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  1. I don't think it matters greatly. Everyone loves a quiz....
  2. Far too many sports questions!! Is this a quiz for males only?
  3. Sightings of big cats in Scotland seem to centre on the hills behind Greenock (don't get Spioradsoar started on this topic btw!) and the countryside around Glenrothes in Fife. Indeed there is even a cache dedicated to the Fife cat: 'The Beast of Balbirnie'
  4. and pay the extra car tax that the Chancellor of the Exchequer is going to slap on them.
  5. Just click on the discount voucher link and type in stampz10. Got my stamp today in the post, after a lot of help from a certain cacher, who converted my avatar photo to a black/whiite outline, and who will remain nameless lest everyone asks him to do the same for them! And the result is very good (the actual size is very small at 2.6cmx 1.5cm):
  6. That's a very neat way to do it. I've been drilling a hole and attaching a laminated card, but they don't last forever. Where can one get hold of those luggage labels?
  7. But for an absolutely stunning photo, I direct you to Mrs Yob Kulcha's picture of the Forth Raid and Road Bridges Forth Rail & Road Bridges
  8. There are really too many...geocaching has taken me to some fabulous places: Northern Ireland and the Giant's Causeway Perth, Australia And, because I use it as my avatar, I love taking photos of the Forth Rail Bridge
  9. As HH has said, the original concept of the SGDOs was exactly that - to join together with other geocachers to visit the more remote and inaccessible caches, such as those on top of Munros, for which company is really a prereqisite. As long as there is a meeting afterwards in a local hostelry to chat about geocaching and swap TBs, there isn't a problem.
  10. And then there are the regional forums within the Uk, such as those for Ireland and Scotland.
  11. Managed two near to the Firth of Forth today, but had to give up after struggling to find the next one under 6 inches of snow. i don't think I've ever seen so much snow so close to the water. And we also made a friend:
  12. 50 a few weeks ago.....but don't tell anyone.
  13. That one is in Pollok Park, not really close to the city centre, but there are buses that would take you there. Glasgow city centre just isn't very cache-friendly. You need to try Edinburgh next time - 100 caches within a 10 mile radius.
  14. Haven't done it myself, but Waterfall and Ruin is rated very highly. then, of course, there is always Britain's Highest Geocache. Doesn't seem quite so high having come back from the Alps last week where I was on the top of peaks 3000m high!
  15. Scotland's highest achieving cacher broke another record today, by finding his 900th cache way up near Oban. Congratulations! The millenium is just around the corner.
  16. In GSAK. One of its features is to connect to your email service provider, check for any PQ results in your inbox and automatically load them into GSAK. Optionally, it can then delete the email to get it out of your inbox. Ok, thanks a lot. I'll have a go when I get home tonight. GSAK just gets better and better once you've figured out all it can do (and there's an awful lot Im sure I still don't know about it!)
  17. Sorry...someone is going to have to really spell it out for me. This GETMAIL function - do you set it up on googlemail or in GSAK?
  18. Somehow, each time this 'story' gets told (as it has done repeatedly over several years - just check out The Forester's previous posts on this forum), it grows. The Forester likes to have a dig at one particular cacher from time to time. Time to give it a rest. In fact, I come across very few caches that have the name written on either the box or the logbook. Probably a good idea, but not essential.
  19. And full details are now available here. May 27th-29th 2006, Gifford, East Lothian.
  20. Just added a new country to my list today on my way home from the Alps - Switzerland. That makes a list of 5 countries UK (N Ireland, Scotland & England - must get to Wales), Eire, France, Australia and Switzerland. I'm pleased to hear that there are some caches in the Maldives.....a possible summer holiday destination.
  21. A radius of 10.3 miles from the North side of Edinburgh for 100 caches. Not bad.....
  22. I've trawled through a rather long list of 'Found its'; for being a little bit different, I'd mention Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Scene 21 (for the comedy factor - it helped having a dedicated teenage MP fan with me!)) The Old Village of Lawers (for sheer atmosphere) Hope Springs Eternal (for remote beauty) Windy Ghoul (for sheer perversity) In the Ochils (for spookiness - just ask Wlw!) Terracotta Warriors (for what you find when you get there) Captain Sparrow's Treasure (Bute) (for sheer cleverness) Pitmedden Whodunnit (this one involves suspicious behaviour in telephone boxes) The Musical Box (for being totally incomprehensible - even when you've got the coords!) Care No More (or Sally's Retreat) (for a great cache container) Edinburgh Night Lights (as it says) Actually....I could go on... What I did notice, though, is that quite a lot of those devious caches are by that dastardly cache setter, Snaik, closely followed by Billy Twigger.
  23. Having just read all of this thread for the first time, I would say that there has been a very considered response, but clearly noone else is supporting your view. Any system other than awarding the same points for any cache would be bound to produce all kinds of other problems....such as people upping the difficulty rating of caches that they set.
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