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  1. I've already got delivery but I'm a bit leary of plugging it in. If it was $20 I'd probably feel better, which is entirely illogical. It seems well made and it's got the right looking mini usb jack. Is there anything I should be wary of? http://tinyurl.com/5z7wtn
  2. Hang on a minute, let's be clear. Garmin, have, as of last year, initiated a worldwide policy on their CN software to reduced the usual two licenses which were available when the CN software was bought, to a single license, thus in a stroke they doubled the cost of putting maps on your gps units if you have more than one. It is not unusual for US persons to have four gps units, Garmin doesn't care, they'll have to now pay 4 times. instead of just twice. So that's Garmin. Now the OP is asking if Garmin will kindly allow them to transfer their licence to a new unit, while no doubt assuring Garmin that the maps on the previous gps will be deleted off the unit. ROFLACOBOMOV.
  3. fantastic. here's the mail from tech support. This is to follow up with our conversation Friday regarding your Colorado 300. I've attached the 2.51 update file. You want to save this file in the "Garmin" folder on your Colorado. See the attached screenshot to get an idea of what this should look like. Once the file is copied, allow your Colorado to power on. Then, the update should be complete. I hope this helps. EDIT: Tech support gave me the impression that once a 'rado has been updated by the normal mode, that the GCD file can then be given to someone to load to their device. However this is incorrect. After the machine boots the GCD file disappears. The specialist mac tech support person was refering to the GCD file inside the RemoteSW folder which is only a 256kb file and is not the same thing at all. The big 7Mb GCD file is placed outside the RemoteSW folder and vanishes upon booting.
  4. Sure, but using the coordinate method one can follow the lat and long separately. ie move east or west first, then adjust north and south. Of course not of this is necessary but for the excessively anal it can be fun.
  5. I've just spent an hour on the phone to Garmin support, (again). Last time they sent me the 2.51 beta update file so I could place it on the 'rado. However after my latest hour and a promise to email it again, it has not turned up. I thought that it was a special gupdate.GCD file. That's what they sent last time but mac tech support tells me that all they will do is update a colorado and then pull the file out of the 'remote software' folder on the 'rado and send me that. Anyway, it's a bit ridiculous for us mac users without ready PC access to go through this charade and since it's just a matter of placing the file for download and seeing as Garmin just can't seem to manage it, I was wondering if we could have a sticky where, someone could upload the .GCD file after updating their 'rado, so us mac users can get the beta firmware too. Failing that would someone with the 2.54 beta installed, be able to email me the file?
  6. UPDATE: After many months of careful considerations I have come to the inevitable conclusion that the Invisible Shield, correctly applied (which does take some practice) is a far superior product to any of the other hard finished screen protectors. There has been and is still some ongoing frustration with the sizes of the Invisible Shield, especially with the Colorado, there appears to be two batches, one that covers the word 'Garmin' on the screen and one that doesn't. Nevertheless in spite of this very frustrating problems, I still have to say the Invisible Shield is incomparable due to the fact that it looks as good as when it was first applied even after one year. This sucker just will not scratch or mark.
  7. @ 'Ratsneve I'm pretty sure it wasn't a low current charge that killed your batteries with your old "smart" charger but that that charger didn't detect and shut the charge down to a trickle when the cells were full. I'm certain that's the case. What I don't have enough (anal) information on and to my surprise the BC-900 La Crosse tech support number couldn't help at all on was when one might consider wanting to refresh a battery and how important or how well that might work. I'm sort of thinking that if cells charge up to at least 90% of their capacity I'll continue to use them but if they fall below 90% I'll run them in the Refresh cycle and see what happens. If they come back to within 90% full charge then I'll use them and see how long that lasts for. And from what I've read here I may not really see many of these cells until they get 3 or 4 years old. I have some that old too I think but they are a much lower capacity too so best to just dispose of them and get higher capacity ones. After a normal charge the MaHa, and I presume the La Crosse would tell you how much current went in. Problem is that on a normal charge that would only be a consistent indicator if the batteries were left to drain completely before charging. MaHa recommend to run there charge/discharge/charge cycle, (which gives the ammount of current discharge) every 10 runs, then to match the batteries. They recommend a forming or 45 hour break in cycle after 100 runs.
