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  1. Allieballie has already received congratulations for her 600th cache on the Scottish/Irish GeoX forum, but others further afield might want to add their messages too.....and Deego might want to push her up the 'Hall of Fame'.
  2. Does that mean I've got to organise it then?? And put the caches out? Nope. I'll organise it (as I did last year). But I may have to ask you to place the caches.....pretty please!
  3. And Morton's adventures on 3 consecutive nights at a certain central Edinburgh cache are worth a read!
  4. .....because amongst geocachers there is a higher than average preponderance of obsessive personailty types.
  5. It's worth noting that another event which may take place this year is likely to be in the Cairngorms, probably in August, carrying on the tradition (my daughter tells me that if you do something twice then it becomes a tradition) of a summer Munro assault. So, more than enough events to choose from this year in Scotland from a CITO in April, cache bashes, and a SGDO.
  6. News just in! Haggis Hunter achieved his 400th and roolku achieved his 500th - together - today on a mad dash around East Lothian and the Borders. Well done both of you!! Of course you might not have got lost and sped t rough into the wilds of England if you had had the other half of the ECG with you! Time for a proper ECG outing I think!
  7. Just make sure you treat her well next Tuesday. Yeah, she's getting a treat, going out caching with me in the Borders What a romantic chap you are, HH! Take note Jack:that's my idea of a great time, too!
  8. No mountains, I'm afraid. Just hills. The highest point in East Lothian is 'Meikle Says Law', at 535m. Hmmm....maybe there should be a cache there.
  9. I'm sure that further details will appear here soon, but it's probably worth alerting folk to the next Scottish Cache Bash, which will be taking place on the last weekend in May. Marmal has valiantly taken on the task of organising the event, which I am certain will be a great success. The event is likely to be in or around Gifford, about half an hour's drive from Edinburgh. East Lothian has everything that a caching expedition might need - lovely villages, beautiful coastline, desolate moors, lots of hills and an ancient history. There are already a number of caches in the area (growing by the week recently), and there will be lots more in place for the event. For those of you South of the border, it's only a short drive from the North of England. For a search of the current local caches, centre on GCT11J.
  10. You could try emailing the owner of Life's a Beech, and if you get any information, let us know as there are some good Woodland Trust woods around just perfect for placing caches.
  11. Oh well... if I count total phone numbers including home/mobile/work etc it's still only 23! Any offers over 36?
  12. For our info and being peak skiing season, the Geneva Airport TB hotel is back up if anyone is passing through... Great! I'll get one cache then on my way to 1850 in a couple of weeks time.
  13. One of my caches went missing - East Lothian Quartet- Bonus cache - so I went out to replace it. later the same day a note appeared on the cache page from a muggle who said that his daughter had found it and taken it home. It wasn't until he looked at it properly that he realised what it was, and promptly replaced it. So then there were two boxes in the hiding spot and I had to go back again (a 2 mile roundtrip) to take one away. The muggle added that he lived nearby and would keep an eye on the cache. Muggles can be such nice people!
  14. Still plenty of time HH. Dinnae panic Seem to remember you gave similar advice last year.
  15. Angus Glens - Toby Tall was found by a group of pupils from a special residential school (EBD) in Aberdeen. Luckily they signed the log and left it intact.
  16. Thanks very much for the congratulations everyone. But special thanks to Jack Aubrey for surprising me again. Last time it was a surprise bottle of champagne on top of Ben Macdui for my 700th. This time he arranged a surprise delivery of gorgeous flowers to the SGDO. What a wonderful man!
  17. The assault on the central belt has already begun. Billy Twigger and Wildlifewriter cut a swathe through Fife today. All others are packed and ready to set out in the morning. 64 cachers looking for 4 new caches. Could be interesting!
  18. If that works, it will be a brilliant addition. I've just edited a cache page to add a link to a .gpx file of the coords for all of the clues for a multi cache Faith, Hope and Tenacity (GCRRF2), which was a bit of a pain, but should make life much easier for cachers. If this can be done through g.com instead, then I hope the process is a little simpler.
  19. We do have to accept that there are cultural differences. Generally, in the US, new=better; history=american history; walls are simply walls. While the historic argument might not go down well over there, the one about a wall falling down on top of you if you pull out a stone ought to!
  20. I certainly hope that the TB hotel at Geneva airport is up and running again soon. What about 1850 at Courcheval. Any around there?
  21. Maybe This TB will make it's way to The USA so that you can all post photos of yourselves in your kilts. It belongs to my partner Jack Aubrey, who you can see is dressed in the traditional style.
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