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  1. Hello, Are you interested in trading the 4 elements for this one: Portugal 2009 - Completely Sold out. I have several to trade. Contact me by email: tmpinho (at) gmail.com Thanks
  2. Hello, I rarely come here, so here is my trade offer: If you want one, please email me at tmpinho (at) gmail.com Thanks
  3. Hello, I have the "Ferreira do Alentejo Geocoin" to trade. It is my geocoin project and there were only 100 made. Here are the pictures: Front Reverse Send me proposals to tmpinho (at) gmail.com. I only have a few to trade. Thanks Tiago Pinho aka TMPinho My Trading List
  4. Very Nice coin... I want one
  5. Hello, A question, where and when is this coin be available? Can I register to buy one? Thanks TMPinho
  6. Email sent. Greetings for Portugal
  7. When are you going to make one about Portugal?
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