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  1. Geeze, you guys (and gals) all sound like us! We have a couple of Bronco's (One now dead and one that scares everyone close to it) and my wife and kids love to go mudding... One time after a sudden summer downfall (heavy rain) we found a parking lot under a good 2 feet of water (storm drain area) and took it upon ourselves to remove all the flooding, 4 tires at a time. Well, we had to have the wipers going at top speed so we could see and when we were done doing hydro-donuts, all the water was gone. You guys should have seen the walls of water!!! Well, the belts got soaked so we stopped for a minute to dry them out and noticed that the entire contents of a building across the street had emptied to watch us play. Everyone was laughing and pointing. Ever since that day my kids have had an itch to go anywhere the trucks can go, and even a few places the trucks can't go (I hate getting pulled out by non Fords My kids also love Orienteering (my wife hasn't gone yet) so Geocaching should be the next big hit. We find that plenty of munchies and drinks in the packs keep them perfectly happy all day in the woods. Flashlights are a major plus for the nights too. Jon.
  2. If anyone has a copy still available, please let me know (even if it's via e-mail) I would love to see it! Thanks, Jon.
  3. I have a couple of programs we use at work on our laptops with remote antenna's and have been able to get great reception while in commercial airliners. I just put it against the glass and lean on it with my shoulder to hold it in place (and hide it from the crew, they seem to freak out for some reason). I'd have to agree with every else's opinion about the wing being above the unit. It's blocking too much of the signal. Jon.
  4. Ok, I'm sure you guys are sick and tired of the standard newbie question but there's just too many post to weed through so here we go again... I'm thinking about getting a GPS and was wondering what everyone has to say... I have a Garmin Basic 12 (a friends) that I've been playing around with for a few days and it seems ok but pretty dated compared to what's on the market now. A friend at work just purchased a Garmin Legend and he seems to love it. I played with Legend for a short time while at work and have found several differences between the two. Actually, the units are as different as night and day! The legend seems to be a far superior unit hands down. Just the base map functions make it a fantastic tool let alone the detail of the display... So, what seems to be a pretty good unit to get for a newbie? I would be using it for fun, fun and more fun. Geocaching appears to be a neat sport that I might get into with my wife and kids but I'm also a fairly die-hard hunter and could apply many uses to a GPS in that area as well. I also have a strange addiction to maps/topo maps for some reason and again, I can apply the use of a GPS to that as well... Ok, enough babble, any comments? Thanks, Jon.
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