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    Let's hope it can stay dry??


    It didn't....

    Nope as someone wrote in the logbook WET WET WET and something to do with Marti Pellow. Not got a clue what that was about?? :(


    It was worse than wet wet wet! It was soaking, drenching, pouring. The rain stung our faces in the biting wind at 2,900 feet, and nearly knocked us over. It was all we could do to scribble our names in the logbook. But didn't we have fun! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

  2. From what Greg (G Force) told me he brought 4 into the UK, he has one Longfram Kev has one I have one and Mongoose has one. :laughing:


    Thats 3 in the North East and one in Manchester, does anyone know where there are more?


    Oh and by the way mine will be left in Scotland very soon. :D


    Mandy :o


    OOOHH! Can you give us a clue as to the likely area of drop? :(


    Hiya Sally


    It is going to the Gathering in the Glens event.


    M :(


    OK - pity I won't be there - have other commitments. Have a good time - it's a beautiful place.

  3. From what Greg (G Force) told me he brought 4 into the UK, he has one Longfram Kev has one I have one and Mongoose has one. :(


    Thats 3 in the North East and one in Manchester, does anyone know where there are more?


    Oh and by the way mine will be left in Scotland very soon. :laughing:


    Mandy :o


    OOOHH! Can you give us a clue as to the likely area of drop? :(

  4. Glad he's continuing to improve. I look forward to hearing in the not too distant future that he's managed to get his wheelchair to a Terrain 1 cache. :D


    Absolutely! It would be great to organise to take him out of the unit to do a couple of wheelchair acccessible caches!

  5. More news from Ewan's Dad:


    He now has a wheelchair that is fitted to his body shape and is therefore much more comfortable. He is spending up to 5 hours a day in it, but it's pretty exhausting work. Ewan's thinking remains positive and he recently enjoyed watching all of the televised football in the day-room.


    He can also access a computer with some aids. Ewan's sister ran the Womens 10k in Glasgow and raised £650 for Spinal Injuries Scotland.


    He has had family members to visit and a few work colleagues. He would be pleased to see any geocacher who would care to visit. If you would like to do so, please get in touch with me and I can pass on a contact number to telephone his wife to arrange the best time.


  6. I have had some email correspondence with Ewan's Dad.


    Unfortunately, Ewan's recovery hasn't been a smooth one in recent months. He had to have an operation in March and several times it was touch and go whether he would pull through. However, he is now back to focusing on recovery and getting used to using a wheelchair. Despite these setbacks, Ewan manages to keep in good spirits.


    I'm sure that everyone here will join me in sending our sincere wishes for continued progress.


    For new cachers who may not know Ewan (aka Billy Twigger), he fell off a cliff on the Isle of Bute at the end of the summer last year, while placing a cache. He suffered major injuries, and was in intensive care for a prolonged period, moving onto the Spinal Injuries unit in Glasgow towards the end of last year. BT as we like to call him is a cacher-setter extraodinaire and made many friends in the geocaching community.

  7. Female, though several times in the past cachers who have known me by name only have assumed I was male. Don't know why!


    Used to be a solo cacher until I met Jack Aubrey, another cacher, and we've been doing it together for two years now :huh: Jack's son, The 1st Lieutenant usually accompanies us. Although he insists he hates geocaching, I think he secretly enjoys it.


    I can't often persuade my own teenagers to get involved but both Seiken and FeeBz have done some caching with me over the years. Seiken likes glens and dells with waterfalls and FeeBz likes an urban micro (and is adept at finding Parisian ones) or a short multi around a village with a teashop stop at the end.

  8. There are different kinds of sock puppet accounts. Some are made to cause mischief and others to create a different cache-setting persona. There are quite a few North of the Border. It took me a while to work out who 'Beautiful Zelda and Mr Apollo' were!

  9. For two of these caches, Drumguish and Good King MacBeth, there are only a few dedicated cachers who are going to visit.... :anicute::anicute:


    Unless someone is able to incorporate a trek to the cache into a SGDO, of course...... B)


    Now that's a good idea, Sally. You can count me in :lol:


    Whoops... forgot, I'm not Scottish :o


    Oh, I think we might let you in. But if you come after the May elections, you may need your passport :)


    There's a tentative plan for another SGDO to climb The Cobbler (aka Ben Arthur - 2 caches on it) sometime in the summer. Keep your eyes open for that one. :)

  10. Rubbish means different things to different people. You might, for example, not be a fan of micros and drive-by caches, but often there is a worthwhile reason for placing these.


    Jack Aubrey and I set ourselves the task of placing some caches in Prestonpans for this weekend's 'Obliter8' CITO event. Now, we wouldn't normally choose this part of East Lothian for cache placements as the rest of the county is much more scenic. However, it's amazing what interesting spots you can find if you do some research. We found 5 worthwhile places to hide caches, including two monuments to the Battle of Prestonpans, which is of historical importance (the Jacobites slaughtered the Hanoverians :anicute: ) and which I think are worth pointing out to others. The cache pages tell the story of the people and the battle.


    But they're both micros and one is a drive-by. Rubbish, perhaps. :D


    The original suggestion and intention was not to replace any existing services, but to provide additional resources for those areas that wished to have a forum that currently don't


    In that case, maybe the regions being offered could reflect that. And perhaps you could provide links to the existing forums in the same way that has been done here.

  12. If GAGB want to set up yet another forum for Scottish and Irish based cachers, then

    fine. I doubt that they will be used. I see little point in dividing Scotland up into regions. We are a small country after all (but "the best small country" according to the posters you see at the airports ;))


    The two forums that are already well-established here are very different and suit the needs of local cachers very well. I reiterate that Geox was set up as mods-free forum for very specific reasons and those of us who use it like it that way.


    Cachers will use the forums they like best: it would be a shame to close down forums that are already working well in response to GAGB's move.

  13. Silly me! Got it to work now.


    Recognised a few people! Allieballie's strategy for avoiding the camera didn't quite work, then!! (She was the one at the end in the pink shirt).


    Wondered about "the aim is to get there first" - not quite right! And "people are coming from all over the world to find these boxes"??


    Good stuff, though: we should see a rise in local cachers.

  14. Just to my twopenneth in

    could we not have them all working from 1 main forum which splits into regions

    a bit like Groundspeak splits into countries

    then if we needed to visit another forum (like advice for hols etc.) we would be able to find it easily

    That way maybe the work could be split into a few knowlegable people rather that one person trying to do a forum on there own


    Fiona :)


    Good idea, but the problem is that they all operate very differently. For example, GeoX was set up as an experiment as a mods-free forum, and for a year and a half that has worked remarkably successfully.

  15. I know of a Scottish Forum and one that I set up to cover Cornwall and Devon and I'm currently hosting a section for the Channel Islands as well.


    Certainly ours has proved remarkably useful when planning local events and is used by many cachers who don't frequent the National Forum here.


    Are there any more Regional forums to be added to the list? I'm just interested as I feel they're a very useful resource.


    Just to note that at GeoX we have a lot of Irish members too (and indeed admin is based in N Ireland :))

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