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  1. That depends entirely on your "group". When I cache with a buddy or group, an FTF is shared among us as CO-FTF's. That's the way we usually do it up here That's when you try to force the fumble...
  2. I'd just be sure to add a note that the cache is there with permission, and if you see the very caching and Recon.777 friendly landowners, be sure to stop and say 'Hi!'
  3. I think everyone's forgetting about this guy
  4. THAT's where I know that name from! (I'm from Windsor)
  5. There might be a store right nearby to you, yet you go out of your way to go to another of that same store, just because you have unfound caches nearby Yea - I actually took the bus out east to go to Canadian Tire in Orleans just because I had unfound caches between Place d'Orleans & Canadian Tire on 10th Line
  6. Ahh... I set it as the next day as I found it after Midnight Eastern - That could be why - It was only 9 something in Seattle
  7. I'm not sure I follow... I do occasionally look at my past found logs to see which ones have been archived, and why. I'm also interested in certain other stats such as D/T ratings What prompts this post?
  8. Or he post dated his log for some bizarre reason... Last week I found a cache very shortly after midnight (about the only muggle free time) & had logged it before 12:30 - My list of found caches said that I had found it -1 days ago
  9. Then why won't they give Bluelamb or aomeone the Binthair caches?
  10. email me when you come down.. i may just have to meet you.. its a monday game though.. will see if i can make it Go Preds!! Oh, no... Unfortunately I'm not making it down for the game - I meant that in more of a general Sens/Preds game sort of way I still want to add to the number of cities I've seen the Sens play in though - So far I've only made it to Toronto, Detroit & Buffalo. I'll make it down there someday though
  11. Ok, that was just a complete guess - I could have sworn that I heard Tokyo somewhere though... I need to think about this for a while
  12. If you see some sort of container laying on the ground you go over to see if you can make a container out of it If you refer to anyone picking up any sort of garbage at any time as 'CITOing' BTW scubajt41 - See you Feb 16th []
  13. I can get that one! Conrad Hubert invented the flashlight.... which helps us find caches in the night time. Without this wonderful invention we would be tripping over every barb wire fence, fallen tree, large rock and small stones, and huge vines that cross our path and we would never find our way to the cache... or else it would be with a few scratches and sprained ankles! None of you carry coal oil lanterns?
  14. Not exactly what you're looking for, but if you're into cryptography, might I suggest 'Peel The Onion'
  15. Yea - Mine say 'A cache by Smork (Adopted by Taoiseach)'
  16. I'm really kinda surprised at this response coming from you. Dry wall in Europe are really more of an archeological type structures than they are in the US. Some of the walls in Europe are thousands of years old. There is one in Ireland that has been dated back to 3800 BC. Because of the historic significance of these structures the UK community has decided not to allow placement of caches in the structures. It isn't the same as turning over rocks in a rock field, well maybe it is if the rocks are in a cryptobiotic soil but cachers in the know generally try to avoid that also. The bolded part nails it I think. If I'm reading this right, the OP has an issue with caches hidden in man-made stone FENCES (<- Emphasise that word because when I think of a rock wall, what is in the picture is not what I think of) I quite like rock wall caches (read cliffs, big or small) and they - like holes in trees - do not pose the problems that the OP is talking about
  17. Two words (potentially 3 if you want to break up tool & bar) - Google Toolbar
  18. Got it!!!!! It's cachechisme. He is the missing reviewer. OK, now back to your previously scheduled program. Nope - I got cachechisme - It was cachemex the other Quebec reviewer
  19. Yer not plannin' on celebrating the Bolshevik revolution are you
  20. I got a couple of emails about finds on a cache on my watchlist this morning. They were by 'scubadiver' and 'Stangman' - scubadiver's log said that he had originally tried it with Stangman & Caper 74. Maybe you could try contacting one of them? Pure speculation on my part, but it seems to me that they might know caper. Good Luck getting you TB moving again
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