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  1. Interesting thread, our Legend is starting to show us horizontal banding on the display but changing between screens seems to clear it up. I thought it might be a battery issue... Jon.
  2. You should be happy the Coyote's are in your area. They won't hurt you... Chances are they are better fed than we are right now. You'd need to be half dead already before they would do anything... Maybe you'd even need to be on your last breath before they would come down on you... As for the Glock, don't pack a firearm unless you have a permit. If you have a permit or not, don't discharge your weapon, especially in the dark. If you draw a firearm it better be for a good reason like to save your life and drawing on a Coyote doesn't really meet that need. Even then everything will change from that point forward... Example 1: LEO's see you moving around with a drawn firearm = Lots of trouble. Example 2: LEO's are checking out complaints of a gun shot in the area and they find/see you. See example 1. Example 3: 1 and 2 above are bad enough but let me find you walking around with a firearm (day or night) and chances are you'll most likely see mine drawn and pointed at you. The only difference is mine will be out with every intention of protecting myself or my family and I would never draw my firearm unless I intended to fire it. Also, where is that bullet going to go when you fire the pistol? Someone's house? Hit a kid? I'll bet you anything it won't hit the Coyote. And for arguments sake, have you ever fired on a moving target? Especially one so small, low to the ground and faster than you by 4 fold? My point is, be careful with your pistol. Your statement may have been in jest but others may read it as something more serious in nature and become alarmed.
  3. I'm not sure if this has been brought up or not but... For all the cachers in the greater metro Detroit area (Michigan), did you complete all the caches at each park? I put our new 2005 vehicle pass in our truck this morning and re-read the letter that came with the pass. In there it states that 93 teams successfully completed all the caches. While 93 people/groups/teams may seem like a decent number, I don't think that's very many at all. Who else completed the 13 park/cache challenge and got the free annual pass for 2005? Jon.
  4. You can always create your own master coin then make an RTV mold of it. After that, you can cast dozens of them while you watch a movie. The resin's that are on the market these days will work very well. You can even cast in colors if you want... We make our own molds and cast our own parts for our train hobbies with perfect results. Jon.
  5. Around here in southeastern Michigan people run out of their houses at all hours (day or night) to be the first to find. We just posted our first virtual cache tonight and can't wait until it's approved. I'm wondering how long it will take before somebody hits it. Of course, virtual caches are not the hottest things on everyone's list of must do's but I'm still curious as to how long it will take to get a first finder... Jon.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Maybe if we are ever out on the west coast camping or something we can visit the location and take a few pictures for the family photo album... Jon.
  7. Is the very first Geocache still out in the wild? And if so, where is it or where is the listing? Jon.
  8. It's kind of a bummer for us too. The kids really liked the idea of the Jeep TB's and taking pictures of them all set up in neat little layouts they made... Oh well.
  9. I've sent two messages to the e-mail address posted above (jeep@geocaching.com ) about pictures not showing up in the contest pages and have still heard nothing in response. What gives??? Anyone else having trouble like this? Thanks, Jon.
  10. We log our do not finds too. It's good information for the next cache hunter. If too many people can't find a cache the logs will tell their own story and somebody can go out to check that it's still there or in the right place...
  11. Team Safari, I don't know if this would keep me from buying a Jeep or not but right now I don't have the funds to buy anything! But, one of our daughters loves Jeep's so I'll be buying one for her when she turns 16. If not new, something newer I hope. As for myself, I like Jeep's but they don't do what I need them to do right now. The truck in the link below is our current rig. We pull a 34 foot long 10,000 pound trailer with it. When we don't pull trailers, it's a daily driver. It has a full rear interior, toilet, ice box(s), rear heat, air compressor, DVD's for the kids and we carry dry goods (food) plus water, pop and beer. She can carry 90 gallons of diesel when both tanks are in and full. Range is just over a 1000 miles traveling light. Scales are tipped at about 8,380 pounds empty. And when this is too big, we have a Bronco that's ready for the trails too. It's sporting F-250 suspension with locking axles and 4:56 gearsets. The tires are Mickey Baja's 35x14.50 and the motor breaths through a snorkel at the base of the windshield. It's an awesome river crosser and rock crawler! The Little Rig
  12. 425 words? That's interesting. I was just looking for our picture that we entered into the photo contest on 10-31-04 (before the midnight deadline). I don't see the picture in the current contest photo area but I can find it through our log. And the log says we have entered the photo into the October contest. If nobody can see it, how can they vote for it if they think it's worthy? I want to vote for my own photo but it's not in the listing where I can vote for it! Who do we contact about this?
  13. I don't think anything will matter much. The press needs things to cause a stir and reporting with a slant like "BLACK BOX" or any other buzz term will generate more readers. More readers make more money and that's what it's all about. Money talks. Just like TV, it's all about money... Ratings = money too... I watched a late night news editorial a while back and they were talking about the weapons ban... They showed a guy shooting a full auto machine gun and said it was one of the "types" of weapons on the ban list. The truth is, anyone can own a fully automatic rifle or machine gun. There are no laws against it... I called the station and they told me it didn't matter if what they showed was not right. Jon.
