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  1. WOW !! SWEET !! What does one have to do to be "Goofed" ????????
  2. I see one of these has already made it to ebay...... wish we'd had a chance to trade
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know, The coins are on there way from China this morning....... I was told to expect them by Friday or Saturday (24th) !!!!!!!! Thank you to all that pre-ordered, you will be receiving your geocoin very soon !
  4. Do you have a trader's list ? I think I have the WV bronze
  5. snip " Some people will wait or move on and some people will continue on with their plans. Nothing too difficult about stating intentions here. Most people (including me) very rarely share their stuff until it's at the mint. Since your post came out not long after mine, I have to wonder if you had the same idea that I have although like I said I checked your post history and didn't see anything. Quite honestly I have a pile of designs sitting at home, so not doing one or waiting a good deal of time to do it doesn't bother me. No, it's not you..... funny, as I just used you in an example
  6. If you posted it here in the public forums, and somebody used it B4 you, then: A- You're out of luck B- That person is not too nice C- You've learned to be ready to take an idea to mint when you propose it D- All of the above Sorry No, I appreciate your honesty, so I could use tsun's angel she just posted (not that I'm going to) just for an example~ or is she protected by her copyright sign ? Either way, no more posting ideas from us. We put all ideas property of also....guess I'm just out of luck......... anyway, live & learn... Thank you TMA
  7. Hmmm.... What if you had posted it here in the forums ? I'm just curious, not trying to start any trouble ! Just rather bummed
  8. What if someone uses your coin idea, before you can get it made ? Do you have any recourse with them, our are you, just out of luck ?
  9. Well, HO HO HO You lucky soul I would also be grinning Don't cha know If I were too crossing that stage but at my age there's only rage For what I didn't do can't do now I'll never know that feelin' of WOW Congrats to you Tsun Rock On
  10. In a couple weeks, as soon as I get 'em you all will get them ASAP !!
  11. OIC Thank you for the reply !
  12. </added by moderator> oops, sorry !!
  13. Okay, I found these, is this all of them ? Anybody out there ? Nobody likes me - Antique bronze - Antique silver - Antique copper - Antique silver outer ring with antique bronze centers. - Polished gold with polished nickel centers. - Limited edition black nickel with polished nickel center on back. - Limited edition polished gold outer ring with antique bronze centers.
  14. Hi Everyone, I hope this topic hasn't been posted before, I gave up on the search. Anyway, does anyone know how many versions of the 2008 Compass Rose Geocoin were made and the mintage of each ? Yime Rose 21 minted That's the only one I know of for sure.... Thank You !
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