bed early in South Wales to find these - has been known to cause conflict in families!


    Pair of Gloves - found several pairs of these along the Kennet and Avon series of caches


    There must be many other items, others will hopefully add to this list.

  2. Ewan and his Family continue to be held in our thoughts.


    Thanks for keeping us up to date with his present condition and progress.


    Please continue to provide updates as and when you are able, they are much appreciated by many cachers.


    Good wishes for the Event, a bit to far from Cardiff for a day out caching, although we noticed Forth of Firth did have a brief excursion into South Wales recently!

  3. Oh shucks, we were hoping to quietly slip passed the 500 mark, without anybody noticing!!!


    A big thank you to all those cachers who take up the challenge of doing our caches and keep us entertained with their logs.


    We have enjoyed the caches set by other people, so an even bigger thank you to all the folk who take us to places we wouldn't have found, if it wasn't for the hidden 'plastic'

  4. Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS on your Caching trip and holiday in WALES (and a bit of England)


    We'd love to say "We told you so 'Cooties'" as the people who said 'the spirit may be willing but . . . ), but we won't :huh::blink:


    Were your expectations and plans overly ambitious - DEFINITELY, but far better to have to many caches to challenge, than that you returned home wishing you had brought information for caches.


    If your visit eft you hungry for more of this lovely beautiful country, all we can say is:-


    COME BACK SOON, we don't even mind if you come JEEPLESS :blink::blink:

  5. Congratulations - it was interesting to see which caches you did for the record.


    We will not be trying to beat your record, but we might try some of those that we havn't done


    Lovely to meet such great cachers, thanks for using our SW Event as a starting point.

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