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  1. I went back to check the difference between GDA94 and WGS 84 According to the SSSi website the Australian plate moves about 7cm per year. GDA S27.22590 E153.11526 WGS S27.22590 E153.11528 However I only averaged the waypoints for a minute, which was two samples. I usually do have my gps set to decimal degrees and only set it to d,m,s because that is all that was on the benchmark, which is odd when you think about it especially as Australia is a decimal country and seconds are pretty well redundant. In the 'location (lat lon)' field which is one of the data fields on the Colorado, it always display as dddºmm.mmm while the 'location (selected)' displays what is set in preferences>position format. So it's not possible to directly compare dddºmm'ss.s" with ddd.ddddd which is kind of annoying because the default dddºmm.mmm is neither fish nor fowl.
  2. I just ran into this yesterday so I had to come back today and check my gps against it.
  3. My zombie thread calls... and I must respond. Er... hello zombie thread, long time no vide. Well it's been nice seeing you again after all these years. Would one of you nice people remember to bury this again when you're done. Thx. edit: maybe stab it through the heart with a rusty stick.
  4. There is no Santa Claus. Also, the moon landing was faked
  5. my colorado 300 only has room for about 350Mb internal memory
  6. probably a combination of those and other business/political reasons also it was a power usage issue too.. I've done extensive test with the 60's qh vs the vista patch and there is basically no difference, the vista can be upside down hanging from your neck or held flat, same difference. just found these buried away thought I lost them http://www.naviboard.de/vb/showthread.php?t=21730 http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=67511 http://www.gpspassion.com/fr/articles.asp?id=175&page=5 http://www.gpspassion.com/fr/articles.asp?id=175&page=7
  7. http://gpstracklog.com/2007/08/mediatek-gps-ch.html not sure if that's the right mediatek
  8. when an edge 705 with a p n p card is plugged in to the pc, the internal memory mounts but not the SD card, although the SD card can be seen in the My Computer window as a volume. Consequently the edge does not read the maps on the SD card. When I have the card in my Colorado, then both the Colorado internal volume mount and the SD card also mounts. And the sd maps work normally. Any clues, I'm sure it's something simple. Latest firmware is installed.
  9. [my logic] Well they are not going to admit that their maps were pirated are they? people reporting: see "weasel words" The above is an answer to the Tinfoil Hats post. It appears then that different firmware coincidentally has the same bug. the new 3.00 Vista HCx and the new 3.90 60CSx both buzz with pirate maps and do not buzz with non pirate maps. And of course there is the *obvious question* if the firmware 3.00 and 3.90 are both faulty to the extent that the units are unusable then how can they still be available?
  10. I suspect that the recently reported "buzzing sound after turning off gps" is actually not due to faulty firmware but is a deliberate firmware fix for maps with fake codes or maps with locks stripped out. Just thought I'd throw that up for discussion.
  11. I get this strange error message. Any clues?
  12. You do not need the SD card in the unit, either to load maps or erase data, use an SD card reader, it's also faster because the unit only runs at usb 1 speeds and a card reader will run at usb 2 speeds.
  13. Is it just a matter of plugging the gpsr into a computer and running the older update exe file?
  14. Hi, It's a uk nuvi 310 with uk maps and an australian plug n play card but although the voice commands work without the card in, with the card it does not say 'turn left' or 'turn right', but it does say 'drive to highlighted road'. it has TTS voice files. Any clues?