  14. I think I have to agree too. The first time is the "find" and the other visits are should just be a note so everyone knows it's been seen or touched etc... Alrighty, thanks for the input everyone. Go out and hunt down some caches!!! Jon.
  15. I'm wondering how everyone logs their visits to caches. We've gone back to two caches now and listed them as found both times. How do you log the cache? Should a cache be marked as "found it" only once and follow up visits are just logged as a "note" or is each visit considered a find? I think owners of caches should not log any find for their own cache but we've taken first time cachers out on hunts to caches we've already done... Just wondering... Thanks. Jon.
  16. We have the MapSource software and it's great. I print maps of the area where we hunt with waypoints for each blind, stand, gate, special area's of interest, fence lines, property lines and hand them out to people who don't know the area by heart. They are really nice when printed on "map" paper. My buddy (Shubbed) bought some of the waterproof map paper for a long hiking trip he made to Manitou island (Michigan) this summer. He said they were perfect. He had everything that was planned out on the maps and was able to find everything in record time. Each person had their own copy as well. Jon.
  17. I've never heard anything bad about the National Geographic software. When I have some extra money, I plan to buy it too. Sam's Club had it for a while at a decent price... Jon.
  18. We've never had a run in with police while Geocaching but I'm sure it will happen some day. After all, we are sneaking around in wooded area's most of the time so I'm sure somebody will call us in some time. We do try to stay out of sight when doing the hunts too. Jon.
  19. If there's a theme to the cache we'll try to follow it but for the most part we try to leave neat useful items like a small pocket knife or a multi-tool of some kind. We've been leaving lots of American flag pins, key chains of various types, stopwatch/clocks, small compasses for kids etc... My wife has also been leaving little "fuzzy creature pins" she makes with our daughters for the numerous Girl Scout projects they do... Come visit us on the web!! The JJ&C Railroad
  20. Mine's not exactly there either... I have a total of something like 4 full years of college from several schools (I went to the schools that offered the programs I wanted) then quit because I worked too much and made more money than everyone I knew. Even people that were twice my age at the time... Of course now I tend to think I should have finished or should finish but in my personal situation, it wouldn't help me further my place in life that much. At least not right now, but maybe later... My wife has a high school education and I don't think it would ever be possible to replace her. She's the best mom in the world and one hell of a wife (she has to be to put up with my crap for so many years!). Jon. PS. I also have many years of training in several fields from the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. Come visit us on the web!! The JJ&C Railroad [This message was edited by The Foster Clan on April 28, 2003 at 11:28 PM.]
  21. My wife and I picked up a hand full of small knives at the K-Mart going out of business in York, PA while we were down there for a train show earlier this month. After the huge closing/close-out pricing, these things were about the same cost as the dollar store items but they are really nice little knives. Basically, they would be a key chain knife... A small blade, nail file, tweezers, tooth pick and scissors. Nobody has complained yet and they seem to go fast. Jon. Come visit us on the web!! The JJ&C Railroad
  22. Look up a few of our cache logs... My wife tells me I'm a story writer, not a cache hunter... I like putting down all the things we did on the way in or out from a cache. That's what makes it interesting and fun... It's also amazing that our kids can tough it out as long as we can. The oldest is a boy 11 then a girl 7 and another girl 5. Let me tell you, it makes for an intersting time every time. Jon. Come visit us on the web!! The JJ&C Railroad
  23. Maybe I should have also said that I'm pretty much out of space in that pocket but I also carry no less than two knives at all times. A small Spiderco that's used daily and a Gerber Multi tool used almost as much. I also carry a larger utility or hunting knife when I'm/we are way out in the woods caching, camping, hiking or hunting. My trusty military issue web belt and folding buckle (some of you will know what the buckle is/for) with the extra length slid back through my belt loops in case I need extra material. Double boot laces in my boots (never know when you may need extra rope) and at times a Colt .45 (yes it's licensed and so am I). Jon. Come visit us on the web!! The JJ&C Railroad
  24. I have keys for all of our Bronco's, all of our cars, the house, the hunting trailer, all the gates into and out of the hunting land, my mom's house (I think), my sisters house, all the keys to work, a coin sized white LED flash light, a AAA mini Maglight and a keyless remote for my wife's Blazer. I think that's about it... Oops, I forgot the tool box keys, gun case keys, keys to my hunting partners house, trucks and cars... Jon. Come visit us on the web!! The JJ&C Railroad [This message was edited by The Foster Clan on April 28, 2003 at 10:23 PM.]
  25. The night I bought our new Legend, I updated the software to version 3.20 then put the GPS on the window ledge while we watched a movie so it would get the almanac again etc. It's always worked just fine but I was just wondering... Thanks, Jon. Come visit us on the web!! The JJ&C Railroad
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