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  1. Sort of like how we all call that country in eastern Europe 'The Ukraine' when it's just simply 'Ukraine'
  2. How do I find the obscure NWT reviewer, but not the other Quebec reviewer? Thanks RHW!
  3. Probably some really obscure reviewer who's published one cache in The Yukon in 2006
  4. Well, you are correct, but I guess JuicePig's question is still the active question. According to Cache-tech, I missed an answer
  5. Oh yea, I know all of them I went out with the SMCC last week and am going to be a bit more of a regular from now on. We also have a monthly dinner, which I'm actually co-hosting this month with GreyingJay in Wayfinder Zukon & hidnseek's absences And I'm going to upgrade my account later this fall, I can't wait to have access to PQs Think we'll be seeing you back up in the Capital any time soon?
  6. It's already been said but if you have a lot of puzzle caches in your area, your reviewer is your friend. Check it first before doing any work. It's just as simple as that. What I don't understand is why puzzle caches have posted coordinates in the first place. Is it to show that they are within a general area? That is really useless information, especially when the distance to the actual cache can be miles. Why can't the coords be ???.??.???...? That way they don't clutter up the GC.com maps with things that are not there. Lastly, it does seem to me that checking for puzzle caches could be automated on the new cache page listing. As we reach saturation, this might make more and more sense. Sometimes you have to go to the posted co-ordinates for one reason or another - Particularly if they are mystery/unknown caches For True puzzles, I think that it's a good idea to put the posted co-ords in the middle of a body of water - for instance if there is a nearby river... But then what about the puzzles where you have to solve the puzzles and the add or subract the answer from the posted co-ords, or do something else with the posted co-ords for that matter
  7. Ah, don't get discouraged - I had to move the first stage of my first cache several times and then convince the reviewer that there was reasonable cause to waive the guideline for the final before I could get it published Trying again never hurt anyone - It can be a slight hassle, but it's always worth it in the end
  8. Thanks - I'll shop around and see what sorts of deals I can get!
  9. A recent DNF in which I got lost in the Mer Bleue Bog after dark was kinda scary too I think I found a very possible GZ (and this past Saturday I told my story to another local cacher, and he said that this sounded like the spot - Good thing that I'm greedy enough to have (tried) to waypoint the spot), but seeing as how I couldn't see three feet in front of my face it was so dark, I naturally didn't search. Anyway, Dense canopy, so I kept losing satellite, and when I did have it it was poor at best. To give the gist of what happened, I couldn't figure out the last bit of the puzzle, so I only knew the second to last stage and the bearing along which the final was. I just projected myself several waypoints, every 50' or so and followed along for a while - Started getting dark, I just kept thinking 'I'll go one more' 'I'll go one more'... Finally gave up, turned around (I thought) set my GPS to goto the waypoint I had made on the trail. Walk along for a while - GPS tells me I'm going the wrong way - So I turn. The arrow kept moving slightly, telling me that I was going the right way. Naturally the distance wasn't changing... At least I had a compass though. I kept losing signal, so I'd just go to a clearing and wait for it to come back. It was because one of these clearings looked to be difficult to go straight through that I took a slightly different path that resulted in my finding what I think is the GZ. This process kept repeating until I finally reached a clearing and my GPS told me all of a sudden to make a hard left - This worried me, but I figured 'My GPS knows where it is better than I do' so I trusted my only lifeline. About 50 yards later, my accuracy improved significantly, my distance dropped like a stone - Another 20 yards, and I saw lights! I finally made it out after quite some time - I'm still planning to go back and correct my DNF, but I'm doing it at about 8 in the morning next time I guess you shouldn't trust a place called the Blue Sea (well, Mer Bleue but translated to English...) Bog at night
  10. Question - Do they make that interface cord with a USB? Or, failing that, do they make an adaptor for serial to USB? (for that matter, would just a generic serial to USB work?)
  11. That was my immediate thought too
  12. Wow... This thread is too funny! Now, I'll admit that I'm not always the best at logging all of my DNFs (I always log the ones that have a good story though), but I at least would never try to log one as a find I think sometimes that people think that they're going to be punished in some way if they don't have a high find count - That or they think that there's a DNF count in their profile -> Found XX Hidden XX DNFed XX
  13. My first was a multi - Actually, my first hide and my first find were multis If you're planning to make a long multi (i.e. at least three stages) i would probably give the co-ords to the first stage, where you get two sets of co-ords, one of which leads you to the next stage, one of which does not, and the next stage does the same thing, and so on and so on until the final My Multi leads you to AMIAT, which says 'The cache is located at one of the following Five co-ordinates'
  14. I would imagine that you can set up a PQ for caches within a certain radius (from a point on the panhandle) and put in a filter that makes it only look for caches listed as being in Oklahoma
  15. Since the 1 Millionth waypoint ID was recently issued Of the major milestone waypoint IDs issued (i.e. 100K, 200K, 300K, etc.) only two of them have been outside of the United States - Which Two, and in which country/Countries are they in? For bonus points, Which one(s) is/are archived?
  16. Mtn-Man is from Georgia? How did he come to be BC's reviewer then? And I think it's cache agent that I missed (though I'm not entirely sure of her domain - Out east somewhere anyway - I'll guess NB)
  17. Try my hand at this without google - Just last night's digging through GC I found 7 different reviewers - Cache-Tech - ON, NB, NL, NS, PEI & The Territories CacheDrone - Ontario Cachechisme - Quebec cache-advance - NWT onecrazycanadian - Manitoba & Saskatchewan Cache Effect - Alberta mtn-man - BC Probably missed a couple though...
  18. Next Cacher (6 Finds) Ah... Must have just missed the previous finder... Anyway I have to say GREAT SWAG! Found - 8:25 AM T - Diamond ring L- Dirty Golf Ball
  19. I think that there might be two AMIATs in the same tree for the first stage of my multi - I had a couple of DNFs over the summer, so I had someone replace it for me - I went to check on it the other day, and I found mine! Couldn't find the other one (not that I looked terribly hard) Oh, well - two that say the same thing inside aren't hurting anything I guess... EDIT - Misread the quote I had in here...
  20. Congratulations! It's not a bad idea, but it would suck if it got muggled...
  21. I;ve been know to call them by what they are doing - so I guess they would be Fishermuggles, Agrimuggles, Onimuggles (?), photomuggles, etc...
  22. I think the term 'Mudblood' would have a place in caching - I think I've heard the term 'Cache-Maggot' before - Somebody who actively goes about and steals/destroys caches An example would be the Ottawa Ammo-Box thief, who finds caches in Ammo boxes, takes the box, and puts the contents back in place in a cheap knock off lock & lock
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