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  1. Thanks for the cointest !


    I know the capital of Norway is Oslo and His Majesty King Harald V of Norway is Head of State


    and your currency there is the Norwegian kroner and one krone is equal to 100 ore. I remember

    learning about norway in elementary school :):mad::o

  2. Aaah The Cachington Dragon Geocoin SAUWEEEET :rolleyes::lol:


    I know the Colonel would love some old fashioned, down home, southern style hospitality !!


    With or without a coin, wouldn't it be great to just "visit" with this wonderful gentleman ?? !!!

  3. :rolleyes::mad:


    Just wanted to let everyone know, the coins arrived yesterday !! They look Great !


    I'm doing my best to get everyone that purchased during the pre-sale, their coins out today !!! Then I'll be working on sending out existing trades !


    Thank you to all !!!

    Have a Great & Safe Holiday ! ;)

  4. :grin::huh:



    Dear Dark Knight,


    I know you are busy, but I really NEEEED your help, my owner has gone mad over you, and she is holding me hostage in this costume "I think she is substituting me for you" don't tell her I told you that !!


    Please help this crazy 'ol lady, so she will release me, all my friends are laughing at me everyday :(


    Your friend,

    Pugsy ( well now she calls me Robin) oh dear lord

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