  8. Why wouldn't it work? You can already press the edges of the roller like a joystick (i.e. when panning the map). If you take away it's ability to roll, it works functionally just like the little stick on the etrex series (you can still press it in a cardinal direction, or click the center). It will work for say changing upper and lower case, but for repeated scrolling presses a la 76CSx or eTrex, multiple edge presses are not the 'rado's forté. In fact changing from a left press to a right press requires a reposition of the unit in ones hand. So it's OK for the ocassional press only.
  9. I don't see any reason why the CO couldn't use a 60C-style text selection grid. Will not work. Using the Roller in this manner would be worse than the 60CSx which is worse than the 76CSx which is worse than the eTrex pick stick.
  10. OK, that's a fair comment. I did not think about it in terms of the beta software.
  11. I have no expectations or demands with regards to the absolute tile limit. I just want to know what it is because I don't believe it's possible to build the gps and not know. It's just a number that exists because of a reason. I don't care what the reason is, I just want to know the number. It's obvious that the 2025 tile limit is related to a power of 2 (+1) does that mean the 'rado is 4096 segments plus 1? Sounds plausible.
  12. If you are driving in a straight line then it would not matter. ps, don't forget my hot tip, it improves the user experience when entering addresses and stuff, by a *big* margin.
  13. Anyway, I'm having a very difficult time coming to terms with the apparent fact that Garmin do not know how they have engineered their unit, or if they do know, (which they *must*), why they won't tell anyone. It's a bit like asking a car manufacturer the capacity of their petrol tank and being told it's more than 80 Litres but less than 120 litres, then trying to fill it with a bowser that does not sense when the tank is full. It appears that Garmin are deliberately trying to annoy people, it seems crazy but give me a better explanation. I simply cannot believe that it cannot be known.
  14. It depends sometimes file size hits the wall first other times it's the segment limit. With my colorado I have 10 metre contours that are 3200 map segments, and 1.3GB. That give me about 800 to 1200? left, and BlueChart is very segment heavy. I've chocked it out with CN and some other stuff and I'm trying to get as much BC as possible on the 'rado. With the hcx and 2025 segments it's much worse of course. I'm almost certain that mapsource tells how many individual segments there are. But I can't check at the moment.
  15. The MaHa manual recommends at least .3C, before I bought it I had planned on charging at 200mAh but the manual convinced me this was not good with regards to detecting the voltage drop. So I've been charging my 2700 sanyos at 1000mAh it switches to trickle after about 150 minutes and the batteries only get ever so slightly warm, not much above ambient temperature. My old so called 'smart' charger, destroyed my previous batteries in 6 months and got quite hot charging at a lower current. Go figger. I like the way the MaHa gives a continual voltage readout, there's enough info for even the most anal of battery afficiondos.
  16. I have a feeling that there's not much more to be done. The letters and positioning could be cleaned up, though. The problem with using up down right left is that for multiple presses it's not really designed for that, unlike the eTrex pick stick which is a joy to scroll around with in comparison, really fast. However I can operate the Colorado while wearing my winter gloves. I must admit that as the weeks go by it's getting faster and more intuitive. It's very puzzling though why Garmin have buried things in menus when they have contextual buttons right there. For example when navigating, it's ludicrous to have to go to the menu and roll to the 'stop navigation' icon when it should be on the 'option' button. Same for maps, why do we have to drill down through the menu to change from normal view to 3D faux driving view when it also should be in the 'option' menu.
  17. Meh. My experience with both units is that they are for all practical purposes the same with regards to reception, but the HCx has the edge, albeit minimal.
