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  1. quote: Why Virtual sites are good They are environmentally friendly or green. They don’t waste time & gas when a cache is reported MIA and it isn’t to check it out. The don’t get stolen or plundered. They don’t get damaged or covered by weather. Many of them are accessible to the disabled. They add to the variety of Geocaching. Often they give a history lesson for all. Many have a view giving a geological or geographical education. They teach children not all of life is material. They are easily maintained. Very well put... thank you very much! I liked Isha's comment as well, but the admin might not see the truth in it...if they get it at all... Not all who wander are lost
  2. yeah, it was, and so I won't say anything else for now, since I can't say anything nice....
  3. quote:not all virts are easy to get to, some require quite a hike to access them; much more work than a drive-and-drop traditional.... That is true, and some of them have been my favorite caches for the experience it gave me... but in my present state, I see another need for them, that I don't think has been considered... they can still be clever,interesting, and also handicap accessible. Just as we should not lump "all men" into a category, or "all women" into a category, we should not lump all virtuals into a category. Many of the regular park and grabs I have done were not as interesting as any of the virtuals I have done, and some I didn't even have to get out of the car for.
  4. see my thread under gc.com discussion, I am not happy with the state of virtuals being denied after my perspective being altered due to an unexpected knee injury. It wasn't my perspective on virtuals, however, it was how I viewed the need for handicap accessibility.
  5. That is a great article. I tried to look up the Indigo is missing cache, but I couldn't find it. What is Gude's moniker? I would love to read about some of her caches, even though I don't think I will be hunting for any of hers anytime soon.
  6. quote:As someone with a disability that has me carrying a Liquid O2 tank around with me and limits my distance walked to very short distances I find that while virtuals are an easy find I enjoy a physical cache. Urban caches are what I am limited to at the moment. Given the choice between a Virt and a Micro next to a Plaque I will go for the Micro.Bennu try some of the physical caches in the city. Many of them are a easy find for healthy folks but can be a fun challange for those of us with limited movement Micros are great, but if they are in a place that I need to bend over or even sit down, with one leg completely immobilized it is difficult. I can't even get out of a chair or my car without something to support me. I would love it if there were enough accessible micros, but around here there are not that many. Plus, nothing is more disappointing than driving several miles, after downloading waypoints that look promising and printing out the info, only to find that I cannot attempt the terrain with this leg or I can see the cache, but can't get to it.
  7. I truly have tried to stay out of the discussion of virtual caches and their virtues or lack thereof. However, as an active cacher who has injured a knee (caching no less) I am now in an immobilizer and still want to go caching. Luckily, there are enough one star caches and virtuals in my area to keep me busy for awhile (been wearing this thing two weeks now, and by the time I have surgery and recover, it will be over 6 more weeks)... but I am disappointed that others cannot place virtuals for those of us who cannot bushwhack at most caches, heck, even some one stars I attempted I had to wobble away from, and in fact found myself face down in the brush when my leg got caught on a vine this morning. Please reconsider the virtue of virtual caches, they may not enhance the 5 star cacher, but they certainly make the sport somewhat handicap accessible whether it is a temporary handicap or a permanent one.
  8. I read email with Strongbad every week, and I love those figurines, travel bugs are a good idea, wish I had thought of it first.
  9. I live in New Braunfels and have cached alone. I do get a bit spooked at times, but try to be overly cautious, take my cell phone and have a knife handy just in case. The only down side I have found is that you don't have any help finding the caches, so sometimes it takes much longer than if my boys are with me. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
  10. There is a Costco in San Antonio, and probably Austin or Houston too... they are like Sam's.
  11. I am giving a persuasive talk to a school administrator tomorrow... I would love to see your power point you showed your administrator. I teach GT (gifted and talented) elementary kids. I think they would love geocaching, I know my kids at home do. I am going to look into that grant too. thanks for the great thread...
  12. I am in the process of writing a unit for Gifted students grades 3-5. I would love to see the lessons for the 4th grade that you did. You can email me if you would like, and I will share whatever I can with you...
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