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  1. I have no advice to give here - but I’m thoroughly enjoying reading these Dutch posts since I was born in the Netherlands but immigrated to Canada 67 years ago. Thanks for making my day! ?
  2. Great costume Gabeman! Sounds like you had fun standing guard and catching a few people off guard!
  3. Just to be clear, I am dressed as a geocache not a geocacher! lol. Unfortunately you can’t see much of the hook on my hat but that’s for hanging this gigantic bison tube from an evergreen tree - as if a pipe cleaner is strong enough. ? cerberus 1, I like your idea of the ornaments and Santa hat. It’s always nice to step things up a notch and to make it more fun for the kids!
  4. No, I didn’t go anywhere - just wanted to welcome everyone who came to our door in a fun sort of way! I did post this picture on FB and got many responses but only from one of my geocaching friend who also took the time to check the cache number which is actually one of the caches we placed recently. I did get the trick or treaters to sign my log! We live out in the sticks so do not get many at our door but it was a fun evening. I do try to promote geocaching quite often and have managed to get a few who are interested.
  5. I dressed up as a giant sized bison tube! I wanted my husband to be a geocacher but the grandkids got to him first and convinced him he should be a BFG from the movie (Big Friendly Giant).
  6. It was quite interesting! Now I’ll have to put the hamlet of Wilberforce on my bucket list. Not too far from where I grew up.
  7. Will have to check this show out tonight! Thanks for pointing it out.
  8. We recently found a geocache - a very nice one - but it took 3-4 times of rerolling the log tight enough to fit back in the tiny container. We were ready to take a piece off the log. Keep the geocachers in mind - they will not have the patience to struggle with it very long.
  9. So if it’s not attached to the TB most people would not find this out until they get home and go online - so if you moved it further away from it’s goal it would require returning it? It all seemed so simple when I first started geocaching but now that I’ve been reading this forum with so many rules and regulations it’s taking much of the fun out of it.
  10. In another part of this forum I read how people are annoyed that someone would pick up a TB and move it further away from it’s goal. How does one know where it’s headed?
  11. My heart goes out to all the seniors who are unable to load geocaches in to their GPS. I too have not figured how it works for my Garmin eTrex20 since the changes. I’ll keep trying but for now I load them manually just so we can keep geocaching. It would be a shame for older folks to have to give up their favourite sport because it really is a great way to combine exercise, fresh air and a hobby! Thanks to those who have tried their best to explain the new process.
  12. Interesting topic! I love geocaching because it gets us outdoors and moving. For me a fun day of caching involves a Sunday afternoon drive on a road where we’ve never been and finding a few caches in the area - even finding one is satisfying! Or being on vacation and looking for a few caches in a touristy area and seeing sites I would otherwise not have seen. Or hiking or biking along a trail and just enjoying the woods while finding a few geocaches. This summer we traveled across Canada and my goal was to find one geocache in each province. We’ve been at it 4 years and have 368 finds which may not seem like much but it’s been very satisfying and enjoyable. After reading the above comments I am quite content to carry on this way with a very relaxing attitude towards geocaching. It’s a great hobby!
  13. I suppose there is no way to load geocaches from the geocaching website on my iPad to my Garmin etrex 20. I keep hoping that there will be a cord that runs between the two rather than having to boot up the laptop.
  14. My husband and I came up with this name because we were sheep farmers at the time and geocache together.
  15. Hi! I’m new to this forum. My husband and I make up the team Ewe&Me - we recently retired from sheep farming and originally dairy farming. Our daughter introduced us to geocaching 4 years ago and though we got off to a slow start I am totally addicted now and my husband is happy to accompany me. We are seniors so I appreciate the caches that are a bit easier to get at and we especially enjoy caches along the trails. This hobby gets me on my feet and out into the fresh air like nothing else can!!! My only regret is that we didn’t discover this hobby many years ago! Any other Nova Scotians out there?
  16. I am aware that geocaches must be at least 161 meters apart but I also read that if it’s a puzzle cache with nothing physical at the site it’s okay to have them closer. Does this also apply to Multicaches where the first site doesn’t have a physical cache and the second site is much farther away?
  17. I also have a Garmin etrex 20 and found I could no longer load geocaches. I’m not sure what had changed - maybe because we had switched to Chrome. So for loading geocaches I simply go back to Internet Explorer and it works fine.
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