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  1. I've never known it to be down for this long - just as I'm trying to find a webcam cache in Washington so that I can take Jack Aubrey's picture too.
  2. Off topic I know, but did these people tow a caravan behind the fire engine FOF? If so we just saw a vintage fire engine pulling a caravan on the A5 this afternoon. Can't be that common a sight Regards, Martin Not sure about the caravan Martin. This is a picture of it from the photo page (a great idea for an event btw) that SSmokin' created about the Scottish Cache Bash 2005 (so we're staying marginally on topic )here
  3. We've had a number of people from the continent attend Scottish events, when the events have coincided with their holidays. We even had a Dutch couple attend the cache bash in Talmine on the far North coast, who travelled in their converted fire engine. There are good ferry connections to Newcastle, Hull and Rosyth. If the event is too far South, I doubt that many, if any, Scottish cachers would be able to attend.
  4. It's not a long weekend here, of course. Scottish holidays defy understanding. They are different in different parts of Scotland, and can even be different between one end of Fife and the other. Some schools went back on August 17th; some went back on August 23rd. If you work in one place and your children go to school in another, god help you. The only advantage is that the summer holidays begin 3 weeks before the English ones, allowing us to sneak abroad early and benefit from cheaper prices before the season gets underway. So, to get back on topic, it's an ordinary weekend for those North of the border.
  5. I only posted a message on the Scottish forum about this yesterday, and emailed round some others who do not frequent it. Already there is interest in the idea: 4 maybes and 4 definites. If you get the date and venue sorted out soon, I'm sure that there will be a Scottish contingent. Yorkshire is within a reasonable distance from Scotland; there is even interest from the far North.
  6. There is also an Edinburgh version of Monopoly, and I'm sure there are others.
  7. If a cacher visited the area between the child going missing and his body being found, then they should perhaps be alerted to that fact if they don't know already, in case they have any useful information.
  8. Very impressive!! Congratulations to both of you!
  9. No, no, thanks to Highland Nick, our mountain leader, and Highland Moose, the local ranger, for making a long hike as good as it gets. : complimentary coffee/tea and toilet break just below the Cairngorm summit (how many Munros can you climb and have this laid on?) : stop-off to gain an inside view of Britain's highest building (the weather station on Cairngorm) : entertainment watching Highland Moose patiently explain responsibility to an aggressive wildcamper : the most impressive lunchbreak spot ever : learning everything I need to know about artic charn and glacier erosion : heart-stopping stories of the avalanches in Coire an Lochan 3rd and 4th highest mountains in the UK next summer, then, Nick?
  10. About halfway up the mountain, Haggis Hunter joked "We can celebrate with the champagne that I have". Jack (aka Mike) replied "Oh, have you brought one too?". Little did we know that he was actually being serious! Jack, you can celebrate centuries with me anytime! Thanks for the congratulations everyone. I was delighted to be able to celebrate this occasion with some of the many very good friends that I have made through geocaching. PS We did share the champagne with the others!
  11. Haggis Hunter, roolku, Jack Aubrey and I listened to the programme live on our way to Aviemore to attend 'Another SGDO - Ben Macdui'. Despite a brief loss of radio reception, we enjoyed it tremendously. I think that HH has done a fabulous job promoting geocaching. Well done Dave! (We promise never to mention the word 'ocarina' again )
  12. So.....let's see....on Saturday you will have climbed Ben Macdui 3 times in as many weeks?? I can see that there are going to be two subgroups within the group: the superfit HH, roolku, Highland Nick and Jack Aubrey (and presumably Ewan, the Ranger) tearing across the mountains; and me and Pharisee taking up the rear. Reminiscent of Ben Nevis last year somehow.
  13. Definites for the walk to Ben Macdui are: Haggis Hunter roolku Jack Aubrey Highland Nick Pharisee Firth of Forth A small select group! If anyone else is planning to come for the walk, please post a 'will attend' note on the cache page so that we don't leave without you! Weather forecast here: not too bad, but likely to be cloudy and somewhat windy. What's new?
  14. Rather you than me, Dave!! I look forward to listening to it as we drive to Aviemore.
  15. Hooray!! I did it as Lordelph suggested and it worked fine. Thanks very much everyone.
  16. I did a webcam cache at the weekend. My Dad, who took the photo, was only able to save it as a .pdf file. Now he has sent it to me I am unable, of course, to upload it. Is there anyway I can convert it to something suitable that I can use? Thanks.
  17. Two weeks to go. Option 1: Several Munros, a trigpoint, 2 caches and 11 miles of walking. Followed by drinks and food at The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore. Option 2: Glorious Speyside caching, followed by food and drink at The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore.
  18. Well done Postie!! Ever cached while doing your round?
  19. Ahem! You might want to rephrase that. There used to be a chat room on the www.geocachingtoday.com online mag, but again, noone used it. There is a chat room on the Scottish geofrees forum (which isn't exclusive to Scots), for those who are registered there.
  20. Can I just check what's happening to the past event reports? A lot of effort was put into writing those, and it would be a great shame if they were lost. If they are not going to be included in the new version of the mag, is there any way that the scottish reports can be sent to me so that I can put them somewhere on the net?
  21. Despite his major caching injury, Wildlifewriter has continued caching (in some cases under fairly extreme circumstances) and finally bagged his 200th cache this morning. That's dedication, or madness. Congratulations!!
  22. At least I took the headtorch off my head; you two must have looked mighty suspicious. And we were laughing all the way back to the car, as we kept a close eye out for the curtain twitchers.
  23. An amazing achievement!! Well done to the two of you.
  24. I am delighted to report that Team Ullium found their 300th cache yesterday at Duchal Dilemma. This is a challenging cache, and after Bill's recent operation and difficult recovery, this is no mean feat. Well done Bill and Angela!
  25. While it might be disappointing or annoying to receive a not-very-complimentary log for a cache that you own, these need to be taken with a pinch of salt, but I'm happy to receive constructive cristicism. A single negative log doesn't say a lot; a series of consecutive logs making similar comments if a different matter. The only time I would ask someone to delete a log is if personal comments were made that have little to do with the cache itself. There are few occasions when I feel the need to write anything negative in a log, but I think it's better to be politely honest than to write a meaningless bland comment. If you can't manage honesty politely, then stick to TNLNSL!
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