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  1. Congratulations on 2 years Fractal... I have only been caching for a short time, but I have quickly come to consider you a good friend. It's people like you that make me very happy I discovered this little game. I also have met many of the people that you listed in your post, and feel honored to be mentioned with such truly awesome people. Thanks to each of you as well, for welcoming me so warmly. Cache on buddy...
  2. Ok guys... you can start getting excited now. This one is basically in the final stages... I'm hoping to get at least "one piece of the puzzle" so to speak placed this weekend. bazzle: hopefully this answers you're timing question... and no problem on the 'divergence' bigeddy: as far as your questions... yes there will be multiple stages and no it won't be confined to the metro area...that's going to be part of the fun... soup: you've got the right idea...
  3. Back to the REAL meaning of this post... Cool caches coming soon... heh heh...
  4. Been watching this one... it's officially on 'the list'
  5. Come on now... geocachers are supposed to be explorers! Finding new things... including formats of video they're not familiar with... What if a cache you found didn't have a certain container you liked... would you complain? I don't want to get sidetracked here... I'm just saying... c'mon lets not get picky about the format of a cache teaser (that most folks don't do in the first place) and let's just enjoy the fact that people hide tupperware in the woods for us to find. My intention is not to offend anyone by this post... I just know that geocaching is THE BEST thing that I have found and just want to share the enjoyment with others.
  6. Sorry for those of you who can't view the video. Rest assured though, that you do NOT have to view the video to be THE ONE! It's just a bonus...
  7. What's the problem Sassquatch? Are you having problems playing the file? If so, you probably need to download the DIVX CODEC from the link in my original post. Let me know if that helps, if that isn't the problem, just let me know and I can probably help you make it work.
  8. The matrix has you... But there is one among you who can change this... The question is... Are you the one? Click here for a sneak preview of this cache series. You may need this to view it. Brought to you by GeoNap, GeoChad, and fractal. Coming soon...
  9. #7 - On a positive note... even if you 'think' they have drive through service... and you try it and fail... come on inside instead... heh heh... [This message was edited by GeoNap on July 03, 2003 at 10:22 AM.]
  10. Alright... I guess no one is going to post a 'follow up' on this one... so I will... here's an update for those of you that weren't there. I arrived at Cassidy's (missed the video games,damnit... wanted to challenge fractal at galaga) so I can only comment and give tips on the Cassidy's portion. #1 - You missed a great time. #2 - Be worried when people know the timing and specifics of the methadone clinic 'breaks.' #3 - Squid (aka: calamari) is pretty good in ginger sauce. #4 - Be sure to get the window seat, there's lots to see here! #5 - When you move to the bar area and the cute server comes by, stop all conversation (it's customary).
  11. GeoNap

    And then...

    I think the $3 is more than reasonable. As far as the date, I'll do my best to make it whenever it is. My schedule sucks though... seems like it fills up too fast... This one is top priority though.
  12. Oregone: That one is on my list too... better put it on your watch list... Grandpa: Glad you got the coin Grandpa! I really liked the Remora cache, well done. More GeoNap coins on there way shortly...
  13. WOW! You guys rock! I would definitely be interested in a trek that direction... too cool. I can't wait...
  14. I'd like to come out... my schedule is crazy so either day is hit or miss, but I'll do my best.
  15. Edgefield is awesome... one of my favorite places. I was just there yesterday, drinking a bit of Ruby after a day of caching. I'm definitely game for an event there.
  16. With the new look on the pages, has anyone figured out a way to 'filter' the temporarily unavailable caches from your 'closest' list? I can filter my 'finds' but there are some caches that have been temporarily unavailable for a long time that I can't figure out how to filter. Maybe this can't be done, I'm not sure. If that's the case, hopefully Groundspeak will make it so those are automatically archived after a certain amount of time, or make it so they're filtered. Thanks for any help.
  17. I know... I probably am... ;-) I guess I just kind of like it when people go after them. That's why I place them after all, so others can enjoy them. ;-) I'll probably stop making it 'too easy' shortly. I'll probably even stop posting 'exactly' where I placed them... I'll be more generic like... somewhere in my last 10 caches... heh heh... so hunt them now while it's easy!
  18. 3 more GeoNap coins out there... waiting to move along or be added to someone's SI collection... ;-) 0019 - 06/22/03 - The Pipeline*: (still there according to log) This is an incredible cache. 0020 - 6/27/03 - Rock of Ages: This one is one of the best I've done! 0021 - 6/27/03 - She Feels Like A Remora: great hunt... extremely well done cache.
  19. I still can't believe there isn't SOME geocacher who knows someone... who knows someone... who knows where this sucker is. Perhaps one of us could contact the forest service and 'pretend' to be doing a story about it... heh heh... or perhaps a documentary film...
  20. I would be interested. I love the Mt. Hood area, especially if it involves geocaching and camping!
  21. Yeah... I noticed the maps were missing too. Here's another 'map' resource though, this page does a pretty good job. http://www.brillig.com/geocaching/maps.shtml
  22. I've been doing online searches, as well as searching various maps for this one. I REALLY hope we can find this one. During these searches, I came up with a question... Is it possible that this 'hell hole' may have a small opening, like a cave perhaps? Then perhaps it opens up once your inside of it? Is that possible? Maybe someone else knows better than me based on the description from the PBS show (which I've never seen). If that's the case, we may not be able to find it on sattellite photos or Topo maps. Just a thought... The part in the Seattle Times article about an 'hour-long descent'... that seems like a long time for something 200 feet deep... and then 1/2 mile long...
  23. Thanks for all of the great responses, I appreciate it. I was pretty sure the area I had selected was acceptable and after reading these responses I am even more confident that it is. So, the next chance I get I'll be placing a cache that will be a great hike in a pretty cool area.
  24. LOL! Holy crap! I was half-way kidding about the night hunt. Heh... heh... glad you liberated it kiwi. Hope you didn't have any trouble finding the cache.
  25. Thank you Laserman! It was driving me crazy! Ahhh... all is well now.
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