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  1. I've had a Petzl Duo for a few years and I changed the "low beam" to a 5 LED unit last summer. You can buy this as a factory setup also. I like this unit a lot. The LEDs are bright enough to do anything around camp, in the basement, or under the hood of the car. The Leds will still be operating ,long after I run the thing over or lose it, and they cast a very pleasing smooth and wide beam pattern. The halogen High beam is quite bright and focusable. It can light quite a distance down the trail when night hiking. . There is a spare halogen bulb stored in the head. A big thing for me is that it operates on AA batteries- I only carry AA batteries so everything is easier. The switch and zoom controls are easy to operate and the switch has a lock, so the thing won't get switched on in your glovebox or rucksack. Long story short I thing the Petzl is worth the money. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  2. Just a quick note to say that Calvera and Geoff, aka Glimpse, will be on our site. I'll bring a drum and I'm sure Geoff will bring his guitar. Any body else have an instrument or feel like singing? I usually have a few kazoos in my bootie bag, so the kids (and grownups) and play along. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  3. Tuber Cacher. 'nuff said. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  4. Just testing I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  5. We booked site 38 for Friday and Saturday nights. We will hopefully be bringing along a couple of friends who haven't cached yet, but will probably be hooked before the camping trip. Missy makes kick-butt chocolate chip cookies, nice and soft and chewy. We'll be sure to bring enough to share. If there is anything else we can do or bring, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. -- Craig
  6. Had trouble with my rino 120s a short while back connecting to laptop. I emailed Garmin, and they told me to get the software update for Mapsource from their website. It worked. While I was at it I got the latest firmware for my Rinos, my etrex and my eTrex Vista. If you want specific directions on how to do this I can forward you the email from Garmin at your request, just email me.
  7. Not yet, but I'm pretty new to this. I keep the radio on CH 2, Code 0 while caching, even when solo. Every now and again I just hit the Call button to make my presence known and transmit my fix.
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