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  1. I haven't seen anything else out there recently for the 133 serial numbers. The current "Official" update from the Magellan site is 2.18, although I believe that only corrects WAAS. 2.71 will correct WAAS and give you the additional screens. I used the 2.71 update on my 500 and haven't had a problem. But just be aware that it is something you will use at your own risk. Backup your basemaps. I'm still curious to know if anyone knows where 2.71 came from? Cheers!
  2. How do you know they traded the quarter for the car you left? Looking at the cache page, the second finders say they traded a car for a car. Did the child who traded $0.25 for the car take the one that was added to the cache? When I first started caching I thought the swag would be the coolest stuff. After my first dozen caches I quickly realized that was not the case. In fact, it was actually the complete opposite. Swag is just really more for the kids. That young kid probably thought the quarter out of his or her own pocket was a good trade for the car. Kids are like that. In my first cache, I also left a brand new in the package "hotwheels" type car. In one of the logs on the cache is a young boy holding on to that car very tightly. Did he trade up or even for it? I don't know and to be honest, I really don't care. Did it make him happy to find that car in the cache? It probably did. And that's what it's all about. Not worrying whether on not you got fair trade value for you swag items. But that's just my two cents. Cheers!
  3. Hi Liz, I've done one that sounds very much like the one your thinking of doing. Check out GC16971 The only difference is that this one the cache is located on the grounds and not inside the building. But you do have to go inside to answer the questions. The cache was really well done. Cheers! Bill
  4. I have a TB Hotel that has been quite successful. It's a .50cal ammo can. It's big enough to hold most TBs. When I placed it, I wanted to make sure that it didn't fall prey to the trappings that most TB Hotels I've read about do. While I call it a TB Hotel, in reality it's just a large traditional cache. There are no rules on trading TBs. I did not want a TB prison. That means sometimes there are travellers in there and sometimes there are none. What makes it a good TB Hotel is locaton, location, location. It's located in right at a carpool parking lot just off a major highway. It's back far enough in the bush where most muggles tend not to wander, but easily accessible to any geocacher. It's been out for just over a year now and has 187 finds. Most of the logs have been quite positive. You can see it here - GC1DT3P Cheers!
  5. Very sorry for your loss. Pets become such a part of our lives it's so hard when we lose one. I have been taking our Geopup, Jasper, along caching with me when I go out caching. He's a 6 month old Lab cross. He loves getting out to romp around while I look for the cache. He's usually more interested in finding sticks to chew on rather than finding the cache. It can be hard sometimes because I can be more worried about what he's getting into than looking for the cache. I find it can be easier when my caching buddy brings his Geopup along too. That way they keep each other occupied and we can focus on the task at hand. You can always tell when it's been a good day out because at the end of it, both dogs are wiped right out. Here is a pic of Jasper and I at GC1NKKV
  6. When I've had problems with my E2, I've found the folks over at Brighthand to be very helpful. If it is a Palm issue, which it sounds like it is, you should be able to find an answer there. Good luck!
  7. Kingston is probably a little out of your range but I thought I'd point them out anyway. We have a series of 3 here called the Night Brights. I had a blast doing them. Gold Night Brights (GC1625V) Red Night Brights (GC1624Y) White Night Brights (GC15VMA) They are disabled right now because of winter but they should be back up soon. Cheers!
  8. Are you plugged directly into a USB port or are you using a hub of some type. I know when I tried to use the USB connections on my keyboard it did not recognize my 500LE. When I plugged it right into the USB port on the back of my computer I had no problems. The other thing I would check is whether the file transfer mode on your 500 is set to "Internal Memory" or 'SD Card". If it's set to SD Card and you don't have one in there, then you might not see anything on your computer. Another thing that jumps to mind is have you tried connecting it to another computer? Hope it helps. Cheers!
