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  1. Thanks for the link. I dropped of my Rainbow Nation Scorpion TB there....
  2. I have experienced similar things. It seems when I ride 180 degrees from where I am supposed to go the unit shuts down. Has happened about 5 time now. GPSMap 60CSx
  3. Does anybody have any info on the status of Across An Olive cache? How can we end the race if there is no end cache ?
  4. You visit Paris for the first time and you do not even visit any of the famous tourist attractions but look for geocaches instead....
  5. Well done to GlobalRat on his 400th as well as the other cachers who have achieved their milestones.
  6. My Vista suffers from the same sickness. I thought it happens because sometimes I do not use my suction-cup mount but wedge it between the dash and the windscreen. This could cause the GPs unit to experience some force on the bottom/top parts and thus cause the LCS display to make the funny horizontal line. But I have had it do the same thing whilst carrying it in the bush.... I just give it a twist and then it works OK again... Will be replacing it with a 60CSx soon. Anyone know of any problems with these units ? Seeker Two
  7. Well Done GlobalRat on your 300th cache........
  8. Well done T V & M on the Indy 500.
  9. I went to Fort Cox AGAIN on Saturday and was more successful than last time. I actually got to within 3 metres of the cache and after searching about an hour I still could not find it. I saw a bees nest (hive) in a crevice where I think the cache could be hidden and as I am allergic to bees I left it alone. I do not know if there will be a 4th time unless I can be persuaded......
  10. Is anyone going to try this one on weekend 29-30 april ?
  11. Well done Fish Eagle and Cache-fan on your 200 , FranTre & QFC on your 100. and to everyone who reached a milestone. Well Done !!!
  12. I would like to say thanks to everyone for the congrats on my 150. When I look at how many caches some of you have done then I think that i might never get there. But hey !!! Soon it will be 200, then 250 then 300. Thanks again !!! Seeker Two.
  13. Use the 6-digit number stamped on the dog-tag......
  14. Congratulations to Larks on the century as well as to Noddy for his big 300..... Seeker Two
  15. The bugs did not like the Botshabelo caches. They want to get on with the race, so they are being moved again.
  16. Congrats to AlexS and FranTre on reaching their 50 caches this weekend.
  17. Hey! Welcome to geocaching. Hope to run into you sometime... Seeker Two
  18. I use a Garmin eTrex Vista (mono) and South African Streetmaps V2. The GPs has 24MB RAM but this is ample as the GPS does not have auto-routing (which I would like). I think my next GPSr would possible be the 60CS (60cx?). eTrex is nice and small and is very suitable for caching...
  19. What about trying to get ones' archived caches up and running too.....too many of them now.
  20. GlobalRat, According to rule 7: The TB owner is responsible for placing the TB in the start cache. Currently you are in possession of the bugs. How do we get them from you ? Seeker Two
  21. I am currently working on a project Seeker II which is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is used for surveillance purposes and 'seeks' out whatever you are looking for. As geocaching also involves seeking caches I thought that would be an appropriate name. See http://www.denel.co.za/Aerospace/UAV.asp
  22. Does anyone know the user Chris Smith aka upuaut. He/she has placed 30 caches (last one in 20 June 2002). I would like to 'fix' one of the caches but cannot get hold of the owner as the cache has been archived. The owner was last active Sunday, November 20, 2005 (according to profile page). Seeker Two
  23. Well done Discombob on your 200.
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