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  1. I like regular sized caches that can hold a decent amount of swag. It's nice if the cache brings me to a place i've never been to before. A nice trail is always good to find. I'll hunt micros, but only if i'm desperate for a geocache fix.
  2. Lost Forum You might get an idea from reading this page I found on one of the LOST forums. You could put clues to find "x" "y" or "z" in your coordinates possibly. You could start by putting clues on your cache page. These could lead to the first cache if you do an offset one. The number 815 is significant too. It's the flight number. Also: 4+8+15+16+23+42=108. Isn't 108 the number of minutes they have to type in the numbers and hit execute? Maybe you could leave LOST (island) themed goodies for trade items.
  3. It's really easy to carve your own, believe me. I used my set of Exacto knives. For me, the one with the rounded blade worked best. I guess I got lucky on the stick I picked up in the woods. It is really easy to carve on. I painted it with some craft paint I picked up at Wal-mart. My husband happened to have some rubber tips lying around that fit perfectly on the end!
  4. I've seen them (generic one's) at Wal-Mart too. I tried making something out of them last year (just messing around) and the things I made came out really wavy. How do you get them to come out flat, or can you? Maybe it was because I bought the generic one's.
  5. Airmapper, Go for it dude! It's your idea...I wouldn't think of taking it from you. I'm sure you will think of something cool to do. I can't wait to see the next episode of LOST. It almost as addictive as caching!
  6. Of course! That show is awesome! Someone should definately do a Lost themed cache.
  7. I found a nice, sturdy stick in the woods a few years ago. I brought it home and stuck it in the closet and forgot about it. I found it the other night and started carving some pictures on it and painted it. It looks so awesome so far and I can't wait to use it! Best of all....it was free and it gave me something to do.
  8. I don't mind going alone. I'm really good at entertaining myself. My brother is the only one I have found who is as passionate about caching as I am (but he lives 3 hours away in Indiana). It's hard for me to accept the fact that not everyone thinks that geocaching is fun.
  9. elgecko, How did you make your homemade geo coin? It's awesome!
  10. Here's the one I drew up just the other day. I'm still tweaking it a little. I think I'll make some new signature cards with the logo. My previous member name was mudda (my last name, first initial). Later I changed it to mudda_UBER. Muddauber (like a bee). And "uber" is a prefix that means super. It's sort of a name that's "three-in-one". Do you all think it makes sense?
  11. What about "Where Are You Going" Dave Matthews Band. muddaUBER
  12. I'm getting ready to start a scrapbook with my pictures from geocaching. I'm going to write down my trades in there. I still have almost everything I've traded for in a large zip lock bag (or two). muddaUBER
  13. I live in central Kentucky, but most of the caches I've found are in southern Indiana. I'm originally from Loogootee (near Jasper IN). Just about every time I go home, I make someone in my family go caching with me. muddaUBER
  14. If anyone is interested in trading calling cards through the mail, send me an e-mail. muddaUBER
  15. These cards will be showing up on Ebay before it's over. Thanks for giving us the idea to trade cards on here Lead Dog! muddaUBER
  16. I'd be happy to trade also, if anyone wants to. Just e-mail me. muddaUBER
  17. Female, 26. And yes, I like to scrapbook! muddaUBER
  18. I scrapbook and geocache. I was into making scrapbooks before it became so popular. I like to draw and paint,etc. and I usually have my camera with me everywhere I go. I save ticket stubs and post cards everywhere I go so I can add them to the pages. I just started making a scrapbook about geocaching a while back. Just like geocaching, it's addictive. It's a good hobby for anyone, creative or not. White_owl, try twopeasinabucket.com. I visit that site quite often. muddaUBER
  19. LOL, I've had mine hanging from the rearview mirror too. muddaUBER
  20. I put mine between the antennas also and didn't give it a second thought until my brother got me paranoid about it. Do you think it is strong enough to carry it around that way? muddaUBER
  21. Thanks for posting this topic. I was wondering if it would be ok myself. muddaUBER
  22. CYBret, That is a very creative travel bug. Good job! I hope it comes to a cache near me. muddaUBER
  23. I hope no one else's avatar is their shoe! lol muddaUBER
  24. Same here. I was wondering that myself. I don't like it as well, but maybe there is a good reason. muddaUBER
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