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  1. Mapinstall for mac will do what you want. If a mapsource product says Mac on it then that would mean the 'conversion' from pc based files to mac based files has already been done so you just need to install and load. You will also need Garmin's 'road trip' software to get more of the mapsource functionality with regards to editing and moving tracks.
  2. I'm gradually getting out of the habit of going into shops only to see my Colorado still sitting in it's RAM mount on my bike when I emerge. I've probably used up all my spare luck already. If you liked your eTrex vista, then you'll love your new eTrex Vista HCx.
  3. Well basically a bug in the (Garmin) system, (like green monkey fever for example) will cause the software engineers to leave out the most basic of basic functionality features. Really simple stuff like having 'stop navigation' in the 'option' menu on a map page rather than needing to dig for it elsewhere. Then there are the complete non functionality issues like having no, (no as is 'none' or not at all') graphic page to display the Tide Tables, as you would find even on an early model Venture Cx, even though we have a super duper screen on the Colorado, all we get for Tide Tables are the raw numbers, which ironically can be selected as an option on the Venture Cx if you don't like the graphic.
  4. To get a Venture HC instead of a Legend HCx (or Vista HCx) would be a bad decision. The small extra cost would be recouped when it came time to sell. The Venture HC doesn't even do auto routing, even though the Venture Cx does.
  5. The 60csx screen resolution is much coarser, and a lot less bright. The actual difference in size is like holding hcx at a distance of 10" and the 60csx at 11", then the apparent size is the same. Main difference between the two units is one is overly large and one is nicely compact.
  6. I thought only the Legend and Vista models did this but according to the Garmin website, the Venture does do auto routing. I'm wondering if it is an error. Can anyone confirm this? https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=410#specsTab
  7. So how's the fit on everyone else's? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...9&hl=shield
  8. Hi, I have a nuvi 350 which is supposed to announce street names but it only announces directions and distances. Any clues as to what is causing this? Thanks. it has the latest firmware.
  9. The Invisible shields are far and away the best screen protectors. The company is a bit flakey in that if they make a batch the wrong size they sell them anyway and replace only if you complain. The only issue I could think of with the Oregon is whether it would be slippery enough for a touch screen. Having a slightly rubbery texture it's a little bit grippy but it lasts forever and doesn't scratch.
  10. On the Vista HCx it's under The Main Menu > Tracks then press the "Setup" button and you will see it in the Track Log Setup page.
  11. When you load maps to the GPSr from mapsource it erases the previous maps. To load different mapsets you need to load them all into Mapsource first then select the maps from the different mapsets using the dropdown menu, and send them to the gps *in one go* as a single file. New maps cannot be combined with existing maps, (well they can but not easily)
  12. I can understand the name calling in Garmin's case. It's more a matter of utter frustration and anyway I think we've already lost. I can't see Garmin putting in the graphic tide station screen on the Colorado that is even on their lower range etrex like the Venture HC, nor can I see them suddenly adding useful options to the options button, like 'stop navigation' on the map page. I also cannot see them implementing other useful features that have been standard on their cheaper gpsr's like the unit automatically switching to a close up corner view when on the trip computer page... etc I don't think Garmin give a dadgum. Name calling won't help, but it couldn't make it worse. All the example outlined above are completely separate from the teething hardware issues and other dodgy software issues.
  13. Yes, this 'pushing the o ring up' business is a bit wacky. When sliding the case on I stop when the case reaches the top edge of the O ring and poke the O ring down with my fingernail before continuing to slide the case on.
  14. Yes, this 'pushing the o ring up' business is a bit wacky. When sliding the case on I stop when the case reaches the top edge of the O ring and poke the O ring down with my fingernail before continuing to slide the case on.
  15. Hey, I really like my garmin units, however I'd like to see someone put up a decent argument if I say that the evidence that I can point to regarding the non implementation of the software built into the Colorado does indeed make Garmin look like utter morons. What I'm referring to specifically is an 'option' button without obvious options. What's that all about then? Is it stupidity, laziness or perhaps a deliberate attempt to annoy. Who knows.
  16. This was useful to me in understanding how the tides work http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/venice/tide_flash.html
  17. Plugged the Colorado into the webupdater for no particular reason and I was surprised to see that there was a new chipset M update but no info on it. I have scanned the forum and have not found any reference to it, (that's not to say it isn't there). So what's it all about then. What does it 'fix'.
  18. Worst thing about the Colorado is the appalling implementation of the software. for example you have a software 'option' button, but er.. all the obvious options are not there.
  19. Chargers like the maha use a variety of ways to determine charged state, including heat, delta voltage drop and time. They recommend a minimum of .3C charging rate which is far from the minimum otherwise it may not detect the voltage drop. The maha can charge at the minimum rate during a condition charge but then all the other sensors are off and it operates only on time based on capacity with an allowance for energy lost due to heat.
  20. I'd just like to add that I have recently reglued another hcx with the mcnetts and I have discovered that after gluing it was still a little loose but putting the gps in the fridge shrunk the rubber tightly onto the etrex while it dried and now it's excellent.
  21. I was wondering what the number is? 2025 or something larger.
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