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  1. I have an AE 4 Elements (last one I have) for starting point in a discussion for someone with a Carousel Lion in satin silver to trade.






    I am willing to trade several geocoins for this one.




    Are you interested in trading the 4 elements for this one:




    Portugal 2009 - Completely Sold out.


    I have several to trade. Contact me by email: tmpinho (at) gmail.com


  2. Hello Everyone!


    After the Carousel Horse sales - we pressed to find out our delivery date on the 'Great Outdoors' reminted coins.


    We should have them in hand/delivered in about 25 production days from today - (And were told maybe less!)


    So.. on that note - the order has been in, paid, and all thats left is delivery and shipping. The coins will be shipped out IMMEDIATELY upon arrival to us, with NO delays.


    Production is coming along fine, and apart from the Chinese New Year, we are experiencing NO delays on the remint!!!


    So - keep an eye on this thread, and we will let everyone know when they are in hand and shipping.


    Thanks again for making this coin a success!!!


    ~P & J



    A question, where and when is this coin be available? Can I register to buy one?


    TMPinho :)

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