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  1. I can't see the point of Waymarking, and haven't bothered to try and work out what it's all about. I'm not interested in a separate website with separate data. I created one virtual cache at the new Scottish parliament building which, obviously for security reasons, it wasn't possible to place a physical container at. I put a lot of effort into it and will be very disappointed if I have to lose it. I won't be maintaining it on another website.
  2. Started in March 2003; I didn't have a GPSr for the first six months but managed to find around 20 caches without one. Now on 747 caches (Pooter and I are tied at being the highest scoring Scottish cachers); have set 22 caches (18 active) and organised 2 Scottish Geocachers' Days Out events.
  3. I'll add mine too - don't think the date has appeared yet: February 9th. And I'll also volunteer my geocaching (and otherwise) partner Jack Aubrey too: September 9th.
  4. Scottish Scouts prepare for jamboree. Ninety from Edinburgh alone, all in their kilts.
  5. I seem to remember a similar incident down south somewhere, BT, when another of your cheeky logs was deleted by a cache owner. Clearly the Scots cheek doesn't always go down well.
  6. I'll join in too, though I'm not sure exactly what's involved!
  7. Even if you archive an event cache, I believe that logs can still be made, but I am willing to stand corrected.
  8. That would be me then. Once again, The Forester makes allegations that have no substance to them.
  9. That happened to my less-than-one-year-old Vista. I received a brand new one within 5 days of sending it back to them. Worth pointing out that this is a common fault that shouldn't happen.
  10. 20, all listed and tracked on GC.com? Care to list them? SP Yes, sorry, I meant the total icons that one can have on one's profile. So now I know that there are currently 26. Thanks Stuey. Does anyone in the UK have them all?
  11. So, how many possible icons are there? Does anyone know? I have counted 20, but there are probably more. And does anyone have them all?
  12. Congratulations Stuey! No chance of catching you up now!
  13. This event was a brilliant excuse to make my first trip to Dublin, so I'd like to thank the organisers very much. Dublin is a vibrant city. Jack Aubrey and I had a super weekend and managed a leisurely 17 caches and also celebrated Jack's birthday in style at one of Dublin's best restaurants (it was a culinary experience neither of us will forget in a long time!). We turned 3 DNFs into finds after a couple of clues from others in the pub, too. Thanks for the hospitality.
  14. Congratulations Tony! Well done! Nearly missed your half millenium having been away in Dublin for the weekend. (Caching of course!)
  15. Wahey!! 1461 in the world 30th in the UK.
  16. That should be no problem for a dedicated cacher like Pooter; I'm taking it a little easier for now. Well, that is, after a 3 day caching weekend in Dublin this weekend.
  17. Ooohh! I've just realised that I've managed to make 500 posts. Surely I deserve applause for that? And, I love marmite.
  18. At this cache yesterday, Pooter bagged his 700th cache on a fiercely hot Scottish day. Congratulations from me! And anyone who reaches these dizzy heights (or any century in my opinion) after several years of dedicated deserves individual recognition on this forum.
  19. For me, there is a clear distinction between locationless caches and virtuals. The latter take you to one specific spot for a clearly defined reason, often educative and historical. I am aware that there is a proliferation of virtual caches in the US, often in rural areas where a physical container could been hiddden. There are fewer virtuals in the UK (I think), and I would be very sorry if those that currently exist were removed from geocaching. I know that owners of those virtuals (myself included) would be disgruntled (at the very least) should they be removed. Perhaps one way to reduce them would be to find a way of sifting out those that aren't really being maintained properly (e.g because the owner is no longer involved in geocaching). I did do locationless caches in the beginning of my geocaching career, but gave them up a while ago. I have no intention of taking up Waymarking. I put a lot of work into a virtual cache at the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh where a physical container obviously cannot be hidden for security reasons. Please just grandfather, rather than remove, virtuals.
  20. Come to Scotland: a better standard of swap items in caches here! So much for the old joke..........
  21. This cache called Lynn dadgum Frustration (middle word isnt actually that!) might be similar to what you are proposing. I believe (as I haven't done it but saw some weary finders in the pub afterwards) that it is very frustrating and takes several hours to complete as it involved finding loads of micros all over a large park area.
  22. That's useful. So, I only have six more to collect. But it looks like a trip to the USA is necessary for most of the rest. Don't think I'm going to find a NGS benchmark over here.
  23. The Yorksire Dales would be great. Around Settle might be far enough away from Harrogate not to clash with the event there. Looks like there are plenty of caches in the area too. I used to live in Leeds; haven't been back to the area for a very long time. And it's only 200 miles from the central part of Scotland. Probably a lot further from Devon, though.
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