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  1. I don't make many notes aside from what time I found it and on what day, but I do keep a log of sorts
  2. What if it's organised as some sort of community effort to maintain the caches that are being ignored?
  3. Wouldn't it really hurt to spike an ammo box? I say after the round robin (The part with a multi, a binthair-esque puzzle, letterbox hybrid, AMIAT (And it had better be a huge tree), and a few other things) that the four most successful cachers go on to the medal round The Medal round involves four, either tanks or rail cars, with a nano under each one
  4. I'm tellin' ya - WD40 is the best wasp spray around I'd heard starter fluid, but I'll take your word for it. I don't exactly know the chemical breakdown of both products. Starter fluid works well to, and as mentioned above brake cleaner, but you can spray WD40 in their general direction and they'll just drop right out of the sky the second it touches them
  5. So, you don't hide it somewhere else? - You Just bury it right there?
  6. 4 1st try - Inside of an RCMP Caching Halo (which I didn't know existed) **Moves it at least 528' away** 2nd try - Too close to another cache (by probably single digit feet) **Moves it somewhere else** 3rd try - Personal choice - I didn't like the new placement - It was close to the first two, but it was also really close to the final (which I never had to move - It was too close to another cache too, but the cliff got that guideline waived for me) - Too easy **Moves it quite a ways away to a little island (with a bridge)** 4th try - Too close to a puzzle final (I should go and look for that one...) **Moves it over to the mainland** 5th try - Published
  7. My method of WD40 makes it safe for the next cachers too though...
  8. As a cache owner, I would accept you logging it as 'found' I might want a little bit of verification, but I'd contact you and we'd talk about it - I doubt I'd have any problem with letting the find stand. It's possible that someday I'll be introducing somebody to the game, and later they'll claim a find under their new name as a Taoisigh, and I'd hope it gets accepted As a cache finder, I would go back and sign the log (however, If any of them were archived, I would contact the owner and then log a find or a note based on that conversation)
  9. ...And into a nearby pine tree Then move the hornets into the pine tree too - They'll be a bigger surprise that way
  10. I'd have come back with a can of WD40 Get my smilie () but more importantly make sure that nobody got stung trying to retrieve it If I were the CO and I saw that picture, I'd go and clean out the pipe, find an abandoned yellowjacket nest and put it in front of the nano - Then add 'WARNING, THERE HAVE BEEN REPORTS OF WASPS IN THE AREA!' to the cache page
  11. Well, remember - This is the national Capital, and that cache was a skirtlifter in a metal container on the side of a major Transitway bridge I'm surprised that this thread hasn't attracted more attention - We discussed it at length in our local forum
  12. I have several case boxes of vinyl records at home I have been nervous about opening (got packed around 1982). The warping is caused by stresses in the plastic taking over when heat is applied and this can exert some pretty strong forces so if you restrict it from warping when it tries to it's liable to just shatter into pieces or form into some pretty cool shapes... I like the themed caches and have several out and one in the works. When I was placing one in the woods I stumbled across a large 8mm movie spool reel and was thinking about A REEL COOL CACHE but have yet to figure out how to turn a movie reel into a cache container. I'd probably get a film reel canister, figure out a good way to weatherproof it and wrap thin strip of paper around the reel as the log
  13. Widen a little and you will find it! It won't be impossible or a really long way off, it will look like it could just be legitimate GPS error Intentionally or not, would 5' inaccuracy really make you mad?
  14. If I were to get a dig at LPCs I'd hide an ammo can 30' away, list the size as unknown, and put the coords right on top of it. I'd probably hide it right on the edge of a parking lot close to that lamp post. Then, about 10 or 15 decoys under the lamp post skirt. A few nanos, a few film cans, etc. all with the note of "This is not it! Keep Trying!" Of course, I'd have to prominently place a plea in the real cache to not spoil the surprise in the logs. I might just do that It will be a pretty easy urban micro, but I'm planning to list it as a 2/1.5 rather than a 1/1. The Lamp Post Micro (Or worse LPSmall) is very common here (Not Ottawa - I go to University in Ottawa, I'm putting this one virtually in my Parent's back Yard) - I think this could be fun! - Also, I'm not just planning to place a cache for the sake of a cache like most do around here - I'm going to give a little bit of the history of the area, and dedicate it to the person who was killed and therefore caused it to be built. And as I said, the co-ords will only be ~5' off
  15. Fair enough But my other ones have had pretty good co-ordinates because I go out on a few separate occasions to test my waypoint accuracy Oh, and just in case anyone missed it, this is my little dig at LPCs
  16. That's what I'm wanting to happen with this one Which do you want to happen -- that the coordinates don't point to the cache, or that people get mad at you? Either way, if I lived near you and knew that it was done on purpose, the cache would go straight to the ignore list. I can think of only one cache where having the posted coordinates intentionally off didn't make it annoying and ignore-worthy: Selective Availability ON. For others with deliberately "soft" coordinates, it's just a lazy hider's way of making a cache difficult. If you want it to be difficult, give the best coordinates you can but still make it almost impossible to see. Don't just lie about where it is. I'm going to put it ~10' away from a lamp post, and put the co-ords right in between
  17. That's what I'm wanting to happen with this one
  18. Yes - And while I was watching people have a difficult FTF hunt, and Ottawa's ranking cacher be stumped Yes - Always Yes - Pay, No No - Too Patchy
  19. The Garmin Taoitrex? [Crickets...] Ya see... The first syllable of Taoiseach (Taoi rhymes with E)... Ah, forget it
  20. That's entirely up to you. All of mine have extremely good waypoints that put you pretty much (by my readings) right on top of it However, there is one that I'm planning to hide in the near future that will be off a few feet deliberately
  21. My GPSr put me within 2' (settled on 0.00') once - 'CANLOAN' - I'm impressed, as that was the final in a cache that required a projection! As for accuracy, I had all of the satellites the other day and 5' accuracy :laughing:
  22. It's odd - You have to go to 'Edit Log' and then you have the option of adding pictures
  23. You had a hard time with that one Oh, and the other one that's a great container is just wrapping the log in a plastic grocery bag
  24. They could send us a pin for these like the Earth Cache People Bronze - 1000+ Found (7+ different types of caches found) 50+ Hidden (3+ types) Silver - 2500+ Found (9+ types) 100+ Hidden (4+ types) Gold - 5000+ Found (9+ types) 200+ Hidden (5+ types) Platinum - 7500+ Found (9+ types) 300+ Hidden (6+ types) Diamond - 10000+ Found (9+ types) 500+ Hidden (7+ types) Just a little pin with the geocaching logo, or maybe Signal
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