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  1. I wonder this to. I have done some testing with waas/egnos and in normal mode. No extensive testing and I must say that in deep forest i get better accuracy in normal mode, while if i have good view of the sky waas/egnos works best. no scientific testing. I have mine off.
  2. I calibrated my Oregon 450 for sea level before, and left the Auto calibrate on. I will visit some fixed point tomorrow and see how accurate it is.
  3. I still dont get it. The Oregon 450 have a Barometer that keep track on the airpressure. If I place the oregon on a table, and it lay flat on the same spot for a day I see how it tracked to airpressure. But why does it not compensate the altitude?
  4. I don't understand why the Altimeter needs to be calibrated all the time! I know the exact pressure and how far above sea level I live. If I let my Oregon 450 (3.9) lay over night, calibrated via pressure or elevation the elevation have changed a lot over night. Eve the slightness presure change makes a huge difference. So, what is the best settings to get good Altimeter readings on a Oeregn 450? Overall. Im aware of this site, http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/ And, is the pressure the same indoors, as outdoors?
  5. wow thanks! did't get any info about that when i got my gps. works great!
  6. $30/year or works out to be $2.50 a month, really, you can't skip 1 coffee a month and get a membership. i dont drink coffee. im a very a stingy fellow.
  7. Sounds like you are loading geocaches as waypoints? I can’t imagine why you would be doing that and not using GPX files to load geocaches as geocaches. The paperless geocaching feature uses child waypoints as extra points like parking coords, trail head coords but there’s not much use for waypoints on an Oregon for geocaching other than that. You can change the name manually in the Waypoint Manager but there is no way to switch name with comment on the GPS its self. This is easy to do if loading geocaches as waypoints using GSAK but again I don’t know why you would be loading geocaches as waypoints. LOC files only contain very limited information of geocaches. You should be using GPX files to get all the geocache information. The Oregon Wiki is the best Oregon resource to answer questions about Oregons. Its to dadgum expensive to get premium acc! Can I convert the .loc files, so they appear in Geocahces somehow? Well, i did, and they did not appear in the geocaches.
  8. Is it possible to show the Comment on a waypoint, rather then the Name of it on the map, on a Oregon 450? Its possible to do so in Basecamp, but I cant find out if its possible to do in the actual Gps. It would be a great feature! .. And a GC question: Is it possible to get the .loc files that I dl from GC.com to get in the GC-section on the Oregon 450? And have them with identifiably names and not gc-codes. Hard to write a suitable topic for these questions.
  9. I did some chanterelle picking today and i walked slow, very slow in terrain that was very dense. Track info: 6.59 km / 4 miles Trip Odometer: 6.10 km / 3.7 miles Moving time 02:06 h Stopped time 02:02 h <- to much Total 4 hours trip! edit: used a oregon 450, with 3.9 software.
  10. I flashed yesterday, and did a 2 miles short hike, or what such a short distance is called. The odometer and basecamp + everytrail matched. Will do much more hiking tomorrow and will post my result then.
  11. Is it somehow possible to get .loc files into the Geocaching app in a Oregon 450. They now added as waypoints.
  12. .. and suddenly the altimeter shows 30 meter / 98 ft wrong! Can it be because i'm inside? ideas??
  13. the coordinates are often wrong. I have a 450 and love it to.
  14. Just visit a mountain that is 67.1 meter high and used for map making. Did zero out the Oregon 450, and then visit another spot I know is 16 meters above sea level and the GPS told me 15 meters, and the barometer told me 16 meters. I had connection to many Egnos satellites at the moment, maybe its there for the GPS data was almost spot on. Must test this out more. :-) http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?tr...4c552e381ddbba1
  15. i calibrated at a seaevel, then i went to a bay 30 min away with car, and it said i was under the water, when i was a few meter over. i will visit a mountain that i know is 67.1m high later on and see.
  16. Just got my Oregon 450 today, very nice unit. Even if the touchscreen is not iphone standard. ;-) Just a question. How do I calibrate the altimtere/barometer. Lets say I place the gps right above sea level, and calibrate. Will it then be calibrated and show good result?
  17. it seemed it was just that file that did't work. thanks for all the help.
  18. no, it have 96 tiles in total. i will look more into it later.
  19. got one map to work. but not the custom map on 36mb. maybe a size limit?
  20. latest firmware. i see the custom map in the oregon 450, but when I activate it, its empty. edit. got one custom map to work. but not the other one, strange.
  21. Just got mu oregon 450 and cant get my custom map to work. its aktivated, but i cant see it. the basema isdeactivated. ideas?? I did the map in mobile atlas creator... it have 95 imaages and is 32m.
  22. i think i will get the oregon after all. is there any difference between the 450 and 550 screens?
  23. Its between GPSMAP 62s, Oregon 450/550. This is what I do in my life, which unit will fit me best? - Berrie and mushroom I pick a lot of berries and mushroom under the fall. Parks the car and walk 3-4 hours into a deep forest with tight vegetation. I mark my mushrooms spots with a waypoint, I need to change the icon so I know what kind of mushroom that was growing on that particular spot. My fingers will be dirty (that might sound weird in some ears. lol) from mud and "blueberry juice". Because I'm very deep into the forest, where there are only animal-trails I would be lost for some time if the unit breaks or crashes, so an unbreakable and uncrashable unit would be great. I want it to be easy as possible to add a waypoint to the map. Is any of the screens un-scratchable, like the iPhone screens? And I don't want to clean my hand for just adding a waypoint! I need to plan the route with the map, to find the best way home. - Geocaching I do some Geocaching. The caches can be in very tight vegetation, and in spots where they can be hard to get to. So I need to plan my route via the screen. I really need to pan a lot, and zoom in and out. I don't want to find shade just to read the screen, or place my hand over it. I just want to grab the unit and look at it! - Hiking with my camera I do a lot of nature photography and often walk in places no one else want to walk in, not even animals. Finding dead animals in those places is not that uncommon. lol! - Biking low prior Thinking of start to use my bike more to get better cardio, and it might be more fun with a gps! I want to be able to track my movements in the forest, see my speed, and then bring the track into the computer. Is it possible somehow to get heartrate with any mentioned units? if anyone could tell me how to add a waypoints, and change icon for both units i would be very happy. Any ideas?
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