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  1. I think that we can safely assume that he/she/they haven't visited any of the caches that are logged, unless under another bona fide gecoaching name. It probably gives he/she/they a kick to see this being discussed on the forum, though, and it might be better to communicate about it via email.
  2. I quote "Part 1. You find someone who is willing to place 3 coins into caches for the finders to either keep, or pass along. Preferably that person already has those coins, so will not be tempted to just keep them. There is no obligation with this part other than to actually place the coins into caches. NOTE: Accepting the 3 "cache" coins does NOT qualify you in any way...the "sender" is the only one able to claim that as Part #1. Part 2. You send out the 3 "spawner" coins. Now this part gets tricky because you are trying to find someone who does NOT have those coins. The recipient of the "spawner" is under no obligation to send out any coins...but this is the incentive for them to participate in the project. They can certainly use the "spawner" coin as part of their "cache" or "spawner" obligation in order to qualify for the privelige to purchase the Special Project Coin." and: "they send you 3 ACTIVATED coins to put into caches. If you want to get 1 coin that you don't have to keep/register for your own, that would be UNACTIVATED. So, those that are distributing send: 3 activated for the other party to put into caches and 3 (one per person) for those to continue the game on. " Clear as.......or maybe it's just me.
  3. Drill a hole in it to deface it, and so that you can attach a tag with the coin's mission. Collectors like things to be in mint condition, don't they?
  4. Added a post on that thread and within minutes got an offer to be sent a coin. I have to say that, despite reading the instructions about the system that they are proposing, I still don't understand it. Does anyone here? And can they explain it as simply as possible? I must be having an off day.
  5. Like Haggis Hunter, I'm happy to distribute coins into caches (I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, too). Not sure if I understand the system that's being proposed (even though I've read the instructions!!), but glad to help out. Maybe I can get HH to explain it to me when we meet in a couple of weeks at the next Scottish Geocachers' day Out (SGDO
  6. Virtuals, at least in the USA, became somewhat meaningless when you could create one for a spot in Washington DC where a monument was going to be built.............just as soon as the funding was sorted out (GC3443) .
  7. Oooohh! Another lovely new icon for an obsessional icon collector to add to my growing list! Has the geocoin explosion been arranged to make up for the loss of virtuals/earthcaches/locationless?
  8. I've counted 40 possible attendances. That's going to be quite a crowd! And more may turn up on the day.
  9. That kind of injury seems to be very common. Here's another one from a couple of days ago. Luckily, no lasting damage My worst injury was the result of slipping on wet leavesdown a steep flight of steps and landing on my back. Thought I would never walk again. Couldn't bend over to retrieve the cache, so had to abandon it for a few days.
  10. Try a search from GCPZ06, which is a central Dublin cache. It's a wonderful city for a romantic caching weekend!
  11. Jack claimed his 200th cache at Glenan Bay, on the Cowal peninisual, a couple of days ago; though we didn't realise it at the time (long story!). I messed up not having champagne to celebrate (see my 700th), but I treated him to a latte in Tarbert later in the morning.
  12. oops ! I cant log that But you could log this one, called Pink!. Everything, including the container is bright pink.
  13. If you come to Scotland, you could try Uglaswim, though I understand that you can't, or rather shouldn't, swim to this cache.
  14. Congratulations Tony! And also for your counties record! Seriously addicted....if you ask me.
  15. During my teen years I lived near Hampstead Heath in London. I was hooked on the Narnia books in the early years. I always thought of the north side of the Heath, across the road (is it Spaniard's Lane?) as looking exactly how I imagined Narnia to be. I don't think that there are any caches hidden around there at all.........
  16. Boy! You took the words right out of my mouth and rearranged them in a more articulate manner!
  17. Congratulations to Pooter today who managed to nab a mere 10 caches on a winter's day to overtake the 800 mark! Well done! It's about time you beat me to a century anyway! Last one was 500!
  18. Think that I have found the source of the problem - it was a problem with my email space which had got clogged up. Thanks for the help.
  19. Yes, This one and this one spring to mind! Bill did get himself into some scrapes! I like this one too; it gives a good flavour of what Bill is like!
  20. This is a very strange business. I have created various PQs to 'test' the system. Only one of them has delivered an email. The rest have been run but no emails have appeared. This has been going on for more than a week now. And I emailed g.com at the beginning of the week and have had no reply as yet. Very frustrating!
  21. Thanks. I renewed my membership (even though it wasnt due to expire until Dec 17th). I have been getting other emails through Groundspeak, so don't think that can be the problem. Still havent had any PQ emails - that's been days now. Who do I complain to?
  22. You have forgot one very important event FoF? If it hadn't been for The Forester organising this Great CITO Event then the chances that you would have been Smitten by a Captain may well have been slim? You're quite right HH: that was an event I was glad that I went to, in the end. However, I expect that everyone is completely bored with me going on about how geoaching has changed my life.....
  23. I'd like to add my thanks to both of you to for a superb, friendly and effecient service over the year. Happy Xmas and a lively Hogmanay!!
  24. Well, it wouldn't be Scotch that he/she was drinking.......try whisky. Or Irn Bru with a nip.
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