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  1. That's really Hugh! huge,huge,huge,huge,huge,huge,huge,huge,huge,huge,huge,huge,huge,huge...I think I got it[] Darn!! I like when you write "Hugh." It's cute - it always makes me laugh!!
  2. Congratulations to boysnbarrie for 600!!!
  3. Thank you for posting that you wanted to go. It was a good as it can get. Great work all around. See related photos on the SD Banter Thread. Thanks for organizing it, Paul, and for being chauffeur to zeber and I. As always, we had a great time! I had a blast on this adventure, too. Great people, great fun! Can't wait till the next one, but I'll be bumming a ride again!
  4. Congrats to gratefuldad116 for 1000! Congrats to Goblin_Girl for 1200 and a Wherigo icon!!
  5. I thought it was odd so I went back and left the page open for about 30 seconds and it finally showed up. I guess my connection at work isn't very fast sometimes. Anyhow, thanks for the info! Thank you to Harmon, Splashette and everyone else who responded to my question. I was hoping you were going to tell me to check or uncheck a box somewhere, but I guess it's a little more involved than that. I did learn from all of this that by using a larger image I would have 40 tiles instead of 150+, so the background image looks much better. Snake, a background image on a traditional cache page isn't really necessary, but for me it helps tie things together. I agree, though, that the image should be included in the gallery. I'll have to start doing that. Thanks again to everyone that contributed!
  6. Look at all those guys. It's getting crowded in here. Congratulations! Wow! That's BIG time! How many cachers in San Diego have 8K now? Congratulations J & J!!!
  7. Does anyone know how to make the background image on a cache page just one image instead of a bunch of the same image? Groundspeak didn't know and said I should ask my welll informed caching community. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask.
  8. I'm meeting John in Reno Friday am and we're driving over. I have no idea where we're staying, which scares me, but John said we're covered. We definitely want to hook up with our San Diego buds. You al have our cell #'s. I'm planning on going up, but I have no idea where to stay yet. I still may just go up for the day on Saturday. I'd appreciate any accommodation recommendations for Friday just in case. Thanks!
  9. Nice work EVERYBODY... You guys are the greatest!!! I am so honored to be on this card and to have all of these amazing cachers on there with me!!! I am so unbelievalbe overwhelmed by this!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  10. Congrats to the Simpson Clan on 2300 on GC1BMFW!!
  11. Congratulations to Beta Eagle 1 for 1000 Caches!!!! Congratulations to PQGeoTrekkers on 900 Caches!!! Both hit their milestones on GC1987P.
  12. Congratulations on your 1000th. Here's wishing many more thousands in the future. Yep, congrats Triple Crown!! A bit cold but fun hike today!! 1000 Whoo Hoo, Rob!!! 1000!!!
  13. Congrats to Thunder-4 for 3000!!! Congrats to devhead for 2500!!!
  14. Thank you! only 1 DNF today Congrats to map4nav on 1500 finds!! Congrats to cozicouple on 500 finds!!
  15. How did you know he dances like that?! Congrats, Rob!!!
  16. Congratulations to: tanner_scout for reaching 500 today!!! Goblin_Girl for reaching 1000 today!!! Duncan! for reaching 7400 yesterday!!!
  17. Thanks to everyone who has congratulated me either through this forum or via email and phone calls!! Cachers are such cool people! And what would 1000 finds be without a dancing man!! Thanks!!
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