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  1. The Sport Trak Map also has some locations in the base map that roads are just in the wrong place. There is a state route in NW Ohio that is on the wrong side of a river, that caused us a bit of confusion once. Now we just use the map for a rough idea of where we are at.

  2. I looked back at this real quick and saw Jamie Z's post. Looks like he's right, I didn't even really look at the pictures. Just posting again to add something to his post: If the progam you are using does not accept you entering the decimal values into the minute field, just multiply the decimal minutes by 60 (.401 x 60= 24.06) to get the seconds. So 0 deg 20.604 min equals 0 deg 20 min 24.06 sec. If the program wouldn't accept decimal minutes it most likely won't accept a decimal value in the seconds field, so you have to round 24.06 down to 24 so you do lose some accuracy with that program but I guess that might be a gauge of how good the program is.


    Sorry had to edit (twice) for spelling.

  3. Also check the coordinate system each program is using. There is a whole host of different coordinate systems based on different map projections (getting the round world onto a flat piece of paper.) The two most common are WGS84 and NAD27, most digital formats use WGS84, thats what all the posts here are in, but if a program is written to work with paper maps it may use NAD27. There is an 81 meter E/W difference between them as well as some N/S difference.

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