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  1. I know it's short notice, but I would love to see you all at the 'Is it Friday yet? (Golden Spike / Spanking Spoon)' event this Thursday 9/25/03 @ 7:00PM I have had the Golden Spike in my possession for WAY TOO LONG... and the Spanking Spoon is just waiting to dish out some mayhem on someone. Hope you all can make it! [This message was edited by GeoNap on September 22, 2003 at 12:16 AM.]
  2. Trust me on this one... kiwimonster IS a LARGE dog... lol
  3. Are You The One? #08 has been submitted for approval. Gentleman, start your engines...
  4. Hello eveyone! I just got back from Michigan, so I've been away for a bit. I am headed to Vegas shortly as well, so my schedule is a bit hectic these days. FYI: I removed AYTO #5 and AYTO #6 from members only status. I'm going to do my best to get another AYTO cache placed shortly, so hopefully it'll be out soon. I'm glad to see you're all enjoying the series.
  5. Grin'n'Bearit - I have been 'lurking' to some sense and watching this thread since its inception. I have to admit I am amongst those that think there probably SHOULD NOT be a cache placed here. I can think of many reasons, but two of those are probably the most valid: One - Navdog almost singlehandly located this 'hidden treasure' and as far as your previous assertion that 'navdog couldn't run down here and place a cache himself so he doesn't want anybody else either' I don't find that convincing in the least. I think Navdog found this location as far as 'geocachers' are concerned (certainly those following this thread) he should get to place a cache there... or decide that one shouldn't be placed there. Reason Two: I think we need the NFS as our friends, definitely not our enemies. What they 'can' or 'can not' do is irrelevant... it's about human nature. If we 'thumb' our noses to them on this, there WILL be a price to pay. Maybe not today... maybe not tomorrow... but trust me, that time will come. I would rather 'play nice with others' and see geocaching live on, not just 'do it' becacuse I can. As a sidenote to you Grin'n'Bearit, I can't help but notice that you have been a member of geocaching.com for over one year, yet almost half of your posts have been in response to this thread and 'defense' to your cache placement here. I think that perhaps your arguments would be more convincing to me if this wasn't the first time I had 'heard' your voice. I am not naive enough to think that anything I have said will convince you otherwise or change your mind, but I hope that you will listen to what is obviously the majority here, and pull your cache at 'hell hole'. If for no other reason than it is by far the consensus of contributing geocaching members. My opinion... for what it's worth.
  6. I miss charlie... he always was the life of the party...
  7. Thank you! It's actually a photo of my AWESOME new Neo figure that Armando & Co got me for my birthday. I have it proudly displayed on my desk.
  8. Oregone: Jen and Melissa told me that they would like a copy of the CD as well.
  9. Are You The One #06 has been placed and submitted. The hunt continues...
  10. For those of you playing along at home, Heads up! Are You The One? #05 has been submitted for approval... so keep hitting that refresh button. Additional notes: Are You The One? #04 has just been taken off 'member's only' status. Are You The One? #06 is also in place, and I'm working on submitting it now.
  11. Welcome back Kiwi's! Good to have you back.
  12. I'm thinking it must be a bit more 'overgrown' since the time you were there. It is VERY well hidden... and VERY 'overgrown.' It took myself, fractal, and alison and andy 'a while' to find the cache itself. Either that, or Sadie sniffed it out for you.
  13. This is probably the one you are thinking of... LOST? the first waypoint is at a waterfall. I never realized there was a waterfall in the metro area until I hunted this cache the other day. Good luck though! It is a very challenging hide. Definitely greater than a '1' difficulty. Enjoy!
  14. Even better pdxmarathonman... BTW: I just removed Are You The One? #03 - Agents from members only status. Enjoy!
  15. I saw this breaking news warning about camping on CNN today... fortunately I had a recorder running and taped it. Check it out... scary... maybe we should call the whole thing off. CNN Camping Warning
  16. See... the interesting part to me is that all of you don't even realize 'WHAT' you're 'playing for' yet... I'm thinking when I release that information... the competition is going to get a bit more intense. Trust me... it's good. It's good to be the puppetmaster sometimes...
  17. I think that's what we'll do. Nehalem Falls Campground it is. Now we just need to start getting a head count. The lady I spoke with earlier said she thought we could put up to 3 tents on each site (so if we don't get enough sites we should be able to share). Here's a link with some info: Nehalem Falls Campground
  18. I'm starting to think that may be the way oregone... I can't find anything... anywhere... I've been online... on the phone... looking in books... no luck I think it will more than likely have to be a first come first serve camping spot like this. I like the sounds of the Nehalam Falls Campground... my camping book rates it a 10 out of a score of 10 (which means it rocks). So... that's kinda where we're at.
  19. Ok... here's an update. I called on some of the coastal state park campgrounds today and it wasn't good. There are NO YURTS in the whole state for the night of 8/16!!! Most coastal locations don't have any tent spots available either. I also called about the Nehalem Falls Campground that oregone mentioned. The group site is already reserved for that weekend. The rest of the sites are first come, first serve. I asked her if she thought it would fill up and she told me that Nehalem Falls Campground was becoming popular, and that it had been filling up. She said it was hard to tell, but that when people want to stay there on the weekend, she usually recommendeds that they get a sport early Friday morning or Thursday night! WOW! So... I'm exploring a few things. Haven't ruled out Nehalem Falls, just not sure if we would get spots. She thought it was permissible to put 3 tents on one site, but she wasn't sure. Anyway... I'm hoping to get this figured out soon. I'll update you all soon... hopefully get the spot ironed out tonight.
  20. Oregone, have you been there before? It looks pretty cool... they even have a group site for $25. What about a camp fire? I MUST HAVE a camp fire! Looks like that should be ok though. I was also going to explore some 'yurt' friendly places. Though the place you suggested looks pretty 'cheap' and cheap is good. Cheap = more beer & more glowsticks
  21. Hey guys, my birthday is coming up and I’m going camping! It’s going to be camping, caching, beer, bratwurst, a campfire, and glowsticks. I personally can’t think of a better way to spend the day (and late into the night for that matter). Heh… heh… If anyone is interested (or cares) you’re welcome to join me campside for all of the above! I’m thinking champoeg lite… THE SPECIFICS: Camping the night of Saturday 8/16/03 THE LOCATION: Somewhere relatively close on the Oregon coast (I’ll let you all know the exact location tomorrow). Tentatively (at this point) I think GeoDiva, fractal, and GeoChad will be joining me. There’s a bunch of you that I would LOVE to see out there (you all know who you are)… and a bunch of you that I would LOVE to meet. Hope to see you there! More specifics info to follow… just wanted to at least give you all a pseudo heads up. Let me know if you can make it… it should be a blast. [This message was edited by GeoNap on August 06, 2003 at 11:34 PM.]
  22. That is a great log... I really liked reading it. I've been there... oh too many times...
  23. You know... I was just sitting back...reminiscing about my 2925 find.. when I asked myself? Hey self? (Which is what I usually call myself when I'm talking to myself) How many people have actually 'found' 2925? So after some interesting dialogue with myself, I found the answer. Nine different cachers, (at least by cacher name, some of them with more than one adveture seeker undoubtedly) have found this cache. Seek I say! Seek... and try not to suffer like I did!
  24. Premium members... wow... very cool... I guess you REALLY do want to be 'The One' huh?
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