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  1. I have had a similar compass problem on my 62ST once during trekking (no geocaching mode). Calibration did not help, neither turning GPS off and on. But changing/removing the batteries helped. The problem have not turned up again since then.
  2. I'm not sure what solved the problem but my 62stc does not hang after USB disconnect anymore. And the problem was gone before the last firmware update.
  3. Tried with and without MicroSD card and with and without (single and double) eject now. Makes no difference. After disconnecting the USB cable the unit removes the USB logo from the screen but does not shut off or restart.
  4. Interesting. I don't have a SD card in mine. I will try with one inserted and see if it makes a difference.
  5. I have the same problem with a 62stc. After removing the unit from the PC it hangs at the logo. Version 3.10. Removing batteries solves the problem until the next disconnection from the computer.
  6. I there some way to fasten the Montana securely to a backpack and at the same time make it easy to take a look at? I use a belt clip to fasten my 60CSx to one of the backpack straps. Is there a belt clip or carabiner clip for the Montana?
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