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  1. I suppose I should have added: Originally from USA, then Germany then London then Oxford then Edinburgh then Yorkshire and then back to Edinburgh.
  2. There are four in Scotland that I know of: Forth 2 North TB Motel which is at the north end of the Forth Raod Bridge Perth TB Hotel Sloch Stagecoach which is on the A9 south of Inverness and The Clydeside TB Hotel near Glasgow airport.
  3. You have obviously forgot about the stewards enquiry for River Rubbings Yes, I did think of that when I made that post! All good natured though wasn't it??
  4. Add to those: A Fleeting Glimpse Wolfs Bane Forest Fruits (if you know where to park) Bridge of Earn Shhh...you know who Pink! Perth TB Hotel Greenknowe Tower (Northumberland) The Heart of Manchester (yes, in Manchester) The Little Boy Having a Pee Causeway Capers Protect & Survive A Drive in the Country (3) Northumberland Hadrian's Treasure (Northumberland) Sun God (Northumberland) A Drive in the Country (Northumberland) Ward's Hill 1 (Northumberland) It's Huge! Electric Brae Is there Life in the Tree MOCKBA That should be enough!
  5. If it wasn't fun, I certainly wouldn't be doing it. There's nothing wrong with some informal and lighthearted competitiveness. I don't think that I've yet heard of any cachers fighting over FtFs or TBs. Mostly, the competitiveness is internally driven rather than against other cachers.
  6. I managed 20 in one day in Northumberland last March. Mind you, I left home in Edinburgh at 4am, because I had to drop my daughter at school to go on a ski trip. I only achieved that number by planning a careful route and focussing on easy caches. The temperature didn't reach above 0 degrees until mid morning, but it was a fantastic solo caching trip and included my 500th cache. I think that it's probably possible to do 20 in a day easily in two places in Scotland: Edinburgh and Perth.
  7. FoF=F There seems to be an automatic assumption that lone cachers are male. I've been to several events where people have expressed surprise that I am not. Definitely F though. Now generally teamed up with Jack Aubrey.
  8. I cached on my own for over two years (except for forays as part of the Edinburgh Cache Gang), events and a few other occasions when I teamed up with another cacher. I found hundred of caches on my own. Going out caching alone is no different to going out generally on one's own. You need to be sensible and have a means to contact someone in an emergency (having said that I was often in places with no mobile phone coverage!). I had to deal with some minor disasters such as dropping my GPSr in a river, skidding into a hedge on an icy country road and so on. But it's a lot more fun than staying in the house. I'm very fortunate now in having a wonderful partner to go geocaching with: indeed I met him through geocaching. So for any single ladies out there, my advice is to keep at it!
  9. I (stupidly) mistakenly activated a TB that I wanted to give to someone else. is it possible to unactivate it so that it a new owner can claim it?
  10. I'm going to a dinner at Holyrood Palace soon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the DoE. I shall make sure to promote geocaching to my fellow diners.
  11. I'll sign up for this too. Wore out my last cachemobile. The only two accidents I have ever had in 30 years of driving were cache-related. Handbrake failed and it rolled into a wall while I was off searching for a cache and the next time skidded on an icy country road. Pre-caching days I would not have ventured out on such a day. Nice shiny new cachemobile now, just waiting for the next caching misadventure.
  12. Oh boy!! Thanks Renegade Knight. Simply upgrading activesync did the trick!! What a happy cacher I am now.
  13. turn it upside down then press the reset One of the caches that I did in Australia required the cacher to take a compass bearing from a particular point. It took me some minutes to remember that I was down under and had to reverse everything and point the compass needle towards South instead of North.
  14. Yes - I tried that, several times to no avail. I don't know if its significant, but when I was in Australia the charge ran low, the PDA went blank and only restarted after being charged by pressing the reset button.
  15. My Dell PDA synchronised perfectly with my old laptop. Then I bought a new desktop. When I connect the PDA cradle to the desktop, activesynch starts up, takes forever to work through the process of looking for changes and then querying whether to combine the files etc, and eventually ends up giving me an error message that synchronisation was not possible. The troubleshooter is no use at all. It makes no difference whether I connect through a USB hub or directly into the back of the computer. I hope someone out there has a possible solution to this as it's beginning to seriously annoy me!
  16. Only 18 months after I introduced Allieballie to geocaching, she has found her 500th cache at 'Britain's Highest pub. This is an amazing cache count; she works fulltime and has a 6 year old son, the wee man, who has done nearly all of those caches as well. And that count includes only 3 locationless. Not only that, but she has hidden 49 caches as well! She is a truly dedicated cacher. Congratulations Allieballie and the wee man (and pic)!
  17. Thanks for that HH. To be honest, I just haven't bothered going to the other website and trying to figure it out. But, if I followed your suggestion, and moved the virtual cache there, would it then continue to appear under my g.com profile? If logged by anyone, would it be in their g.com logged finds? G.com suits me fine. I'm not sure that I want to split my finds and owned caches across two different websites.
  18. I'm going to drill a small hole in mine (or rather I'm going to get someone who has a drill to do it for me) and attach a chain with a laminated card showing the coin's mission. That might just help people to understand that it is a TB, and the hole might discourage would-be collectors.
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