  9. Well I went to check on my cache this evening. All the coins and TBs are there. Now my cache is loaded with travellers! I guess all is right with the world again. So if anyone is travelling between Toronto and Montreal in the near future, please stop by my cache Kingston "Super 38" TB Hotel (GC1DT3P) and pick up some coins or TBs. Cheers!
  10. It seems as if GCPIR8 has placed all of the trackables back into my cache. I will check it out hopefully either tonight or tomorrow morning and report back. Looks like this story may have a happy ending after all. Cheers! Bill
  11. A cacher in my area, Skottikus, emailed GCPIR8 and received a reply. He is what Skottikus posted on the Kingston Area Geocachers (KAG) forum: Link Hopefully the individual is sincere and we shall see things back in circulation soon. To me, if he was knowledgeable enough about moving bugs, then how could he not realize the reaction it would cause? I'll post again if I here anything more.
  12. As well his logs have been deleted as well as some notes that had been made following. Was that TPTB or was it the CO?
  13. A few of the TBs and Geocoins came out of my cache GC1DT3P. I checked on it today and unfortunately there were no bugs or coins in it. Nothing written in the log book either. Just the last finders who are well known in the area. Obviously the work of a cache maggot with too much time on his hands to do any constructive. I tell ya, some peoples children.
  14. Here is my Geo-pup Jasper. He has just started caching with me. He is a 4 month old Black Lab cross. We also call him "The big black menace"!
  15. Edit: Duplicate post. There are ghosts in the machine tonight!
  16. There was a cache published in Kingston, ON today (GC1M8HQ) and I noticed a new reviewer. CacheMinder Are they strictly for Ontario or a larger area? Anyone else notice? Just curious. Welcome CacheMinder! Cheers! P.S. Sorry about the duplicate posts. The site was giving me issues. If a moderator could delete the extras I'd be most appreciative. Thanks.
  17. Yes. I finally got him to sit still long enough to grab a picture. He would sit, but when I went to focus the camera, he would take that as his cue to get up and come put his nose on the lens. The mind of a puppy moves faster than the shutter of a camera.
  18. This is our new GeoPup with his GeoBone. Jasper is our 10 week old, Black Lab X. He hasn't got any caches yet, but soon enough he should be out on the trails. I think the coin looks rather good on him.
  19. Mine does that alot of the time too. I have found that even turning the unit off and then back on can cause it to forget found caches. It's a minor annoyance when I'm out caching. I'll just mark them as found again if I notice it. In the long run, it doesn't really bother me because the whole file will usually be replaced at a minimum every other day when an updated PQ comes in.
  20. I received my Monday PQ this morning (Tuesday) at around 10:30. Must be a ghost in the machine.
  21. I got a car adapter for my explorist from ebay that was exactly like THIS It works great. I use it just about everyday. I don't believe the one I got came from China or not. I normally stick to North America. Cheers!
  22. Yes, to put the caches into your explorist, it has to be in File Transfer. Then you should pick either internal or SD card if applicable. I use an explorist 500 and it works great. This would be an example of my workflow. 1) Extract zipped .gpx files from emailed pocket query. Save to desktop. 2) Open GSAK then drag and drop .gpx file into the database I wish to use. 3) The in GSAK Go File -> Export -> Magellan Explorist (this can even be set up as a Macro button) I usually use the default settings for the export. 4) The file is saved in My Documents as a .gs file. Highlight file and click "Move file" The .gs file should go into the "Geocache" file on your GPS. The explorist will show up as a removable drive in Windows. I hope this makes sense. I'm doing it from memory as I'm at work and don't have GSAK or my GPS with me. It's really very easy and works very well. Good luck.
  23. I have a Tungsten E2 as well. Whenever I've had issues with it, I've found the folks over at Brighthand to be very helpful. Hope you can get it sorted out. Cheers!
  24. On the link to the bill I posted above, you can look at the status of the bill. Currently the bill has passed it's first reading. It hasn't been passed into law yet. I imagine it will take a few more months before that happens. It doesn't sound like there will be much opposition to the bill though.
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