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  1. I did try the cache GC76AF but due to a lot of rain and extremely muddy conditions we aborted. Hopefully we will be heading in that direction again in December.
  2. Well Done Cache-fan on your 100. Brick : Good choice leaving #200 for South Africa. all the caches I did overseas were not so impressive except in Australia. In Malaysia I could not find most of them and in the UAE i was scared as the military police there just confiscate your cameras etc if they see you snooping around. I had to do one cache in the dark to slip past a policeman.
  3. TVM, I think i need to go to WC for some caches....
  4. thanks for all the congrats. Looking really forward to the next 100 caches...but where are they ? Will have to plan a trip overseas .
  5. Well done Colinbo on your 1st century. Enjoy the next 100 too. Seeker Two
  6. Congratulations on your century !!!!!!!
  7. I use Firefox too. When I clicked the link I got an error message but then I refreshed the browser (CTRL-R) and the pic appeared in about 3 seconds.
  8. As the eTrex does not have an external antenna connection you will have to make use of a re-radiating antenna. I do not know where in Australia you can get one but have a look at this site. http://www.gartrip.de/antenna.htm or http://www.4wdaustralia.com.au/Forum/Archi...005_5/26410.asp Seeker Two
  9. Post a Note on one of his caches and leave a note requesting him to contact you. It might work.
  10. I will be in Durban from 27th September to 1 October. Any GP geocacher that would like to collaborate on this one, let me know on this post. Team CorollaRSi
  11. Well done TVM !!! Team CorollaRSi
  12. The cache I really enjoyed a lot is Winelands It was so nice to walk thru the vineyards and see the different types of grapes being grown and the climb to the top of the hill was great. My local favourite is : Pretoria East. Any cache where climbing is involved...
  13. Seeker Two

    Which Gps?

    I agree with Brick about buying locally. However, in my case, I have purchased most of my electronic toys (PDA, dig Camera, etc) in Dubai / Abu Dhabi because the company I work for does a lot of business in that part of the world and the guys are going there every few weeks. This makes it easy to return the faulty unit to the supplier in the UAE.
  14. Seeker Two

    Which Gps?

    Garmin has so many models that you have to decide what you really want to do with your GPS. As I had geocaching and hiking in mind as the main uses of a GPS I decided on the eTrex Vista (monochrome version at purchase time). It has electronic compass/altimeter (great for hiking) and 24MB for maps. This model has definitely served its purpose as it is small and light-weight. Auto-routing would be a plus too so I might be looking at the colour version (Vista C) soon. Power consumption was also a factor as you do not want to carry too many spare sets of batteries with you. The Vista runs about 2 days on a set if you do not use the light and electronic compass. The other day I was scouting around for a new cache location when I accidently dropped my GPS into a small dam. Luckily it is water-proof and survived .javascript:emoticon('') smilie I have not used any other brands of GPS but I am happy with the eTrex family (Vista + Legend). Most of the new units boast colour displays which is a great improvement. The Vista was going for around R4000 at the time but a geocacher friend in Boston (RATK12) brought me one from the USA for $300 (R2500). The only problem is that the basemaps are for the Americas and not for South Africa and the local agents in South Africa will not service it. javascript:emoticon('') smilie
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