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  1. That's great, I'll pass on the info. Thanks tons for your replies
  2. Hi everyone, I'm asking this on behalf of a friend, so please be patient He has an Android phone and would like to know if there are any easy-to-use, free (or relatively cheap) apps for his Android phone that work well in the UK. Can anyone recommend something please? Or give any other advice? I know I could have posted this in the Tech Help forum but I'm worried that certain apps may work well in the US but not be so good for the UK. Thanks very much! ToniB x
  3. Awww he's adorable!!! Thanks for posting that
  4. Not placed yet, but she's going to be hidden in a hedge somewhere very isolated, and hopefully freak people out a bit
  5. You're giving Geocachers a bad name and I hope you get arrested. But whatever you chose to do, it IS up to the CO and GS whether or not to allow your log. They own the listing site and the cache container. So if either of them decides it's not a valid log, it isn't one.
  6. Good for you, you do sound like a good bug custodian If you find you need to hold the bug for longer than two weeks, do remember to drop the owner a note letting them know what your intentions are, so they don't worry.
  7. I've looked at the cache and it's had lots of positive comments, it sounds like a really great hide But perhaps you should write a note on the webpage to say that TBs and coins shouldn't be left there just for the time being? That way, anyone who goes there looking for trackables to steal will soon get bored as there won't be any. You can change the page back again when the situation seems safer.
  8. The yoghurt thing definitely works for making brand new terracotta flowerpots look aged and green really quickly, so I'm sure it would work on a fake georock
  9. I collect signature items, small frog or cat ornaments, and ornamental eggs (Easter decorations or polished oval-shaped stones)
  10. Aug 16 by HonestHelpfulCacher (Needs Maintenance) Cache definitely gone, debris everywhere, windows smashed out, I fear the cache may have had a watery end. Aug 23 by LogItAnyway (Found) Im saying I found it as I was definitely in the right place but as the previous log, definitely not there any longer.
  11. I do wish that there was the facility for cachers to offer to adopt an old cache that is due to be archived due to owner negligence. I recently did maintenance on two caches which have been around for many years, because I thought that the owner was probably bogged down with school exams and couldn't cope with responding to the "Needs Maintenance" logs. I also tried to email him but got no reply. These caches are in a glorious location and has been there for many years. They are also "base level" caches each containing half the co-ords for a bonus ammo can cache which hasn't been archived, but no-one will be able to find it now. Sadly the owner didn't respond to the Reviewer who has just archived them. The caches (which were in good order) are now geolitter. I would have offered to keep them going if that was possible What I intend to do is go to the location, check the caches are there and are in good order, place new logbooks and then open them as new caches with a similar name and the word "Reborn" in their title.
  12. That is ace, I love caches that have been put together with some thought and effort like this
  13. That is ace, I love caches that have been put together with some thought and effort like this
  14. I think they're clever hides, and can be really audacious in their placement - I agree, it would be awful to hear they're not allowed
  15. LOL why on earth are they "numbers 5 and 6" when you haven't even got 1,2,3 and 4 yet? Why not start the series off and see if anyone else wants to join in? Just trying to help
  16. Hey Pickering Family! You're in Shropshire aren't you? I'll look out for your car
  17. I found a flint arrowhead in Wales, by a footpath on the way to a cache. I took it to a museum who said it dates from the Mesolithic period, aroound 5000BC. Cool!
  18. Surely you must have said to him "Hey, what you're doing isn't in the spirit of the game, you're supposed to TRADE for those items not just take them"? What did he say when you challenged him?
  19. Those Bu Babies are amazing!!! Lachupa's little drawings are so cute too. I'd trade high for any of these lovely items.
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