  15. apologies in advance if this is a bit of a rant and I'm happy if a mod wants to remove the whole post. Has anyone mentioned a really spongy feeling rocker 'button'? Or annoyingly dull screen. Or bad ergonomics that require two handed operation and lots of thumb moving from rocker to enter for data entry? If not then let me do that now. Are you missing fingers? I have no problem operating my unit with one hand. Most data entry is done on the computer before I leave. Dull screen? Have you tried the oregon with no backlight turned on? The Oregon may be more user friendly, but not $300 worth of user-friendly... I paid $159 for my 60CSx, the Oregon was $461 on the same day.. I can buy a lot of accessories and beer with $300.. Hi, first let me say that it is worth realising that someone else on a forum may have and opinion and they may wish to express it. You may disagree but surely you must agree that it is churlish or even childish to use expressions like "are you missing fingers" in order to disparage a valid comment or opinion. Rather than make that sort of statement would it not be better to explain your view or even to ask me for further elucidation? It may be very true that you have no problem with one handed operation (of the CSx) but I don't think anyone can really say that it will comfortably balance in one hand while entering data, unlike say the 76CSx. The rocker button has no tactile feedback and it is impossible to tell that it has registered a movement without checking, or more often using more pressure than one would use if tactile feedback was given, which is normal for this type of switch. Further the rocker button itself is scooped out in a concave manner, so rather than reposition the thumb at each edge every time one needs to shift the cursor, one tends to leave the thumb in the central position and push it from side to side. This is very inefficient. It does work though, and unless it was pointed out it could go unnoticed but really speaking it is bad design and contributes to rsi. You may indeed say you have no problem with this and I'm not going to argue that as it is your subjective reality. However even though subjectively you say you don't mind, the points I make are objective facts even if you subjectively don't care. For example the rocker movement *is* spongy: Objective Fact. You may not care at all about the spongy rocker button, this is a subjective fact. But someone purchasing for the first time may very well wish to weight this up or better yet try it out in a store first. Now to address the bit about "missing fingers" and "data entry", I understand that data entry can be done on a PC but quite often one will be in the car and perhaps you wish to enter an address, that needs to be done on the spot and you may even need to spell out a long address. Or you may even wish to name a new waypoint in the field. These sorts of data entries have to be done on the unit. Now from memory the 'enter' button is a bit below and slightly to the right of the rocker switch, so if one hand is used then the thumb will be operating the spongy rocker switch and after scrolling to each specific letter then the thumb *must* come off the rocker and move to the 'enter' button then back to the rocker and this needs to be done for ever single letter. You can't get around this simple fact if you wish to operate it single handedly. Unlike say the etrex where the 'enter' button and the rocker switch are the same thing. As I said I'm not saying that people may not like their 60CSx, it has other qualities, like not having a rubber surround where the glue can come unstuck, that may make up for it's deficiencies, I prefer the HCx but I'm still unhappy with the rubber surround problem although I have fixed it. All I'm saying is that there *are* contrary opinions out here in cyberspace and it's only polite to give them the respect they deserve without unnecessary personal attacks however slight. It makes for a much more useful forum and repository of information. Please let me add that the comments I make about the 60CSx should in no way ever be taken as a personal attack on owners of this instrument. Now coming back to the 'missing fingers' comment, the answer to your question is, 'no, I don't have any missing fingers', now in other forums where flaming and other boorish behaviour is tolerated your comment may evoke something like 'no, I don't, do you have any missing brain cells'. This is the sort of exchange that really ruins forums and I only give it as an example of the sort of thing that my admittedly pompous sounding post, is trying to avoid. Because of course neither of us are missing any vital components, we just want to share information not compete in some illusory competition.
  16. Has anyone mentioned a really spongy feeling rocker 'button'? Or annoyingly dull screen. Or bad ergonomics that require two handed operation and lots of thumb moving from rocker to enter for data entry? If not then let me do that now.
  17. a serial to usb adapter is probably the same price as a second hand etrex with a usb port.
  18. The co ords you have written down are not northings and westings but rather Lat/Long. the position format you want is hdddºmm.mmm set the Map Datum to WGS 84 This is done in the Main Menu > Setup > Units
  19. I used to use it on my motorbike to hang from the mirror strut, worked well enough until I got a RAM mount. Otherwise it's fine for clipping to a belt.
  20. I used to use it on my motorbike to hand from the mirror strut, worked well enough until I got a RAM mount. Otherwise it's fine for clipping to a belt.
  21. doesn't this already to that? http://cypherman1.googlepages.com/
  22. The main and most obvious advantage is the ability for the HCx to add auto routing maps, which the venture cannot do. The venture cannot load much map data either due to the limited memory whereas the HCx has unlimited memory and is only limited by the absolute tile limit.
  23. Sorry, I guess I missed it. Has someone replied who is using this software? See post #3, what extra info precisely do you require.
  24. Someone who has used the software has already 'spoken up'. Is there some extra information that you would like to know?
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