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  1. Woot!! The samples arrived!! Sorry for the delay, but it was worth the wait! These turned out really cute and we're really happy with them....the photo's really don't do them justice - you won't be disappointed!! It's a really fun way to add your personal touch, the magnets hold the label on just enough that it doesn't fall off, but not so tight that it's difficult to remove! Not every color available was made into a sample but these 4 are really nice, it's hard to judge from the computer screen just exactly how the color looks in hand because every monitor is different. The best thing to do is look at actual coins in your collection that may have the same transparent colors. The green #7, blue #8 and purple #5 are awesome IMO - We'll continue to take orders up to the 25th - invoices will begin going out on the 25th for all approved orders and we're hoping to have everything approved, paid and turned into the mint by the 31st of March. Production should take about 3 weeks....give or take a few days!! More information is available on TCP website!! We'll also be setting up a trade topic in TCP forums for those in the group Thanks everyone!!
  2. Hi everyone! Sorry we've not been involved in these discussions, it's been one of those really hectic weeks!! We were hoping to post the sample photo's today but instead we received word that they are delayed until early next week. We apologize for this delay, but it's out of our hands. We'll extend the ordering date to the 25th of March instead of the 19th, that will give everyone a few more days to make their choices.
  3. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the ENIGMA Challenge - TCP would like to acknowledge and thank Dave Mars (aka The Mars Bars)...designer of the coin and challenge and a very 'special' thanks to Dirk Rijmenants from Belgium, Dirk is the creator of the Enigma Simulator that many of you used to "crack" the code. We'd like to encourage you to visit Dirk's website: http://users.telenet.be/d.rijmenants/index.htm where he currently has a very exciting challenge taking place! Thanks Dave and Dirk for making the ENIGMA coin a GREAT success!
  4. Hi Everyone! We noticed this post this morning and contacted Marshall to let him know about your concerns. Marshall sent me an email - he is at work and is unable to access the forums so he asked me to post the following note:
  5. This sounds like FUN! Thanks for putting it together! 1.Participating: 10/28/07 Ho Ho Ho... 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Santa Arrived
  6. I'll look tomorrow in the basket and see if yours are in there! It would be helpful for you to either email or PM me your name and or address! Thanks much! Georgia
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day!! The coins are expected to "ship" tomorrow from the mint, which means a couple of days for us to receive them. We expect to begin shipping by Friday. It will never be too late to return the coins, we will hold some in stock for future replacements! Thanks for everyones help in getting the coins back to us!
  8. Have to agree. Saw them while trading with LD at same Event. Nice job!! The coins arrived about 20 minutes ago!! Shipping will begin today!! Thanks everyone and enjoy!
  9. Ditto here! CF30 It is a shame that these beautiful coins will need to be destroyed, but that's the way it has to be - there are a couple of issues with removing the numbers. #1 it would take a great deal of time to "dremel" each number off - the 2nd issue is that the text " trackable at geocaching.com" would still appear on the coins, Groundspeak does not want coins circulating through caches where the numbers are removed but the text remains...far too much confusion! Hope everyone understands!
  10. Hi CF30 Please send "both" coins back - the only way for this to work is to do a total "recall" and re-mint! We need to eliminate any chance of "duplicate" codes! Thanks! I had one big coin the worked and one that didnt. Do I have to return both coins. If just the one that doesnt work, how do I know which little coin came with which big coin? And by returning the little coin which is all ready activated (as well as the one big coin that was activated) will leave me with a coin(s) in my owned list that I will not own. Sounds like this is going to be a huge disaster with lots more screw ups and confusion and problems This is why we must recall ALL coins, all versions, activated ones included! I've been on the phone with Bryan and they are working with us to resolve this issue with the least amount of "problems" - If you have by chance already activated one of the coins and it appears in your "owned" list, please let us know that when you send it back. Once we have all of the coins back, Bryan will remove these from the system and they will no longer appear on your list and you can activate the "new" replacement coins. I know it's confusing, but believe me, we've covered every possible option and this is the one we all feel will work the best....even though it's a hassel for everyone
  11. Hi CF30 Please send "both" coins back - the only way for this to work is to do a total "recall" and re-mint! We need to eliminate any chance of "duplicate" codes! Thanks!
  12. Latest update: As some of you know, there was a critical code error made by the mint. The engraver at the mint accidently incremented the codes on the excel list instead of "copying" them. By incrementing them, the original codes with numbers were changed and then engraved on the coins. We were hoping that Groundspeak would be able to add these new codes into the database so that folks would then be able to retrieve activation codes. Turns out that this would be a HUGE undertaking and would still not solve the additional problem of "duplicate" codes. The only real solution is for us to re-mint the entire order engraved with "new" codes. This means that we will need to "recall" all of the Wisconsin Robin coins, in all versions. We understand that this is an inconvenience and we are very sorry. We realize that trades and sales may have been made and would appreciate it, if you have made such a transaction, that you contact those individuals and ask them to please return the coin/s to us for new "replacement" coin/s. We will reimburse the cost of 1st class mail to return the coins. Please include your name, address and paypal email so we can credit your account for the shipping refund! These coins were sold in several metals and came as a set, which included one large coin and a small micro egg coin. There were also some LE sets (6 coins) and some XLE sets that were available directly with Robin. The entire set must be returned for a replacement set. If you've split up your set in a trade, return the coin you have and that one will be replaced. It will take about 30 days for these coins to be re-minted. Once we receive the coins we will begin shipping them out to those who have sent their coins back. Please send your coins to: The Caching Place Inc. 5689 Cotton Ridge Cir Murray, Utah 84107 We appreciate your help and understanding and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. There were some orders recently purchased that were held until we figured this out, we will be sending emails out on those orders. Thanks for your help!! Georgia & Sharon TheCachingPlace.com
  13. Oh my....if it's not one thing it's another eh? Let me attempt to explain.... If you have this coin in hand, you can tell it's different from most coins! I'm not just talking about the "coloration" difference in the antique gold metal - but the coin itself! Notice the amazing colors over the 3D details on the front of this coin! This coin is done in a "hard" enamel finish - which is totally different from "imitation" hard enamel. To achieve a "hard enamel" finish, the colors must be added individually to the coin, one at at time and then baked at very high temperatures. If a coin has 4 different colors, it must go through the baking process 4 different times. This heating process can cause the metal to discolor. If you look at the coin, you might notice on the front of the coin, it "bows" out just a bit as well. Again, it's this high heat process that contributes to these "differences" - you might consider each coin "unique" since the process can have different effects depending on the metal composition of each coin. We have only done two coins in the hard enamel process....the GBOTS coin was the other - both coins are truly amazing, very beautiful coins - the process however is expensive and a real test of ones endurance level!!
