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  1. I think I don't get it. After what I've seen so far in the challenges, they don't come near anything that has to do with geocaching. They should be done at the location specified ? What location ? All but one I've read so far were like 'make a picture of you with this or that' not related to any specific location (except, as said, one I've encountered so far: NY ground zero) Although new virtuals are not accepted anymore, nor are webcams, due to the saying: they are on Waymarking.com, they are still logged. To me, this is a sign that there's still interest for those type of caches. Now, if you look at Waymarking.com, which is a seperate website, you'll discover that it is not that active as gc.com. No wonder, some people don't even know about it, and YET, they still have things in common: location being the most important of all. Challenges could have been a thrill, if they were strictly bound to locations, which is, after my first impressions, not the case. You don't seem even to start up your GPS to do them, chair-sitting geocaching ? Nah, thanks.
  2. Hi, sorry my post will be in English, I just don't know how to speak nor write Swedish. Trying the option 'use page background color' in FindStatGen, I noticed that some maps, for example the Swedish, do not fill the area around the country with the background color. The major issue is actually the adjacent countries that are on the map, preventing the flood to continue its filling to all areas. A solution is to adjust the map, so the country 'is on its own' on the map. For Sweden, this would mean that the part of Norway and Finland would disappear. The aim is to keep the rest of the images the same, because I want to avoid the existing dat-files to suffer from the changes. I'm only talking about the map with the 'Län', not the one with the counties. My simple and humble question is: Do you feel that the map may change in the way described above, or should I keep my hands off ?
  3. Are you selling the: Creatures of Nightcaching Fullmoon (Trade Only) XXLE (6. Edition, available after GCF if left) Or should I try to get a hold on it at the GCF? How much are you selling it for? Thanks,
  4. I also enjoy finding the real stuff in a cache, but I would never send out my real coins. We have some copies travelling around, I started writing stories on the pages of my coins and Ialways mention they are copies or sometimes virtuals. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to make copies of other coins (I bought too many ) And some coins don't fit under the scanner to make a good copy. That's why I had the idea of making a discovering cache-series (our 'Disco Bunkers'). At this moment I have 12 filmcanistercaches in the area who have the code of one of my larger (hard to scan) coins on, the back of the log. People can discover these coins after finding our caches. I also put pictures of every coin on the coinpage, so people who discover them can actually see what they look like. I've had many positive reactions, and my coins are safely stored in a 'warm dry box' ... coinalbums Some people think it's a shame I didn't put a picture of the coin in the cache ... DUH ... they are filmcanisters!!! how on earth should I put pictures of a cosmolabe coin in a small filmcanister??? The pictures are on the website, but for some people even that ain't good enough! Luckily most people do appreciate it So my opinion: you are brave to send out a real coin, ok for the cheaper ones, but some are really expensive!
  5. Can anyone help me get one shipped to Belgium please?
  6. Correct and there you can also see the icon. I have all 6 versions activated. I also forgot to mention that we've had the coins produced by Landsharkz, they've done a great job! My husband, sister in law and Landsharkz decided on the colours.
  7. Trackable on geocaching.com is indeed on the edge. The number is in the moonshaped figure beneath the elf.
  8. Yes they are up for sale, trading is also an option, depends on the coins you have for trade. Thank you for all the mails and pms, I'll answer you all tonight. For the Americans and Canadians amongst you, please remind the time difference
  9. Thank you all :) Due to my husband I got the geocachingvirus and since 2 years we discovered the pleasure of finding geocoins, I started to collect them 1,5 years ago. A personal geocoin just adds more value to my collection! And yes, he's the best!!! Sorry girls, he's mine
  10. My husband gave me our first geocoin as a birthdaygift. But he didn't just give me 1, no, he made 6 versions!!! The design is by his own sister, she designed the little elf especially for me. The name of the coin is 'Daoine Síth' (pronounced as deena shee). In Irish mythology, the aos sí, older form aes sídhe are a supernatural race comparable to the fairies or elves. They are said to live underground in the fairy mounds, across the western sea, or in an invisible world that coexists with the world of humans. This world is described in "The Book of Invasions" (recorded in the Book of Leinster) as a parallel universe in which the aos sí walk amongst the living. In the Irish language, aos sí means "people of the mounds" (the mounds are known in Irish as "the sídhe". In Irish literature the people of the mounds are also referred to as the daoine sídhe ("deena shee", and in Scottish Gaelic literature as the daoine sìth or daoine sìdh. They are said to be the ancestors, spirits of nature, or goddesses and gods. The 6 versions are: Gold Silver Black Yellow Blue Lilac Collection front Collection back Yellow Blue Silver Black back Gold Lilac All versions are limited to 50 coins, no remint. Has its own icon. Interested in a Belgian coin? Just send me a PM
  11. I just wanted to try out some of those 'play anywhere' WIGs ... Seems there are lots of so-claimed play anywhere's .... Till you open up the page, go to there, you need to go here ... WTH ?? The embedded tutorial is quite clear and obvious, playable anywhere, hence the term "anywhere", so WHY are there so many WIGs released under this 'location' if they aren't ? It's not that hard to include the location or area you'll need to be in in order to play AND finish the WIG ... Ah well, guess I'm the noob that doesn't understand the meaning of the English words ...
  12. I don't know about the Garmin Wherigo Builder, but Urwigo makes it possible to 'hash' the code, exept for the intro-page, which is, after all, useless information to solve the WIG. I just tested it with my own Wherigo, and it's not readable in notepad or whatever ... It should be pretty safe and secure if on top of that you'd have the inputs come from real-world issues. Just my 5c ...
  13. it aparently does, it looks fine now as well ... thank you all for the responses @admin this thread can be closed now, thank you
  14. Hi, we discovered yesterday that the list of the trackables in one's profile just went random ... we believe it was used to be in a age-order, being the oldest trackable on top, the most recent on the bottom .. now there's just no logic pattern (a mystery on its own ??) not by name, not by date registred, not by symbol, not by amount of a particular one .. nothing .. anybody has an explanation for this ? thank you, kindest, bjorn/nessie3d
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