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  1. For 2 days now on the new dashboard page only the top green bar and the left sidebar load, rest is blank

    Also the Friends league page for reach the peak same thing

    Using Window 10 and Firefox 95.0 and also same issue on Chrome browser

    For what it's worth I am in Southern California on Spectrum wifi


    Hope a solution happens

  2. Greetings NYC cachers from a cacher in California, the other coast.


    I am hoping I might find a few interested cachers in NY that would like to assist me and 2 other cachers from CA in finding a Multi state multi cache.


    WP 1 of this cache is in Los Angeles CA, and WP2 is in NYC at Bryant park on 41st st.

    I have the coords to send whomever wants to join us, then when you find WP2, send us the final coords for the cache here, We all can log the find, and you get to log a cache in California!

    The cache is "Meet Someone New" GCN2H4 http://coord.info/GCN2H4


    If anyone is interested, please email me threw my GC profile and we can work it out, and add another state to your finds list in the US!


    Thanks for reading my request, forward this to any cacher friends, we need 3 helpers.


    bajatym on GC from SO Cal

  3. I have not received any emails from the site since at least 4PM pacific time today saturday.

    At first I thought it my be a Gmail thing, none of the caches I have on watch or the event that we were at today have been received, wonder if it will be a huge flood when the dadgum opens back up.

  4. As of tonight when loading a cache from the send to gps button, it loads with the small city icon, and only puts in the word geocache in the description insted of the cache name.

    this is a major problem.

    why how and when will this be fixed?

    what can we do to make it work?

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