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  1. THERE ARE CHIGGERS IN AZ. This past weekend I went caching @ Parker Canyon Lake in SE AZ and have the bites to prove it. Fortunately, I wore long pants and lots of bug spray so it wasn't too bad. Years ago, my wife had over 300 bites. July - August is Monsoon Season in SE AZ. Anywhere along streams and lakes where you have tall grass, you have chiggers. I have an advisory for my cache - Eager Beaver GC113AX warning cachers to stay on trails, wear long pants, and put on bug spray. We don't want any of our Touristos leaving Cochise County with bad menories of chiggers.
  2. When I went away on vacation I waited until the last cache day to drop off TBs so the log in delay was limited.
  3. Here is the site for the Defense Reutilization Marketting Offices. They can help you purchase military surplus items. My guess is Pendleton, Bartsow & 29 Palms are the best locations in CA for ammo cans since they are Army / Marine installations. Maybe San Diego. http://www.drms.dla.mil/html/drmo_sites.html Mike Wilson SM, T480, Catalina Council, BSA Eagle Scout Dad
  4. Religion is hardly the cause for mass murder in the 20th Century. Here is a pretty good event list / headcount. http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/NOTE1.HTM
  5. If a religious item is an expression of the cacher's personal belief I don't have a problem. If a religious item attacks another religion I remove it. I have encountered anti-Catholic and anti-Semetic tracts. The 1st Ammendment does not proctect you FROM religion. The wall of separation between church and state is begining to crumble because of the absolutism of Progressive organizations is wearing thin.
  6. A driver's license, photo ID, registration and proof of insurrance will get you on most military installations. There are some, because of their mission, don't. If there are any restrictions the MPs, APs or SPs will let you know. Many military installations encourage visits as part of their public relations goals. On Ft Huachuca you can hike, camp, fish, bird watch, visit American Indian sites, observe parades and visit the museum. You can't use the PX, Commissary visit the housing areas, or enter barracks. If there is an installation with 52 caches, the installation commander (provost martial) allowed it and the local reviewer accepted it. I'm confident the post HQ or firing ranges are not cache site. Military personnel overseas may not have the language skills to use local caches.
  7. Have you considered hosting a Combat Cacher Event? Here is an event that was held last year @ Tombstone AZ. (Near Ft Huachuca) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f3-544768d5ade9 GC11AGY Mike
  8. My rationale for private membership is muggling for $30 / year might not be as attractive as for free.
  9. Best topo mapping software depends on what you are looking for. If you have or intend to purchase a GPS with mapping, then you should purchase compatable mapping software. I have a Triton 300 w/ National Geographic Topo. National Geographic Topo is great, but I hate my Trinton. Magellan released the Trinton series prematurely and it wasn't ready for primetime. For the 1st 6 months it was nothing but trouble and I will never buy another Magellan again. But I digress. I also have Topographics - Expert GPS. It is relatively inexpensive ($49). It downloads USGS maps from the internet. Many other products require you to purchase state by state CD/DVDs separately. I can print maps of various scales on to an 8X10. It is compatable with other GPS brands and models. It includes a free 30 day trial. Here is their web site. http://www.expertgps.com/ Topographics also has a product called GeoBuddy which is the Geocaching version of Expert GPS. Here is the web site. http://www.expertgps.com/geocaching.asp The reason I have Expert GPS and not Geobuddy is that I bought Expert GPS 5 years ago when paperless caching was not common (expensive) and I used my GPS primarily for Hiking / Boy Scouts.
  10. Unfortunately, you may be dealing with a malicious muggler who just wants to ruin things for others. Private member caches will probably deter him or her.
  11. I hate rock piles. Gee, which rock do I look under?
  12. talk007 My son (18) was with me when we snatched your Deceptions Zipper Pull TB from Clockwork Orange. He regularly caches with me. He and his girlfriend (18) have their own account and cache together. He also caches with his girlfriend's family. I gave him my old GPS and he will be taking it with him to college. There are a number of 20 something cachers here at Sierra Vista / Ft Huachuca.
  13. It has been years since a bear attack occurred in SE AZ. When it has happened the idiot who was attacked was not practicing "Bear Aware." The campsite was a disaster with food all over and in the tent etc. I have never heard of a hiker or cacher being attacked. I live 12 miles from the US-Mexican Border. Illegals are like bears. Leave them alone and they leave you alone. I never hike or cache alone. In 13 years I have had only two bump ins and we stayed far enough away from each other. I put my GPS away so they didn't confuse it for a cell phone or radio. Fortunately, a troop of Boy Scouts create enough noise to scare most anything away.
  14. If his logs are that offensive, then contact Groundspeak. They have a vested interest in avoiding member conflicts.
  15. I have gone back to caches: To get TBs and Coins moving. As a BSA Scoutmaster to allow my younger Scouts to cache on previously used camp sites or hiking trails.
  16. map & compass? day pack for extra clothing hat You may want to set up your tent at home to find out if all the poles and stakes are present & servicable.
  17. What if a snake really is near by. In their haste to find the cache, our Geo-tykes might not be able to tell the difference.
  18. Inscriptions on headstones are meant to be read. Lester Moore 1880’s Boothill, Tombstone AZ (gunfight over a package, both men died. Wells Fargo agent in Naco) Famous epitaph read: "Here lies Lester Moore, four slugs from a 44, no Les no more. For more (no pun intended) http://www.clantongang.com/oldwest/boothil...ard_graves.html
  19. The DECON conatiners are not rated as waterproof so there is no reason to expect them to be so. I live in a military community where the containers are frequently used. They hold up in the Summer when it rains (heavily)
  20. I have a great idea. Why not have everyone supporting this cache go out a place a cache thanking our past and present veterans. Besides honoring their service it will send a message to our PC reviewers. Me, I will be placing a Ultimate Sacrifice Dog Tag Geocoin dedication to PFC Sam (Samantha) Huff, Military Police Corps, KIA, Iraq.
  21. I have a Sport Trak too which is why I purchased a Triton. Big mistake. I've had nothing but problem. I. Had I know about the Triton Forum and the reported problems I never would have purchased a Triton. It wasn't ready for prime time, Magellan should never have released it, and they should be penalized for it. I have kind of figured out how to make it work but I still have problems finding caches with it. By latest beef is the dopey proccessing icon that goes off. I will never buy a Magellan again. If you can return your Triton, do it.
  22. I was TDY @ Ft Hood a couple of years ago. Caching helped with the boredom. Try Sierra Vista / Ft Huachuca AZ. We have about 75 within 10 miles and we aren't saturated yet.
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