  18. Yo, newbie hcx dudes! I don't think it is possible to find the distance of two unrelated places by road, and keep tracking your current position. However if you really want to know, you can turn off the gps Satellite>menu>TurnGpsOff then press the menu again and set a new location, one of the two places you want the distance from. Then Find>Address>GoTo the other one. Can't remember if you need to reset your current location or it resets itself when it's turned off. HCx hot tip of the year: The "page in" button should be used in all fields where you would normally use the "OK" button on the keyboard.
  19. It's not a theoretical frustration either. I'm trying to pack my Colorado to the limit, using Mapinstall, which does give the number of map segments selected, unlike Mapsource, so I'm working double blind, I don't know how many tiles I've selected and even if I did I don't know how many I can use. I accept the first problem is with the Beta Bobcat, so no complaints there, but it's incredible that my task is made doubley difficult due to Garmin not telling me a simple, spec. At the moment I have to do a very long usb 1.1 transfer then knock off a few segments and do it again, and again, and again...
  20. Who said anything about customer service? It's a reasonable frustration to express especially on a board that would be monitored by Garmin. It's also a very valid complaint, especially as there's nothing to fix, it's just a simple spec query.
  21. Hi, how many map segments can an hcx hold 2025 how do you know? What do you mean how do we know, we made it. Idiot. Sorry of course, how remiss of me. how many map segments can a Colorado hold. Somewhere between 4 and 5 thousand, but probably closer to 4,000. Say 4500. Probably. Why can't you tell me exactly, didn't you make this software? Er... Don't worry, it was a rhetorical question, Idiot.
  22. Do be aware that the amazon link may be written by fools with they own agenda, for example... I tried all the new features of the C9000. For analyzing and re-conditioning of old cells, it does offer more functions. For example: it has a "break-in" mode to revive really old and completely drained cells (which BC-900 cannot recognize). However, for routine charging of multiple NiMH cells, the C9000 is a PAIN to use. For example, if I want to charge up a set of 4 cells at 2A, I need to press a total of 48 key strokes to do so! The display is big and bright, but very difficult to use because it constantly jumps between capacity, current, time, voltage, and so on for each cell. There is no way to pause the display. You cannot see all batteries' statuses at a glance. You just have to stare at the display for about one minute for it to cycle through all 4 cells. 48 button presses is a theoretical maximum possibility if you wanted to alternate charging 4 cells at 2000 then 4 cells at 200 and so on. In the real world charging 4 cells at your preferred rate takes no button presses at all. Just put the batteries in. With regards to the changing display, it's brilliant, it give you enough time to do a quick check. But you do not have to wait for it to cycle to see what you need as there is a button to take you to whatever cell you want. I'm at a loss to understand why people write this rubbish, unless they work for LaCrosse. I know nothing about the LaCrosse, it may be better for all I know but I would be suspicious of the above writing.
  23. re 4. I'm glad you put that in because I remember reading (probably from the same reviews) about the MaHa button presses, it had me convinced that it required 40 button presses to charge 4 batteries, or something like that. It is ironic that the multitude button press thing is what made me decide on the LaCrosse, I only bought the MaHa because the LaCrosse was unavailable. So I'd like to clear that bit up now that I've used one for a couple of months. Yes there are a few button presses needed to set the unit up to your desired normal rate and your desired charge and discharge rate for the charge/discharge/charge cycle but once that has been done it remains in memory so... If you wanted to charge batteries normally, ie give them whatever you determine to be your preferred normal charge, whether that be 200mAh or 500mAh (in my case it's 1000mAh) then no buttons need to be pressed at all. Just put the battery in and it starts its normal charge as per it's last setting. If you wanted to do a refresh/analyse then you would need to put the battery in and press one button once. If you wanted to do a 45 hour forming charge you press one button twice. The multitude button press complaint in the reviews I read is deliberately misleading. It only takes a lot of button presses for the initial set up. But that's just what you have to do if you want this sort of control. But you only do it one time.
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