  14. First let's update everyone on the "activation" issues!! We have determined that the mint messed up BIG time and made some changes to our master file of codes. Their "mistake" ended up creating a new set of codes that were engraved on the coins but of course not recognized by our database! We contacted Bryan at Groundspeak to see if he can help us resolve this issue by adding this "new" set of codes into the database to replace the original codes....what a sweetheart, although it's huge process on their end, he has agreed to help us try and resolve the problem! Making this change will enable the "majority" of folks to get activation codes for the coins they have in hand now. It will not however be a total cure....there will still be a handful of coins that we will need to replace. At this point in time we still do not have all the details ironed out, it would be a good idea to hold off on making trades on this coin set for awhile. We'll post an update here in the forums once we have a few more details. As I mentioned, it's a huge process for Bryan to "search" the database to be certain that these 'new' codes are not being "duplicated", so it could take awhile for them to complete this task! Thanks for your patience! Georgia & Sharon
  15. Hi Everyone! We are aware of the problem and are trying to figure out with the mint what has happened. They have obviously made some errors, we are just not quite sure how to "fix" the problem!! It appears that it is only with the large coin, but again, we are not certain at this point and are doing what we can to figure it out! Rest assured that one way or the other, we'll get the problem worked out and keep up updated on the progress - in the meantime, if you have a coin that will not generate a number please email us that coin number. We're very sorry for the inconvience, and believe me, we're as MAD about this as YOU are!!! Thanks for your understanding and patience while we figure this one out!! Georgia & Sharon
  16. The pre-sale starts tomorrow I believe, you may have been logged onto their system while they were setting up and testing the coin pages and accidentally ordered one. That is my guess. ~tsun Good guess Stephanie That is exactly what happened. Looks like there were a couple of shoppers looking at the page as we were testing....no worries, it's a "presale" there will be plenty of coins available... Sunrayers: we'll send you an email so you can add some to your order if you didn't finish your shopping Sale will officially begin in the morning!!
  17. We are very pleased to hear that folks are happy with this coin!! Congrats to Tsun for a great job with the design, I sure wish we could have gotten the two-tone to work Everyone will be happy to know that the rest of the turtles arrived and they are "beautiful" we will begin shipping this batch non-stop tomorrow morning!! Actually, Sharon may have shipped a few today while Georgia was on Grandma duty Thanks again everyone for your support and understanding on the turtle coin!!
  18. Sorry for the confusion....yes, the original 2toned/copper ones are considered antique and they are shipping next week
  19. What are the "brothers and sisters"? The brothers (males) are the antique versions, the sisters (females) are the shiny silvers The "bright" little sisters are scheduled to arrive on the 22nd - we'll begin shipping them just as soon as they arrive! Are these what you are calling "the shiny ones"? Yes, the females are the "bright" (shiny) ones! The little brothers and their "side-kicks" are still on schedule to ship out to us on the 27th - we'll keep you posted on their arrival!! Are these "the antique ones"? Are the "side-kicks", the surprise? You got it!! Wish I hadn't missed out on these! Darn vacations! lol There should be plenty of trades around!
  20. The "bright" little sisters are scheduled to arrive on the 22nd - we'll begin shipping them just as soon as they arrive! The little brothers and their "side-kicks" are still on schedule to ship out to us on the 27th - we'll keep you posted on their arrival!! Thanks again everyone for having patience through this!! Sorry....we've been shipping all day and I didn't come back to check in on the forums. We shipped the shiny silver today. The Antique coins are scheduled to ship to us on the 27th so we'll start shipping those out next week on the 28th or 30th along with a little surprise Thanks!! ~ Georgia
  21. Here is the latest from the UPS tracking site: Type: Package Status: In Transit - On Time Scheduled Delivery: 08/23/2007 Shipped To: MURRAY, UT, US Shipped/Billed On: 08/22/2007 Service: EXPRESS Shipping will begin once they arrive tomorrow....our UPS man is normally here before 10:30 am -- with our luck lately, we better not guarantee anything!!!! We will post the minute they arrive!!
  22. The "bright" little sisters are scheduled to arrive on the 22nd - we'll begin shipping them just as soon as they arrive! The little brothers and their "side-kicks" are still on schedule to ship out to us on the 27th - we'll keep you posted on their arrival!! Thanks again everyone for having patience through this!!
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